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  • Guilford Rail System changed its name to Pan Am Railways in 2006. Discussion relating to the current operations of the Boston & Maine, the Maine Central, and the Springfield Terminal railroads (as well as the Delaware & Hudson while it was under Guilford control until 1988). Official site can be found here: PANAMRAILWAYS.COM.
Guilford Rail System changed its name to Pan Am Railways in 2006. Discussion relating to the current operations of the Boston & Maine, the Maine Central, and the Springfield Terminal railroads (as well as the Delaware & Hudson while it was under Guilford control until 1988). Official site can be found here: PANAMRAILWAYS.COM.

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  by newpylong
  by jaymac
Mon Aug 10, 2020 10:08 am
I shoulda been a more careful reader -- Controlled Siding for station tracks at Fitchburg and Wachusett and also Controlled Siding for layover lead at Westminster.
  by jaymac
0255-0505/08-12-2020 started out slow, but got busier.
The radio silence-to-me was broken at 0312 when D-3 reached out to POED, but evidently AY-3 musta been the one who got on the air cuz D-3 answered them the same minute, giving the 315 0315 authority to head west on the 1 from the Milling plus the hedzup to look for a garbled somebody at the Camp.
At 0330, the 333 WLs were dark, the usual sequence of Stops for the 334 ELs and darkness for the 334 1 stagger and 335s as per usual.
On my way WB at 0341, D-3 advised POED that when they got to Gardner there were 16 cars on 4 to pick up. POED was broken and mebbe anywhere from Fitchburg to 341, the former eventually proving out. 2 later, D-3 reached out to AY-3 to confirm the status of the Milling switch.
Up Da Hill, the 345s were and would remain dark. What wasn't blocked from view on 4 were 4 CRYO-TRANSes on the east, then racks, whatever was blocked, and an MT centerbeam at the east end of the Pratt yard. The yard was otherwise MT.
The start of the EB trip was quiet. A return to 335 showed the ELs still dark, the reverse sequence of darkness for the 334 1 stagger and 333 WLs holding at 0404, the same time D-3 had another exchange -- now garbled -- with AY-3.
Further east, the 330.8 WBs showed a Clear for 1 and a Stop for 2, the 330 WLs both at Stop. At 0411 and just before I got to the Putnam Street lights, a breaking D-3 reached out to AYPO with something about Graniteville. To save, suspense, naught further would be heard to, from, or about AYPO. To save even more suspense, naught at all would be heard to from, or about Q426/7.
The GL WLs were dark, but a swing by the platform was made to see if a route might be in for POED. The all-Stops on the ELs showed that it wasn't, but 22K -- at least the westerly part of it -- was sitting on 2. The Deity Of The 330 Dunks, however, musta been in a generous mood today cuz at 0414, the 1 WL went to Clear.
Well ahead of sunrise, the east did get bright, POED with NewBlue 7552 and KCIRs 7517 and 7635 getting 37 west of the 330 ELs at 0420. There were short cuts of slurries and other presumably paper-service tanks, boxes that included a Smurf, and lotsa full-size covered hoppers. While POED was WB, 22K had gotten on the move, their marker clearing the ELs at 0421. A now-moving 22K holding at FG seemed a hint that POED had been working East Side.
At 0424, the FG WLs were still at Stop, burndown not yet achieved, and at 0426, the FI-1/2 parking spot was MT, the reason soon to be revealed.
At 0431, the EB staggers for Derby showed a Stop for 1 and Approach for 2, and at 0435. there was a a both-sides-less-than-clear FI-2/D-3 exchange about 20 loads and Lafarge.
At 0441, D-3 would give 22K their yarding instructions -- 1 to 2, the 10 multilevels to San-Vel, and power back to 2.
0452 was the start of another D-3/AY-3 convo, interrupted when D-2 stepped on things. There would be 18 Deerfields on West Main Street, followed by heading over to Moores.
The remaining receptions up to 0505 were 22K's car countdowns.
  by jaymac
0255-0505/08-14-2020 was less active than recent some trips. To save suspense, the only possible indications of Q427 would be crossing noise from heard inside Château jaymaque either side of 0200 and at appropriate intervals. Also unheard would be anything to, from, or, about AY-3 or AYPO.
