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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by NHV 669
Using the original Winton engine isn't going to happen, and that has been well known for close to 20 years now. So it's going to have a new one, regardless of what it actually ends up being...

Let's not put the cart before the horse quite yet worrying about historical designations, the state hasn't even come forth with an announcement yet. The FYA is under no requirement to place the train on the National Register, simply because it is eligible...
  by jbvb
The Flying Yankee Association submitted a proposal to NH DOT in early January. We hope to hear NH DOT's decision the first week of March. If the FYA's proposal is selected by NH DOT, the transaction still has to pass review by the NH Executive Council. We don't have a timeline for that. But if we're awarded, expect to see us soliciting memberships and pledges towards transportation, housing and restoration. At this time, we have matching funds available for the first $240,000 in donations, but the building is expected to cost much more than we hoped two years ago.

Beyond housing the Flying Yankee and evaluating the stored parts, the FY's future is pretty much wide open. Direction will depend a lot on the donors and volunteers who step up.
  by Who
The Flying Yankee Association is hosting a public meeting on Saturday, April 6th, I wonder if maybe we will hear about the results of the RFP at that meeting, according to the state they had 60 days to make a decision and that time has come and gone without a peep from either one of them.
  by Who
I guess a big development happened over the weekend at their meeting which I missed.
The Boston & Maine’s Flying Yankee is being sold by the State of New Hampshire to a non-profit organization that hopes to restore and run the historic train in the Mt. Washington Valley. On April 6, the Flying Yankee Association announced it had been selected by the New Hampshire Department of Transportation to become the streamlined train’s new caretaker following a comprehensive and competitive review process.
Here's the link to the rest of the article https://railfan.com/new-hampshire-sells-flying-yankee/
  by NHV 669
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