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  • General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.
General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.

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  by lbissio734
How are you guys after Appling so many times to NJT i finally received a letter to take the test for assistant conductor this coming Monday, any tips what to study or how the interview process goes , any help will be greatly appreciate it
  by lbissio734
It was actually pretty simple , a lot of math reading and problem solving only bad part was that u have certain amount of time to answer the questions which is only 5 mins. I recieved noticed 2 weeks ago that i passed im just waiting for an interview which can take a long time
  by Railroader11
That's great hopefully it's sooner than later. I currently work for Norfolk southern. I took the test back in November. I'm pretty bummed I didn't pass . I just mailed in form to hopefully get a re-test. Anyone have info on the wait period to be re-tested
  by jph3158
Just got a letter yesterday (1/30/16) saying to come in for a written test. Can you guys give me a heads up on what to expect or what i should brush up on?
  by Railroader11
Basic math and reading comprehension. The math portion is a timed 5 minute test
  by Cooperandbuster
Hey I just received a letter also! I have my test in a few weeks. I was wondering if you guys could give an example of the basic math and reading comprehension. Thanks!
  by Railroader11
Guys is this a retest or intial exam. Either way good luck guys
  by Steve F45
when was this originaly posted with njt? im on that site like a hawk and never saw a posting for the position.
  by jph3158
This is an initial test for me. I've applied 30 plus times for locomotive engineer. Then letter for this position came out of the blue. Going to just review all basic math I guess, hope I can find practice questions online. For anyone else applying I've faxed, mailed, hand delivered applications on and off for 2 years. Good luck all
  by lbissio734
yea test was easy , im still waiting for the interview it has been a month since i received the scores , any body got the interview yet??? good luck everybody
  by Cooperandbuster
The best of luck to everyone! I have my test coming up and any info on questions would be appreciated greatly!
  by jph3158
Well that was exciting. Questions were easy. Just not sure if I got enough in the time given. Guess I'll wait and see. Two weeks till results as per the proctor.
  by Kwiktt
Don't get your hopes up. Over 1 year ago I took the test for train dispatcher. The proctor said same thing, they would mail the test results in 2 weeks and everyone that passed would get an interview. I received the test results saying that I passed. Haven't heard anything since......
  by matawanaberdeen
And that just ain't right. NJ Transit needs a modern employment system, and more fair process.
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