At 0326, however, there would be an unattributable discussion about how many cars before making a cut and South Side. FI-2 and POED would seem logical possibilities, and both would be seen later on.
At 0326, the 333 WLs were dark, 4 later a clear -- but weak -- "AY-6" would be heard amongst the hash, and the usual sequence of Stops for the 334 ELs and darkness for the 334 1 stagger and 335s would hold. Once WB on Rte. 2, radio silence was the rule, save for Boston East garble at 0336.
Up Da Hill, the 345s were and would remain dark for the brief drive-through. Starting on the Extension and west onto Yard 1, there were a 1/2 dozen MT racks, the same or more number of presumably MT CRYO-TRANSes, whatever next was obscured, then at least a coupla more racks just west of the ambulance company. Dunno about 2 and 4. There would be some Dispatcher-side-of-Channel-1 hash at 0347, and The Sameoldsameold Ledger entries would continue to be the undisturbed vegetation in the gauge of the southerly Heywood.
The EB trip started off quiet, but at 0353, D-3 advised POED with the 5973 of 16 cars for Deerfield in Gardner on 1, and 6 later, the 333 WLs would be dark. Further east, however, there were WB headlights by the site of the former steam plant, so I, too, was WB, just in time to see the 5973 and an illegible KCIR get 61 +/- east of the 333 1 WL at 0407. There were slurries and other unplacarded tanks, full-size and shortie -- including 1 Ciment Québec -- covered hoppers, boxes, and Irving centerbeams. At 0412 and after I had entered the Westminster Street/ Rtes. 2A-140 ZombieZone, there was some D-3 hash.
Further east and after a refueling stop, the 330.8 WBs showed a Clear for 1 and Stop for 2, the 330 2 WL a Slow Approach, and the GL WLs darkness.
The FG WLs were also dark, and at 0428, the FI-1/2 parking spot was MT cuz FI-2 -- the source of some recent but unattributable car countdowns -- was hauling west just east of the FG ELs, power ID lost to intervening trees.
At 0432 came the words "AY-4, ahead," and in another few, 22K would be seen sitting on 2 at North Leominster, power ID lost -- again -- to intervening trees, and 0437 was when the EB staggers for Derby each showed an Approach.
At 0443, the AY-4 C told the AY-4 E to drop the 3, and 0445, AY-4 advised D-3 that Track 1 was clear. To again save suspense, no yarding instructions for 22K were heard for the rest of listening, that ending at 0505 with the AY-4 C's "far enough" and "3- step."
  by jaymac
0300--0450/08-17-2020 was a minimalist trip, PW Road and Yard channels providing the only initial proofs of scanner functionality, and yes, I did check to make sure that PAR/S Channels 1 and 2 hadn't somehow gotten locked out.
At 0334, the 333 WLs were dark, the usual sequence for Stops on the 334 ELs and darkness on the 334 1 stagger and 335s holding.
Up Da Hill, the 345s were and would remain dark. The MTness of the airwaves was mimicked by the MTness of the yard, excepting 1 each FBOX and BNSF boxes on the Extension.
More quiet was the soundtrack for the EB trip, the 330 WLs again dark at 0403. Further east, the 330.8 WBs were both at Clear and the 330 WLs both at Stop. The GL WLs were dark, but the the 330 ELs were checked just in case a route might be in for an unannounced WB. 9-for-9 reds nixed that. At 0415, there was finally IDable Yard Channel garble, followed by "426, on the pin" and next "off the pin." Dunno if scanning had cut the "Q" or if the transmission was to CSXT 426.
The FG WLs were dark, and at 0417, the FI-1/2 parking spot was MT. The #2 just west of the North Leominster platform, however, wasn't. 22K -- with Pony IDs blocked by trees -- was holding, and at 0423, the EB staggers for Derby both showed Approach.
At least I had been getting some indications I hadn't been relocated to a parallel universe. Unfortunately, the 0417 receptions were the last clear ones of the trip.
  by jaymac
0300-0455/08-19-2020 was more active than 08-17, starting at 0302 when AYPO with the 5903 called D-3, who then said he was ready to copy. Enough extra space had gotten between AYPO and me by then that the train info was garbled in reception, and D-3 asked for a repeat on train length and hazmats, next advising that AY-3 was up by the Milling and OKing them on signal indication. D-3 next turned his attention to AY-3, produced a little hash, and then confirmed that things were as they should be at the Milling switch, adding that once AY-3 cleared WL, he'd send AYPO up.
