• New Jersey Transit Assistant Conductor Test

  • General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.
General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.

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  by CMD609
I contacted the recruiter two days ago by email just to get some other info but no reply. I'll call today to see if I can learn anything
  by FlashingAspect
Our physical assessor's, I'm wagering that they didn't get the information over to the recruiters until probably today (Thursday).

With any luck we will all receive calls tomorrow or Monday for the next step. Which as you might have guessed is...another trip to Maplewood! =) They will be scheduling us to come in and sign our final paperwork.

@jph3188...and hopefully paying for Jon's apnea machine lol.
  by FlashingAspect
I just got my call. Remember when you go in for your paperwork they're taking a picture of you. See you all in class!
  by Jstache23
Took my test (for the second time) April 2016. Passed this time. Got called in for an interview in late July 2016. Went very well but that's from my perspective. Haven't heard anything since but this forum is giving me hope. Happy for everyone that's going to the next step and of course good luck. Just trying to be optimistic with getting in this class (been trying this for 4 years). I did however leave a voicemail for the HR department to please update me on the next class.
  by FlashingAspect
Yeah...I think everyone I our class agreed it was when you had just about forgotten about it that the phone rings.
  by FlashingAspect
F.Y.I. when you go to sign your final job offer that has your training pay, start date time and report to location, and job title.
Look at your job title.... A.T. was right they dropped the "assistant" and we're all gonna be full fledge conductors.
  by FlashingAspect
Yeah do you think we're gonna be in Maplewood for 13months or is orientation going to be on the 1st in maplewood and the class in Newark?
  by joel091290
They said "the first few days in maplewood"...

We probably still have a few more paperwork to do once we start working.
  by Railroader11
I think we'll get books id and other paperwork and a general overview. The class will not take place in Maplewood once we get going.
  by joel091290
Just wondering... do we need anything for the first day? (Boots, notebook, long sleeve or anything else)
  by FlashingAspect
I had the same questions. They didn't give us any info at all. The general consensus from the people I've spoken with is we are rolling in in kacki's and a Polo until they clarify a dress code.

I am thinking about bringing a mini-notebook and a pen on the off chance they are needed. I don't expect them to expect us to bring anything they didn't tell us to... this is a union job.

Still thinking we should get on Line & make a group dedicated to getting all of us through this class.

The real question on my mind now is what to do for lunch other then hitting that quickchek.
  by Railroader11
I agree we need to get this group going. Hopefully no one has a android lol
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