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  • Guilford Rail System changed its name to Pan Am Railways in 2006. Discussion relating to the current operations of the Boston & Maine, the Maine Central, and the Springfield Terminal railroads (as well as the Delaware & Hudson while it was under Guilford control until 1988). Official site can be found here: PANAMRAILWAYS.COM.
Guilford Rail System changed its name to Pan Am Railways in 2006. Discussion relating to the current operations of the Boston & Maine, the Maine Central, and the Springfield Terminal railroads (as well as the Delaware & Hudson while it was under Guilford control until 1988). Official site can be found here: PANAMRAILWAYS.COM.

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  by jaymac
0253-0525/09-02-2020 was -- as the time span would indicate -- busy. The 0253 point of precision? That's when D-2 told PO-6 that they were OK to take the 201. Dunno what antenna D-2 was on, but -- once again -- the randomness PAR/S radio clarity remains amazing.
At 0311, there would be some Yard Channel hash, that followed by D-3 telling somebody at 0313 they were hard to understand -- see above -- and asking if they were using a hand-held, next thanking them cuz things had cleared up. Now would come the acknowledgment that CSXT 3720 was east and clear of MP X25 producing the 0319 fulfillment of Form D G326 and leading up to the 0321 time effective for Form D G301 to CSXT 3105 for MP X25 to Burncoat. D-3 would then advise that he was ready to copy the update -- rogered without repetition -- and next ask for entry time into DCS. More about Q427 will follow later.
At 0325, there would a both-sides-hashed D-3/FI-2 exchange, eventually clearing up just enough to hear that FI-2 was all set and D-3 next rogering FI-2 response. At 0327, the 333 WLs were dark, the usual pattern of Stops on the 334 ELs and darkness for the 334 1 stagger and 335s holding.
At 0335, D-3 engaged in a semi-clear convo with AY-3 about the Milling being lined and locked and advising that POED was coming up to 307.
The 345 ELs had been dark, but half a minute later at 0340, the 346.6 announced she was on the job, giving a no defects, 280 axles 56°, and 3895' at 0432. Again, PD Gardner was busy, but kind enough to let the 346.6 talk without interruption.
There had been not-quite-FP-FP MT racks on Yard 4 and a Clear of the 345 1 WL, EDPO with NewBlue 7797, KCIR 7898, and NewBlue 350 getting 65 onto the Single at 0350. There were blocks with a mix of shortie and full-size covered hoppers, the ones up front having an LAFX and the later ones a Ciment Québec; lotsa Brand X scrap gons; boxes that were heavy with FBOX and TBOX markings, but no company pieces; a few placarded and unplacarded tanks; and mebbe a 1/2-dozen MT centerbeams.
At 0400, D-3 told somebody to back in on Track 11, advising that AY-3 had not yet done their runaround. Mebbe that was to AY-4 or an otherwise-unheard-of-either-to-from-or-about 22K for power location. At 0403, D-3 would advise POED that Fitchburg work would include lifting the 7609 and 7523, units that FI-2 had swung around to West Side. POED was also to lift 27 at Gardner. At 0405, D-3 would 241 AY-3 with the 7552 from the Single west to 2 at 312, those last receptions while I was sitting at 333 to see what route EDPO would be getting. The Stops at 0420 showed that EDPO would -- probably until POED was west -- get no routing, EDPO coming to a stop at 0425.
Further east, the 330.8 WBs showed a Stop for 1 and a Clear for 2, the 330 WLs both at Stop. There had been D-3 garble at 0432 that got marginally better at 0433 with words that POED was coming up to Derby, FI-2 advising that there'd be no problem getting the engines.
At 0436, there was a garbled exchange, D-3 telling somebody that their 20 MTs were to be set off to Track 7. The FG WLs were dark, and at 0437, D-3 would hedzup POED about FI-2 being on West Side, asking for a shout when POED was closer. At 0438, the FI-1/2 parking spot was understandably MT, FI-2 being audibly but invisibly busy.