At 0323, FI-2 would call out to D-3, wait, and then repeat the call. D-3's response mebbe came in the form of a signal going in.
At 0330, there would be another FI-2 call to D-3, and at 0332, the 333 WLs were dark. On my way over to 334 -- the ELs at Stop and 1 stagger dark -- there would be a big serving of Dispatcher-side hash, That would be followed by Road-side hash, only "AY" escaping clear.
And yes, the 335s were also dark. Another hash eruption would happen next, starting at 0336 with an FI-2/D-3 discussion involving West Side, D-3 rogering whatever the request was. 0337 produced more D-3 hash, "AY-4" and "tower" reaching clarity. There would be more 0339 hash with just "AY-4" being clear.
The Rte. 2 WB portion of the trip was quiet, and up Da Hill, the 345s were and would remain dark. The FBOX and BNSF boxes were still on the Extension, and just west and even further west onto 1 were MT racks. There were more racks -- status uncertain -- on 2 and the view of 4 was blocked. Couldn't see which track, but further west by the easterly end of the Pratt yard were covered hoppers. At 0354, D-3 would 241 AY-3 with the 7545 1 east to 1 at AY.
The start of the trip EB was full of PD Gardner activity on its somewhat lower -- but still encroaching -- High Band frequency. Otherwise, things were -- at least to me -- quiet, and at 0403, the 333 WLs were dark. Further east, the 330.8 WBs were both at Stop, ditto for the 330 WLs.
Bare wells had been on 2 by the Bike Shop/Zeda's, and the GL WLs dark. The wells -- now with containers -- extended east of the platform and the 330 ELs were all at Stop. Ditto the FG WLs, 22K's power west, dim, and unIDable by the power substation. At 0419, FI-2 -- an active but also unIDable OldPaint -- was active in the deep south of East Side, and at 0425, the EB staggers for Derby were dark.
At 0427, D-3 would reach out to Q427, first fulfilling Form D G301 to CSXT 3399 at 0427, indicating that the faint pre-0200 crossing noise I had heard was for an EB.
The convo would now shift to AY-3, giving the 7545 permission to reverse direction from where they stood on 1 at AY and with the added hedzup that there was a Grain Train on the Camp (that's right -- the Camp and not West Main). Things went back to 427 with a 0430 time-effective for Form D G303 to CSXT 487 for MP X25 to Burncoat. Mount Wachusett next did what Mount Wachusett always does -- garbling any repetition of train information -- the length did sound like 4026' -- or request to give time into DCS.
Things would be quiet to me until 0450 when D-3 answered whomever twice, that followed by hash, and ending at 0454 with D-3 saying thanks and out.
  by jaymac
0300-0505/08-21-2020 was generous when it came to hash, that starting at 0301 with only "back it up being clear." 0303 presented some more Dispatcher-side hash, 0505 producing a clear D-2 saying he was answering BODO, that -- of course -- devolving. 0306 was D-3 serving hash, but this time on Yard Channel.
There was more bad signal-noise ratio on Dispatcher side at 0321, and at 0330, the 333 WLs were dark. There was more intermittency, and the 334 ELs at Stop and the 334 1 stagger and 335s at darkness did provide a sense of continuity.
On the way up Da Hill and at 0539 came "5 to go," followed by "pulling MTs in the freight yard," followed by hash.
Up Da Hill, the 345 ELs and WLs were at Stops, and general sat on the 2 at the Timpany Boulevard UGB with a C lantern and/or headlight providing some illumination. The marker was in back of the muffler company, and the yard was MT, even of the boxes that had been on the Extension. The Sameoldsameold Ledger entry continued to be the in-the-gauge vegetation on the Heywood, prompting musing about whether there's just no NEWW business or the the track is officially OOS.
A trip marginally west was made. The OOS Pleasant Street OHB remained just that and probably will for a bit longer, given the staged precast manholes and locator flags for the buried gas line along the southerly approach to Pleasant Street. The tree-obscured WB power was by the Wilkins Road dogleg. What wasn't obscured was the GE idling sound. Dunno how many had gotten lifted, but it would seem to be among the shorter POEDs or ED-9s.
