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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by b&m 1566
I have to ask, does anyone have any information on the Flying Yankee? I checked out the Web page for it but they never keep the thing up to date. When it does operate again does anyone know if it will be traveling all over the US or is it staying right here in the New England area?

  by steveh
If I remember correctly, the Yankee is being made "Amtrak compliant." (I believe that means she'll be capable of travelling just about anywhere).

  by NellsChoo
What town is it being restored in? I forget... Would it stay based in New England? And think of the seating capacity. It must be rather small. But WOW would that be an ultra cool rail trip!! THE Flying Yankee!


  by steveh
The restoration work is being done in Claremont, NH at the Claremont-Concord RR shops.

  by Otto Vondrak
Glen, NH – Officials from the Flying Yankee Restoration Group in Glen, NH report that after six years of disassembly, fabrication, redesign and reassembly, restoration of the three-car Flying Yankee streamliner train - which was built in 1935 by the Edward G. Budd Company in Philadelphia - is now approximately two-thirds complete. Operated jointly by the B&M Railroad and the Maine Central Railroad for 22 years, from 1935 to 1957, the Flying Yankee is one of only three articulated passenger trains of this type ever built. When restoration is complete, the Flying Yankee will be the only train of its type to ever operate again.
They update the web site when they have something to say... I think the web site is fine, and is full of information on the restoration... I'm looking forward to seeing this thing run over the Notch (or anywhere else) soon!!


  by b&m 1566
Who owns the Flying Yankee? and yes i have heard that the 1st run will most likely be the Crawford Notch line do to the fact that, it was one of its regurlar lines it traveled on.... this is all hear say not my saying
im sure Boston, MA and Portland, ME are going to want it to come back partly of the fact that it was owned by both the Boston & Maine and the Maine Central RR's.

  by NellsChoo
Oooooh, horrid thought:

The B&M and MEC are still around, even if just in name, thanks to Guilford. Does this mean Guilford will have to be involved?? Would they stake claim to ownership?? Will they paint it and run it into the ground???

Seriously, though, sure would be great to see it run locally. Imagine it going through Hoosac?
  by HighlandRail&DEY-7 652
As far as ownership goes it is owned by the State of New Hampshire. It was part of the Edaville collection, then a private individual bought it and it was later sold to the State for $1 dollar. The State of NH owns it and has been paying for its restoration.

  by b&m 1566
Wow… the State of New Hampshire owns the Flying Yankee. I did hear something like that a few years ago but refused to believe it. Hey maybe this is a step in the right direction for the state as far as railroading goes. (I wouldn’t hold, my breathe on it though.)
Out goes the Old Man of the Mountain and in comes, the Flying Yankee. OK maybe there is no comparison between the two but with the state of New Hampshire owning (opinionated) one of the most famous trains in the US. I will find it hard that the state will allow it, to go out of state. Well maybe all 6 New England States but I don’t believe it will ever go any further than that….. But who only knows, we will just have to wait and see.
And yes the Boston & Maine Railroad and the Maine Central Railroad are still around but boy is Guilford really messing things up. If they can’t operate a business well the least it could do his bring back the colors of the B&M and the MC Railroads. What is it with the Gray and Orange colors anyways, with the big G on the side? Talk about depressing. The best logo ever was the B&M’s Minute Man, logo… but anyways where talking about the Flying Yankee here not Guilford! Maybe the name of the Flying Yankee its self should also change and call it the Flying Red Sox…….. Yeah but anyways…………………. :wink:

  by Otto Vondrak
Um... Sure.


  by Steam
"Take my wife,... please!"

  by SpecialK
"Well, first came the dinosaurs. But they ate too much and got fat and died. Then, they turned into oil. Then, came the Arabs. They got the oil and bought Mercedes-Benz's...."
  by CVRA7
Now I know it's not anywhere near April 1st, but wouldn't it be nice if Guilford supported this project by donating toward its restoration and cooperating with its operation. After all, Guilford made much mention
of the history of Pan Am when they resurrected that name. But the railroad heritage of their holdings - the Boston & Maine and Maine Central, the two railroads which the Flying Yankee ran on - is ignored.
I would say that any Guilford support of this would be good public relations for that company - if they were interested. And I am sure it would foster better relations with the state of New Hampshire as well.

  by Otto Vondrak
Yeah, back in reality... the state owns the train and restoration is progressing slowly but surely. Be patient (and dontate)!


  by b&m 1566
Are they accepting donations? I tried checking out the website for it, but for some reason on my computer it kept coming up as an error :( I would have no problem dontating some money if they are accepting it... (i dont see why they wouldn't). Does anyone know what to make the check out to? and where would I send it to?
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