0445 was when POED with KCIRs 7835 and 7594 plus 30 got west of the old North Leominster platform on 1 with scrap gons, slurries, and some boxes. 0448 was when the EB staggers for Derby showed a Stop for 1 and Approach for 2, POED still on the block.
Radio silence next descended. As I was driving up the grade from Oakdale, there were EB inspection lights and number boards visible through the drizzle and trees, so I got my self to the "good" side of the the Temple Street/Rte.140/ MP X7.8 crossing, the lights and gates activating at 0514 and the 7.8 getting vocal at 0515. CSXTs 3105, 486, and 3033 next hauled west, and I followed their example. 0518 was when the no defects and transmission over got announced. Almost wished I'd stayed at the crossing to see just how short a train the 3 Bolts were toting.
  by jaymac
0300-0451/09-04-2020 -- the reason for the latter point of precision to be seen later -- had interest, starting off at 0300 when D-3 called out to LA-18 --yes, eighteen -- asking what they had for him. The response resulted in a 0304 241 for 1 east to 1 at Camp onto West Main. The next clear hearing was at 0319 with another 241 to LA-18, this for 1 east to 1 at Camp. Anyone thinking -- as I had -- that this was the start to LA-18 going back to Lawrence will be -- as will be seen -- mistaken.
At 0332, the 333 WLs were dark, and a couple later, a breaking-to-me somebody told the E to back it about another 30 to a hitch. The 334 ELs would be at Stop and the 1 stagger dark, the 335s going in on darkness.
At 0341, FI-2's E got the word that it was another 8 to a hitch, Dunno if FI-2's E was the recipient of the earlier estimate.
Up Da Hill, the 345s were and would remain dark for the brief drive-through. The Sameoldsameold Ledger entry remained the undisturbed and disturbingly high vegetation in the gauge of the Heywood.
Things were quiet -- at least for me -- at the start of the EB trip, and at 0359, the 333 WLs were dark. At 0402 and well into a ZombieZone, D-3 garbled on an extended basis with LA-18, "EDPO" being the sole other escapee into clarity.
Further east, the 330.8 WBs showed a Clear for 1 and Stop for 2, the 330 WLs at Stop. The GL WLs were dark, but a check was made at the platform to see if a route was in -- all Stops on the 330 ELs, so not yet. The FG WLs were dark, and so was solo and east-facing NewBlue 503 at 0413 in the FI-1/2 parking spot.
The River-Street-rotary refueling stop no longer at an attractive price point, the one at the intersection of Main and North Streets was on the agenda, but the fabled little voice said to hold off. Little voices should always get attention because at 0419, not only were the EB staggers for Derby at Stop, but brightiewhities were WB, NewBlue 7534 -- LA-18 -- plus 42 getting west of the platform at 0422. There was a box, then unplacarded tanks, finally a dozen-plus racks, making the whole thing look like a rebranded AY-5 and/or ED-9. Just guessing, but mebbe the 0402 D-3 garble included a meet with EDPO at 345 or points west.
At 0425 came the first of a number of POAY reach outs to 426, 0429 being when POAY said they would headpin and get outta the way, that followed at 0432 by a C or U advising the POAY was on the pin. Increasing distance from the yard augmented by unfavorable topography mushed the next series of receptions until the 0451 end-of listening and POAY advising 426 that POAY was in the clear on the lead. Curiously, no 426 acknowledgments would be heard by me, nor -- as the timing might indicate -- were a fulfillment of 426's Form D and the issuance of 427's Form D.
  by jaymac
0259-0450/09-07-2020 seemed to get only partial observance as Labor Day, starting at the start with "22K, that's a good brake." For the next bit, 22K would be the only IDable source of receptions.
At 0324, a breaking D-3 would tell 22K that -- when they were finished -- he was gonna have them grab ???? and bring it to San-Vel.
Next, naught intelligible and/or attributable would be heard before, during, and after the viewing of the signals -- 333 WLs dark at 0329 and the usual sequence of Stops for the 334 ELs and darkness for the 1 stagger and 335 in force.