Even further west, the 346 WL was at Stop at 0403, so the only EB in the short term was me. From back at the Wilkins road dogleg came the 0405 D-3 answering AYPO, acknowledging their unrepeated train info, and OKing them on signal indication. Never heard did hear an update or acknowledgment of same for the WB.
At 0415 and thanks to Mount Wachusett came a broken D-3 fulfillment of Form D G30?, possibly to Q426. That fulfillment would usually be followed by a Form D for Q427, but such would not be heard, though many are the places that would not allow 1 to be heard.
0419 was when darkness reigned at the 333 WLs, further east the 330.88 WBs showing Clears and the 330 WLs Stops, the GL and FG WLs mimicking the 333s.
At 0431, HeritageUnit OldPaint 507 -- probably the same OldPaint seen on 08-19 -- was sitting dark, solo, and facing east in the FI-1/2 parking spot. It is rejuvenating -- though not in a totally good way -- to see shiny OldPaint paint.
At 0435, D-3 reached out to AE-01 with the 7?36, telling them to check before they coupled onto the cars on the Camp, then something about a cab and AY-3. Dunno if AE-01 was a rebranded and otherwise unheard-of 22K.
At 0437, the RVJ yard was busy, so there was no viewing of the EB staggers for Derby, and at 0441 with the convergence of their superior antenna height at Westminster and my being at the entry to 190 SB came the words "400, here we go."
0445 was less providential when the words "Keolis 400" devolved into Mount Wachusett-induced hash.
1 minute later and with Mount Wachusett not being able to do anything about it, there came D-2 answering AYPO, but then lesser obstacles got in the way.
The final 19 minutes produced only occasional hash.
  by jaymac
0255-0455/08-24-2020 was active, though not at first. It wasn't until 0313 that reception silence would be broken when D-3 advised AY-3 with the 7727 that the West Wye was OOS account a broken rail, ditto the Camp account a different broken rail. Would AY-3 want their cars to go to West Main Street where there were already 33 Deerfields? Could AY-3's 14 MTs fit there? Down Track? AYPO would be building soon. Roger, and D-3 was standing by. Next possibility was South Track with AY-3 to go engine light East Wye. At 0321, D-3 advised AY-3 that he'd hedzupped AYPO that AY-3 would be coming on the Down Track, particularizing the West Wye was OOS cuzza a broken rail on the #2 . There would be more, but by now Mount Wachusett was between the Paxton antenna and me.
At 0329, the 333 WLS were dark, and at 0332 there was D-3 garble to AY-3 that got even worse. The 334 ELs would be at Stops and the 334 1 stagger and 335s dark. At 0338, there would be a broken-to-me 1-to-1-east-at-CPF-?? for AY-3.
Up Da Hill, the 345 ELs were at Stops, but the WLs were dark after I completed the flip at the Timpany Boulevard offramp. An EB was the guess, given the lack of noise from the 346.6 unless she, too, was OOS. Yard 4 was pretty much FP-FP with MT racks east and general -- including coil cars -- west.
On the EB trip, D-3 reached out to TC T617 with a broken-to-me Form D G306, the Camp, Line 2 and a Line 3, and time effective 0350 being clear, that followed by permission to proceed west from CPF-Camp into Line 2 and Line 3 territory, followed by a request to advise when Line 2 and Line 3 had been entered, so the Form D G304 Line 4 could be cancelled..
Next, D-3 gave AY-3 permission to reverse direction the 1 and go west at CPF-AY, adding that AY-4 mighta found another unit on the Down Track, so mebbe leave AY-3's power tied onto the cars on the South Track and take a cab back, further adding that things seems to change every nanosecond.
0357 was when D-3 answered TC T617, acknowledging them west and clear of CPF-Camp and into Line 2 and Line 3 limits, next acknowledging they were off the tracks and clear, cancelling the Line 4 Form D G301 at 0359 and fulfilling the Line 2 and Line 3 G306 at 0400.
