For discussion of the various Class III Lines of WATCO Companies. Class II holdings should be discussed in the relevant separate forums above.

Their website is here:
A list of their holdings is here:
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Baton Rouge Southern
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Decatur & Eastern
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Oklahoma DOT: Stillwater Central won't launch passenger-rail pilot
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Watco Companies Inc.
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WATCO Ithaca Central operator of NS Ithaca Secondary
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2019 A Big Year for Watco?
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Kanawha River Railroad WATCO Lsg WV line<Norfolk Southern
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Former Ann Arbor Railroad; Mt. Pleasant, MI
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Kansas and Oklahoma Railroad (K&O) questions
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Jacksonville Port Terminal Railroad (JXPT)
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Ann Arbor Railroad at Pittsfield Junction + question
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Watco to acquire Ann Arbor Stock
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Ann Arbor Railroad traffic/schedules
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Metra tenant WSOR bought by WATCO
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WATCO (Grand Elk Railroad)Benefits?
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March 9 or April 1 for Grand Elk RR and Day 1 Op. Events
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Ann Arbor Railroad Technical & Historical Association?
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Kansas & Oklahoma Railroad to run passenger train
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Need info on Vicksburg Southern & other Watco lines
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NS Selling Michigan Line to WATCO
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Watco - Kaw River
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