Radio silence would next be observed before, during, and after a brief drivethrough up Da Hill -- 345s dark and yard MT.
At 0355, D-3 would engage in a mutually breaking convo with AY-6 -- yes, six -- with only "tie down," "get us back to Ayer," and "AY-5" escaping into intelligibility.
At 0356, the 333 WLs had again been dark, and further east the 330.8 WBs were both at Clear and the 330 WLs at Stop, The 330 ELs were checked, but the 9-for-9 reds predicted no WB in the near term.
The GL WLs had been dark as were the FG WLs, and at 0408 the FI-1/2 parking spot was MT. Naught to. from, or about FI-2 was heard, so dunno if NewBlue 503 had moved on or was serving as AY-6's power.
Just before a refueling stop, there was some D-3 breakage, and at 0420, the EB staggers for Derby were dark. But wait! There''s more: 4 apparently MT company gons sat on the RVJ stub.
At 0430, there was Mount-Wachusett-abetted breakage of D-3 calling out to POAY with the 7537, "San-Vel" being the escapee into clarity. To save suspense, naught had been or would be heard about Q426/7 during listening time.
At 0432 and Mount Wachusett no longer a hindrance, D-3 would answer AY-3, acknowledging the switch was lined and locked normal at the Milling, OKing them on signal indication at WL. rogering whatever they next said, and saying they were going to West Main Street.
At 0447, there would be a "4 more," but mebbe my position had changed enough that naught else was heard by 0450.
  by jaymac
0255-0455/09-09-2020 started with garble on the Dispatcher side of Channel and then Yard Channel garble.
At 0303, D-3 reached out to Q426. This would be an entry for The Annals of Precision Scheduled Railroading because this would be the CSX side of 426. D-3 responded to 426's question by saying they -- PAR crew -- would be waiting at the office at New Bond Street, then wondering if they -- CSX crew -- wanted to do a live recrew, and then further wondering if they would hang around for a roll-by. The 48x31 car count got repeated, but the power lineup didn't.
The expectable spurts of garble now ensued, and at 0319, D-3 would 241 AY-3 with the 7552 1 east to 1 at CPF-AY, adding after the repeat that POED was coming by Graniteville.
At 0328, the 333 WLs were dark. After the as-per-usual Stops on the 334 ELs and darkness and the 334 1 stagger, there was unIDable garble and then AYPO garble. The 335s would be dark, and 0338 came "3 step, AY-4." At 0440, there was a Mount-Wachusett-partialed D-3 word to somebody -- mebbe POED -- to highball to Deerfield.
Up Da Hill, the 345s were dark, and the yard looked MT, "looked" cuzza ground fog and/or low-hanging cloud interfered with visibility.
The EB trip started off quiet, but at 0351, AYPO reached out to D-3, but I was losing altitude, so I was losing AYPO. D-3 would only occasionally be -- "Roger that" -- intelligible cuzza -- again -- Mount Wachusett.
At 0356, the 333 WLs were dark, and 0450 would be the start of extended D-3 hash. Further east, the 330.8 WBs showed a Clear for 1 and a Stop for 2, 22K being visible on 2 by the Bike Shop/Zeda's. The 330 WLs were at Stop and the GL WLs dark, but the 330 1 EL was at Clear. The FG WL were both at Stop, and 22K's power was again to the west by the substation embankment and not IDable, and at 0411, the FI-1/2 parking spot was MT.
At 0415, there would be both-sides-broken D-3/AYPO convo, "Track 11," "Thorofare", and turning the power escaping. There would be a wait on East Wye for AY-3 to clear and then something about the Camp.
At 0418, the EB staggers for Derby would be dark and the 4 company gons still on the RVJ stub, the same time that D-3 acknowledged that somebody -- AY-3? -- had lined and locked normal and was OK down to the Camp.
That was followed by 0426 garble concerning "Moores Crossovers or the Camp." 0443 gave a clear 1-east-at-Derby-to-2 241 to FI-2 with the 518. Dunno whether the Clear on the 330 1 EL had been for POED or an F!-2 runaround, but given that 400 was soon to be there, it mighta been taken away.
