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  • General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.
General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.

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  by DestinationUnknown
That all depends on your idea of good hours. It's not that bad.
  by FlashingAspect
I suppose. Probably also depends on how long it takes you to get to Maplewood. Anyone hear from their recruiter?
  by joel091290
I did! She lost all my papers... So, I had to go back to Maplewood yesterday to do everything, from the application to the background and DD information...

The class gonna start sometime mid or late January.

I recommend u guys to call them to make sure everything is fine with u. Because my recruiter didn't call me or Email me, I called her to ask about the class
  by lbissio734
I signed my 2nd offer letter 2 months ago , does any body know if we get a raise after we complete the 13 months program? or how often you get a raise once you start working for them?
  by DestinationUnknown
You don't have the job yet and you want a raise? You'll be fine, trust me.
  by CMD609
Hey all!
I've been a part of this process with you all for some time and it seems like we are going to begin soon (let's hope!). Don't worry about the raise right away, to be making a little above 21 an hour for training is actually amazing compared to a lot of jobs out there. Plus afterwards you can bank plenty of OT, just google it, the amount some conductors make is truly ridiculous. However, thats good and motivating for us! Looking forward to working with you all!
  by FlashingAspect
I got called to retake medical also, looks like January for sure.

I am also curious about the raise/benifits structure. Like can we get insurance during the 13months training program or am I gonna be paying cobra?
  by Railroader11
Who do I call or email to see if i need to redo medical. I did medical back in October and was waiting for physical and class date
  by CMD609
Contact your recruiter just to check. I'm sure they didn't call today because it's considered a holiday for government jobs, NJ Transit is technically still the State of NJ. Either we'll get a ring tomorrow or just follow up with the recruiter. That's what I plan to do. I was speaking with one of our future coworkers and he was told January 18th is the possible expected start date. If anyone has any new info, shoot us all a reply. Like I said before, can't wait to begin.
  by FlashingAspect
The 18th would be great! Any idea if that is for the physical capacity evaluation (not the medical) or if that is for the class and the PCE is before that?
  by CMD609
I believe the 18th is the actual training class start date (but still not officially confirmed), the physical capacity test will be sooner than that I'm assuming. I contacted the recruiter today so I'm just waiting for a reply email. Regardless of how long we've waited, the recruiter I have as been incredibly helpful and encouraging. Let's keep hoping we get good news!
  by Jaydoy
Hi guys, I see you are waiting for course start dates, I myself is waiting to hear off NJT for a course start date for trainee loco engineer, I have emailed the recruiter and haven't had any response. The last I heard was from background checks 4 weeks ago to say everything had been approved. I know this is a different position but have you guys heard anything regarding any other courses, as you guys seem to be receiving good information.


  by lbissio734
my medical was schedule for first week of January , and recruiter mentioned class would start on feb 1, but ive heard this before so not surprise at all
  by FlashingAspect
Yea, my medical retest is the same week. For amy one that hasn't done it it is pretty straight forward Bloodpressure, breathalyzer, piss test, vision test, color blindness test, hearing test, lung capacity test, weight
, height, ect.
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