0400 was also when D-3 reached out the EDPO with the 7528 with Fitchburg yarding instructions that included setting off their 3 Ayers. The 333 WLs were dark, but EDPO was audible, so time would be invested at the 333 lot, the return on that investment coming at 0403 when the 333 WLs came on with a Medium Clear on the 1, KCIR 7528, NewBlue 503, and KCIR 7535 plus 83 getting east of the WLs at 0407. Up front, there were the probable set-offs for Ayer -- 3 wells with double-stacks -- followed by a mix of full-size and shortie -- including Ciment Québecs -- covered hoppers, boxes, placarded tanks, 1 utility-pole bulkhead, a coupla company hoppers, a string of CHUX lidded gons, and wrapped and MT centerbeams.
Further east, the 330.8 WBs both showed Stop, and the the 330 1 WL a Slow Clear. The GL WLs were dark, and EDPO was still either side of the platform on 2.
FI-2 had reached out to D-3 with something semi-broken about East Side, and in a rare sight for me, the FG WLs were both at Clear in advance of the advancing EDPO.
FI-2 had been doing car countdowns, and then asked EDPO if they were doing their set-offs at OX or going down to Ayer, OX being the answer. More Changes in a Nanosecond News came at 0422 when D-3 advised EDPO that -- per the Chief -- the OX set-off was to include NewBlue 503, suggesting that HeritageUnit OldPaint 507's stay in Fitchburg was coming to an end. Where next for that Monument to the Era of Mellon?
There would only be spurts of garble for the balance of the trip. The fact that D-3 had said that AYPO would be building suggested that 426 had arrived, but naught to, from, or about 426 or 427 -- including pre-posting crossing noise -- would be heard. The same would apply to 22K.
Your eyes must be as tired as my fingers.
  by jaymac
0250-0515/08-26-2020 was a randomly earlier-than-usual start, and randomness would be the key and unifying theme of the trip, random Yard Channel garble starting things off at 0253.
Things would get quiet again util 0311 and "AYPO" and "We're in the process of changing over now," followed by breakage involving 1 cripple and Watervilles, followed by extended hash.
There was a breaking fulfillment of Form D G326 at 0320, followed by a clearer Form D G301 to CSXT 756 for MP X25 to Burncoat, followed by more hash that probably included a request for train info and entry time into DCS. To save suspense, crossing noise for Temple Street/Rte. 140/MP X7.8 would be heard at 0517, but not for other and more westerly crossings. Dunno if that was cuzza the strong wind.
At 0324, the 333 WLs were dark, and there would be intermittent continuation of garble. The usual pattern of Stops for the 334 ELs and darkness for the 334 1 stagger and 335s held, and the up-Da-Hill ride had more hash, some car countdowns escaping into clarity. At 0336 and while I was still east of the crest on Rte. 2 WB, a breaking 346.6 let "length 7???" escape into clarity, and 2 later, EB racks were crossing the Pearson Boulevard UGB. 0343 was when 22K got onto the Single, and the Yard seemed MT.
A coupla garbles excepted, the EB trip to the still-dark 333 WLs was quiet. At 0359, a scratchy D-3 reached out to AY-3 with the 7727, saying something about POED, then authorizing AY-3 to park their cars on the #1 at the Milling and proceed west, 0400 the time of authorization.
At 0406, the 333 WLs came on with a Medium Clear for the #1. NSs 3465 and 1042 plus 22 racks and a total of 93 all-container-occupied table and well positions getting east pf the WLs at 0413. At 0410, there had been more D-3 hash to AY-3.
A refueling stop was needed, but -- randomly -- the usual stop had jumped prices $ .10 in 2 days, so I continued east past the 330.8 WBs which showed a Clear for 1 and Stop for 2. 22K was still passing through the 3330 WLs -- both at Stop. The surprise came when the GL WLs were also both at Stop and causing a stop at the platform where KCIRs 7575, 7620, and 7797 plus NewBlue 517 were sitting on 1 and shunting the Gl WLs and blocking the view of what route the 330 ELs had awarded the once 22K cleared.
The WB was on the move at 0417, getting 45 west on the 330 ELs at 0427. There were a few non-Ciment-Québec-branded shorties up front, scrap gons that included a CSXT, boxes that included Smurfs, and slurries. The slurries would indicate a POED, but D-3 had only a bit earlier talked to AY-3 about a POED, so mebbe there were 2 on D-3 in close order. Markers weren't called, so dunno. Thank you, Usual Refueling Stop, for having randomly raised your prices.
The FG WLs were dark, D-3 garbled to AYPO, and the FI-1/2 parking spot was MT 0432.