Remember the 0350 extended D-3 hash? It mighta been 426's Form D cuz as I was pulling into my driveway at 0446, the 7.8 came on. There was a 9-minute wait for the report, but none was heard. What was heard was a buncha public-safety transmissions encroaching.
  by jaymac
0255-0455/09-12-2020 had some surprises besides being a Saturday trip. Things started off with Yard Channel hash, but then Channel 1 activity came in clearly with a D-3 shoutout to Q427, first fulfilling Form D G322 to CSXT 891 at 0303 and then calling Form D G301 to CSXT 814 for MP X25 to Burncoat effective at 0305. There was a request for the update, that response rogered without repetition and followed by request for time of entry into DCS.
Yard Channel hash reappeared, and at 0314, D-3 rogered and thanked Q427, presumably for the notification that they were into DCS. Amid the ongoing Yard Channel hash and at 0321 came a clear "Take it ahead, AY-3."
The 0331 was when the 333 WLs were dark, a temporary situation because 22K would be EB on 1 at the 8-for-8 red 334 ELs and 1 stagger, getting east and clear at 0339 and at a speed that suggested they had caught a Medium Clear on the 333 1 WL.
The 335s were dark, and garble prevailed on the way up Da Hill. The 345s were and would remain -- at least briefly -- dark, and the yard -- mebbe briefly, mebbe not -- was MT. In a 1-day-delayed Sameoldsameold Ledger entry, the vegetation inside and outside the gauge of the Heywood remained substantial, prompting musing about whether a frost or FI-1/2 would first bring growth to an end.
The trip EB started off quiet, but just east of the Rte. 2 EB crest, the 346.6 came on at 0357, an EDPO the likely cause. It was a toss-up whether they'd be working Gardner, so I continued EB, and at 0358. D-3 would 241 AYPO with the 7620 from East Wye to 2 east.
At 0403, the 333 WLs were back to darkness, and at 0407 a breaking D-3 called out to EDPO, naught further heard.
Further east, the 330.8 WBs showed a Clear for 1 and Stop for 2. The GL WLs were dark, but the 330 WLs were both at Stop, 22K stopped on 2, and yes, the 330 ELs were also at Stop, as would be the FG WLs, 22K's dimmed leader NS 1161 not quite to the credit union. Trailing unit/s was/were unIDable, and at 0420, the FI-1/2 parking spot was MT.
There was some wondering about why 22K was holding at FG and not Slab City with 1400 and EDPO in the picture, but the cause soon would be revealed.
At 0427, the EB staggers for Derby would be dark, the 4 company gons still on the RVJ stub. 0430 would be the time effective for Form D G302, a Line 4 to a TC for 1 between Derby and FG, meaning 2 would have to be open. There was no time limit, nor was there a cancellation of a Line 4 Form G between Derby and a point east, so mebbe 1400 would have to be on 2 all the way to WL. Never heard.
Yard Channel hash returned, words about sending things back on the Thoroughfare being clear. Garble continued until the end of listening at 0455, the 7.8 -- remember 427? -- being remarkably quiet. Just before I got into my home, there was crossing noise at 0458, no subsequent noise heard. Mebbe the wind was bad. Dunno.
  by jaymac
0257-0515/09-14-2020 had its moments, started at 0257 by D-3 answering Q427 and next calling Form D G304 -- musta been a quiet Sunday -- to CSXT 3165 fulfilled at 0258. Form D G301 to CSXT 745 for MP X25 to Burncoat would be made effective at 0258. The train info would be rogered without repetition, a call for entry-time into DCS next.
At 0305, D-3 would answer AY-3, confirming that the 1 was lined and locked for normal movement and giving the OK to accept signal indication. That would be followed at 0313 with a Single-west-to-2-at-312 241 to AY-3 with the 7605. 0315 would have a breaking D-3 answer FI-2, and 0320 would be when D-3 answered, rogered, and thanked Q427, presumably for saying they were into DCS.
Radio silence would follow past the 0332 view of the dark 333 WLs and conclude at 0334 with D-3/AYPO breakage that would include Road-side "no more than 5,000 tons" and "we went through this about 6 months ago." Just guessing that a good-faith challenge might be underway, but increasing distance from AYPO and Mount Wachusett being between me and the Paxton antenna prevented any further understanding. At 0338, there would be an unattributable "22x37" and naught else intelligible.
The Stops for the 334 ELs and darkness for the 334 1 stagger and 335s provided a sense of continuity, as would a breaking D-3's transmission to AY-3 involving West Main Street and the OK on signal indication, followed at 0347 by the breaking D-3 side of things to AYPO and discussion of a rule.
Up Da Hill, the 345s were and would remain dark for the drivethrough. The yard was crammed -- MT racks on 1 from the Extension Switch to mebbe the FP, a few more MT racks from the easterly FP of 2 that changed into general, an MT centerbeam permitting a view of a CRYO-TRANS on 4 and gaps in the easterly racks on 2 giving a view of more CRYO-TRANSes.
PD Gardner had been busy, including a call for and ambulance, but radio silence was the rule for the start of the EB trip. At 0403, the the 333 WLs were dark, and further east, the 330.8 WBs showed a Clear for 1 and Stop for 2. The 330 WLs were both at Stop and 22K was sitting on 2. Naught had been visible at the Bike Shop/Zeda's, but there coulda been MT wells there. The GL WLs were dark, and the solid reds on the 330 ELs strongly hinted no immediate WB.
The FG WLs were at stopped as was 22K in back of the gym. The leader was NS 9447 with 2 indecipherable Ponies and however many racks before the wells and possible tables.
At 0418, an unattributable someone was going car countdowns, and at 0420, the FI-1/2 parking spot was MT, the same time FI-2 advised D-3 they were headed to Lafarge with 9 loads. 0426 was busy -- NewBlue 518 with 9 shorties got east of the North Leominster platform, dropping the Clear on the 2 EB stagger for Derby at 0427. There were no changes for the Approach on the 1 EB stagger or for the 4 company gons still on the RVJ stub.
A few later, D-3 would ask FI-2 about FME. He had an EDPO coming with a need to cut off 25 Fitchburgs. Never heard aught about a POED and/or ED-9 who would need to clean out Gardner, although many are the places that would block reception of same. Whatever FI-2 said got rogered.
Later and as I was climbing the grade from Oakdale at 0442, 427 was just about to, so I got myself south of the Temple Street/Rte. 140/MP X7.8 crossing in more than plenty of time. The gates got activated at 0455 and the 7.8 at 0456. CSXTs 745, 5357, 3442, and 3165 got 85 east at 0502, the same time the 7.8 gave a no defects and the crew acknowledged. The boxes were heavy with FBOXs and even a TBOX and and a pair of WRWKs, but naught company. The tanks had a coupla unplacardeds, a coupla LPGs, and numbers of 3257s -- unspecified elevated-temperature liquids, possibly liquid asphalt. There were good numbers of MT centerbeams, but no loads. What was the most impressive were the shiny-new high-sided gray gons. Dunno if they were from Ayer or elsewhere.
0503 and 0505 had presented what mighta been D-2 hash, first to AYPO about a dropped signal and next to POAY (?) about tying down.
The last audio input was not from the radio, but from 427 making crossing noise for Shrewsbury Street/MP X6.0 at 0515.
  by jaymac
0255-0435/09-16-2020 was -- for the reason to be seen -- a truncated trip. At 0258, D-3 reached out to AY-3, confirming that they had had lined and locked the main normal and would be doing a runaround at 312 to get their 10 MTs. Things musta been done on signal indication cuz no 241s would be heard, the usual cautions about things unheard in effect.
Things -- at least by me -- would continue unheard on an ongoing basis. At 0331, the 333 WLs were dark, but 0334 was the start of a semi-broken FI-2/D-3 exchange, they wanting to go East Side to West Side and D-3 saying signal indication. The 334 ELs were at Stop and the 334 1 stagger and 335s dark, some minor hash proving the scanner was still working.