The refueling stop next took place -- no jumped-up prices -- and at 0444, the EB staggers for Derby showed an Approach for 1 and a Stop plus marker for 2.
In another couple, FI-2 reached out to D-3 on Channel 1, advising that the switch at Lafarge was lined and locked normal and that they were ready for their runaround. D-3 -- who had been scratchy to me the whole trip -- advised FI-2 that they were scratchy to him, that he'd run them around at the Camp, but they might wait for 400. Never hear a power ID for FI-2, so dunno if Monument to the Era of Mellon 507 still had the duty, Also dunno if 22K had already gotten east and the marker belonged to FI-2's MTs. Also dunno if some of the severe weather over the last couple mighta done some mischief to 1 or more of D-2 antennas.
The remaining clear receptions would be a 0454 "AY-4, 30," a 0506 "AY-4, clear for 60," and a 0510 241 to AY-3 for 1 east to 1 at CPF-AY.
  by jaymac
0255-0450/08-28-2020 had as its key and unifying theme -- as will be seen -- missed communications. 0255 -- by luck of scanner timing -- had an unattributed "back it up, good for 40." It was most probably 22K, the major contributor to later receptions.
0259 would start a number of D-3 reachouts to AYPO, at least some of which were on Yard Channel. My increase in distance and decrease in favorable topography now produced a period of garbles, mebbe some D-3/AYPO and/or 22K. 0315 would start a period of 22K clarity with a series of car countdowns that would stop -- to me -- at 0317.
0327 was when the 333 WLs were dark, the usual sequence of Stops for the 334 ELs and darkness for the 334 1 stagger and 335s holding yet again. Sometimes broken and sometimes intact 22K receptions would continue until I was most of the way up Da Hill.
The 345s were and would remain dark, and the yard looked vacant. The Sameoldsameold Ledger entry continued to be the undisturbed vegetation in the gauge of the Heywood. If there was any D-3 Channel 1 activity during this period, it was overridden by PD Gardner and a registration check.
On my way EB and at 0349, D-3 reached out to Q426, rogering what they said and acknowledging 426 was in the clear without repeating where. The D-3 reachout to 426 was repeated at 0350, D-3's response to 426's response being that they were real staticky. The rear unit? Facing east? Can't understand what you're saying and closing out saying a phone should be used. Imagine now 1 of my customary rants concerning reliable radio communications, especially since we're all 1/5th of the way into the 21st century. To save suspense, naught further would be heard about 426 -- no fulfillment of their Form D -- or 427 -- no issuance of their Form D -- even though at 0351, the 22K C or U said to drop the 3 in full clarity. Naught further either about POAY/AYPO.
At 0356, the 333 WLs were dark, and further east the 330.8 WBs were both a Clear and the 330 WLs both at Stop.
The GL WLs were dark, but a check was made at the platform, and the 330 1 WL was at Clear. The west didn't get bight, and the only noise came from compressors for the supermarket across the tracks, so I got EB again at 0410.
The FG WLs were both at Stop with naught visible either side. At 0416, NewBlue 503 was dark, solo, and facing east in the FI-1/2 parking spot. No idea where That Monument to the Era of Mellon 507 might be. No idea, either, what mighta been shunting the FG WLs.
At 0422, the the EB staggers for Derby were dark, and the only attributable receptions for the balance of the trip came from 22K. AY-3? AY-4? POED? EDPO? Dunno.
  by jaymac
0255-0520/08-31-2020 started off like a typical trip -- Yard Channel garble -- but this would not prove a typical trip. There would be clarity at 0317 when D-3 reached out to AY-3 with the 7727, giving them the OK on signal indication at 312 and acknowledging things lined and locked normal. At 0318, there would be an "AY-4," followed by garble, followed by "Roger."
0325 would be when D-3 told somebody to stand by, 0327 was when the 333 WLs were dark, and 0328 was when D-3 started a convo with FI-2 and the 503 -- the 0325 stand-by? -- advising that POED was by Lowell and the 2 Grain Train engines left behind would be picked up by them. There was a discussion of where those engines should go, East and West Sides being pretty much full, whatever FI-2 next said getting rogered. The 334 ELs were at Stop and the 334 1 stagger and 335s dark.
Up Da Hill, the 345 ELs were at Stop, and BNSF covered hoppers -- EGT? -- sitting on the 2 at the Timpany Boulevard UGB. The yard was MT and the 345 1 WL at Clear. The decision to go to the Jade instead of Parkers was cemented at 0345 when the 346.6 came on, 0346 being the start of a D-3/EDPO convo. Marker armed? Yes. Train Length? Stretched train length 6507' At 0346, the 346.6 came back on with a no defects, 416 total axles, 46°, and 6645'. The talker length wasn't the same as the C's, but the temperature was within a couple of my car's. The west got bright and KCIRs 7627 and 7622, OldPaint 509, NewBlue 352, and short and dark mysterious something got 96 -- yes, ninety six -- onto the Single at 0350. There were 5 double-stacked wells up front followed by cuts of scrap gons that included a coupla CSXTs among the Brand Xs; some company gons; full-size and shortie covered hoppers that had no Ciment Québecs; boxes that included a Big G, a Smurf, and a CSXT; placarded and non-placarded tanks; MT centerbeams, and bulkhead of structural steel.
There was nothing outta either Channel 1 or the 346.6 to indicate the WB was or soon would be WB, so I was EB, hearing D-3 telling somebody at 0356 that AYPO would be building on East End, but he would try to get them in the yard. That was followed at 0400 by D-3 garble, followed a minute later by D-3 clarity advising AY-3 to hold on West Wye and that AY-3 -- a recrew -- was starting their pick-ups, followed by more D-3 garble at 0404.
At 0407, the 33 WLs were dark, but there was activity in the 333 lot, so I continued EB, seeing a Clear for 1 and a Stop for 2 on the 330.8 WBs. The Approach on the 330 2 WL was taken as a hint that EDPO would be stopping clear of FG, so a wait was started at the platform. The 330 ELs? All Stops. EDPO started pulling by the platform at 0431, the short, dark and mysterious something west of NewBlue 352 looking ever so much like an SW1500, but dark and without legible branding and numbers. The stop by the gym wasn't revealing, EDPO stopping far enough west that the mystery power was hidden by the substation embankment.
The FG 1 WL had gone to Limited Clear, 400 being routed for 2 at North Leominster. FI-2 had been recently occupying the airwaves with car countdowns, and NewBlue 503 was visible on the west end of covered hoppers by the old layover 0443, and at 0449, the RVJ yard was busy, so there was no view of the EB staggers for Derby.
Occasional garble became the order of things until 0504 and a D-3/Q427 convo, 427 being west and clear of Burncoat by telemetry, Form D G301 to CSXT 3037 was fulfilled at 0505, a New Bond tiedown to happen. 0506 would be the start of the D-3 side of a convo with AYPO and the 7585, giving them permission to reverse direction from where they stood in the interlocking limits of CPF-AY and proceed east, further advising he was ready to copy their updated train info. That would be repeated as 28x39, 4616 tons, and 5302', and the marker -- a CSX -- was armed. 400 was in the picture, and they would probably meet POED on the Freight Main side of the Willows. D-3 further acknowledged that they were qualified only to CPF-201 and that they had started at 0200, wishing them a safe trip, the last coming at 0516 and 4 minutes before the otherwise-silent end of listening. In the middle of all that and at 0513, D-3 advised EDPO that their Fitchburgs and Ayers would be backed in on East Wye, making it seem like POED would highball Ayer, but be very busy in Fitchburg, given the fullness at East and West Sides and 2 units to go west. 22K? Dunno.
To back up a bit: Yes, EDPO had had more cars, and more length than AYPO. How atypical! To back up even more: Yes, there had been a short, dark, and mysterious possible SW1500 unIDable by me. How atypical!
  by NHV 669
Jay, sounds like that's the unit headed to the Hobo RR from Louisiana. Should be a reddish color?
  by jaymac
NHV 669-
Could well have been. The different light sources in Gardner and Fitchburg didn't combine to give good color rendition.
  by jaymac
Thanks to Bruce Macdonald's http://photos.nerail.org/s/?p=259618 , here's ex-New Orleans Public Belt SW1000 -- not even an SW 1500 -- in daylight -- bright red with a white stripe and no IDs.
  by NHV 669
That's the one. Replacing a unit coming off lease.
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