The altitude-gaining trip WB made things only marginally clearer, and up Da Hill, the 345 ELs were both at Stop. Naught was on the Timpany Boulevard UGB, but there were MT racks pretty much FP-FP on Yards 4 and 2 with at least 1 covered hopper thrown in on the easterly portion of 2 and mebbe more and obscured general on 4.
The 345 WLs were at Stop, too. and lit number boards of less than the usual height were seen to the east, east even of The Shrine Of The Deity Of The CPF-345 Dunks. East of the Pearson Boulevard UGB were markers and west of those was the OCS sitting on the Dead Track. The rebranded joke might be that 1st prize was 1 night in Gardner, and 2nd prize was 2 nights.
Mebbe there would be a later meeting there or mebbe the crew had gotten on short time. Dunno. Also dunno if the Stops on the 345 Single EL and 345 1 WL meant that traffic was being kept away from the OCS during slumber time.
The need to get to a keyboard got me EB on a straight shot home, so none of the usual EB viewings took place. There would be occasional hash, and at 0415, D-2 got a few clear-to-me words in, those being "POAY" and "DOBO at Rockingham." At 0417, D-3 garbled something about Lafarge and runaround, and at 0431, AY-4 advised advised D-3 that Track 1 was clear. If 22K got yarding instructions, I didn't hear them in the next 4 minutes. I also hadn't heard anything -- AY-3 and AY-4 excepted -- to, from, or about any of the others on early-morning talk radio.
  by jaymac
0255-0510/09-18-2020 provided more than a little that was out-of-District-3 plus other off-topic items, starting at 0309 with the D-2 side of a convo with NA-2, asking if they were 0x5 and how far they thought they were gonna get tonite and then asking them if they were ready to copy. It musta been an affirmative response cuz next came Form D G203 to go south between MPs I13 and I10 -- yes, for the Hillsboro Branch -- the time effective being 0312. D-2 had also advised that there was a Line 4 out for MP I10 to I9 and that he would see how long that would be. Dag x 2 -- both a Line 2 and a Line 4 for the predawn Hillsboro! 0312 was also when D-3 called out to the LGT, naught further immediately heard.
The first OT mention is a result of the ramp from Rte. 12 N to I-190 North being closed, causing Rte. 12 North to be the route of necessity, further causing a reminder of the continuing gas price-wars along that stretch of road.
The rerouting musta put me into temporarily favorable topography cuz at 0320 I heard Q426 call out to D-3, the now-unfavorable topography needing his repeating that the brush around MP X16 needed to be cut back and stating he'd pass it along.
0321 was when the LGT with the 7622 called out to D-3 who gave them 0322 permission off the FME onto 2 at OX and to proceed east towards CPF-Derby.
Soon, it was time to go back to D-2 who cancelled TC T617's Form D G 202 -- the Line 4 for MP I10 to I 9 -- at 0328, the Line 2 Addition to NA-2's G203 for I10 to I1 being made effective at 0331.
At 0333, the LGT C told the LGT E that they were all lined and that it was OK to come ahead, and at 0336, D-3 told POED that they were to pick up 19 MTs off West Main Street.
0339 was when the 333 WLs were dark, and the next few minutes would produce indistinct garbles, the 334 ELs being at Stop and the 334 1 stagger and the 335s dark.
There would be a coupla more bursts of garble WB, the 345s being dark and the yard MT. The Sameoldsameold Ledger entry continued to be the Heywood's undisturbed vegetation inside and outside the gauge.
At 0356, D-3 had answered somebody calling, but nothing -- unless it was the occasional garbles on the start of the EB trip -- developed in the short term.
At 0409, the 333 WLs were dark, and at 0411, D-3 called out to the LGT to confirm that OX was lined and locked normal, the LGT saying yes and that they were on the move. The same minute was when D-3 advised EDPO -- who had left naught at Gardner -- that their Fitchburgs would go to FME cuz the LGT was out of the way.
Further east, the 330.8 WBs were both at Clear and the 330 WLs at Stop. The GL WLs were dark, but he FG WLs were lit -- a Stop for 1 and an Approach for 2, that dropped at 0420 by EDPO with a good number of shorties -- probably for Lafarge -- up front. Traffic lights weren't cooperative cuz the power was already east at 0423 when there was no clear view of the FI-1/2 parking spot, a guess about which later.
The normal route got changed again by a trip to the south side of the yard. The car countdown was in process for the stop at OX, but the power got obscured. At 0431, a breaking D-3 241d POED at Camp, and 3 later, a clearer D-3 confirmed to EDPO that the rear engine was to be set off, so mebbe the 518 had been rotated out.
A now-mandatory refueling stop next got made, not on the Rte. 12 corridor, but on Rte. 13 and for -- variously -- $ .20 or $ .30 a gallon less than some of my more usual spots, and at 0442, the EB staggers for Derby were dark and 4 company gons still sat on the RVJ stub.
Things were generally quiet until 0450 when favorable elevation and topography temporarily permitted hearing POAY call out to 426. Developments lost, as would be any other receptions until 0510, including the fulfillment of 426's Form D and the issuance of the 1 for 427.
Also unheard during listening limits was anything to, from, to about AY-3, AY-4, or 22K. Given how busy the easterly part of D-3 would be with the LGT, POED, EDPO, and commuters, 22K musta been tucked away early or was probably still well west of Da Hill.
  by jaymac
0258-0455/09-21-2020 was busy, especially in and around Ayer. The first sound -- 0258 -- was the completion of D-3's message to somebody that they were to pull down to the Camp cuz he had a train heading west, then some unattributable car countdowns, then D-3 asking whomever if they copied that, and then more car countdowns. The next sound was of my wipers, not wiping off mist, but -- washer-aided -- wiping off frost, and Fall doesn't officially start until tomorrow.
There would now follow a spell of radio silence, broken at 0329 first by an unattributable car countdown and then a POED/D-3 convo, POED asking about paperwork for their Gardner work and D-3 saying it had been faxed to Fitchburg.
At 0334, the 333 WLs would be dark, and unattributable and garbled car countdowns would resume. The 334 ELs were at Stop and the 1 stagger dark, temporarily favorable topography permitting the 0340 reception of "15, 1-5, 22K."
Things would be generally quiet WB up Da Hill and past the dark 345 ELs. At 0347, D-3 asked Q427 if they were calling and then fulfilled Form D G308 --another quiet Sunday -- and issued Form D G301 for MP X25 to Burncoat, time effective 0348, followed by update garble and the request to call when into DCS. A desire to keep between the lines on Rte. 2 WB and the Timpany Boulevard offramp caused me to sacrifice the power IDs for 426 and 427.
The 345 WLs were also dark, and Yard 2 was pretty much FP-FP with general -- covered hoppers, coil cars, and CRYO-TRANSes among them. Racks were visible on Yard 4. There was a "Roger that" at 0352, mebbe D-3 acknowledging 427 into DCS.
On my way EB and at 0355, D-3 would advise EDPO to stop at 312 for a 241. Next, he would answer the somebody calling, roger what they said, and advise that he'd get EDPO by them and then they could move on signal indication.
The next voice belonged to D-2, telling POAY with the 7541 advising they would tie down at *garble* Chelmsford, a cab being called for 0500, adding that he was trying to get them an indication at WA. At 0401, there came "AY-4, take it ahead," and 0402, the 333 WLs were dark.
Further east, the 330.8 WBs were both at Clear and the 330 WLs at Stop. WB slurries at the Bike Shop/Zeda's prompted me to also be WB, POED with KCIR 7643 plus another unusable KCIR getting 29 -- yes, twenty-nine -- west of the rotary River Street UGB on 1 at 0414. Besides the slurries, there were boxes that included a Smurf and a Big G, and a mix -- mainly Irvings -- of wrapped centerbeams. A little after that, a badly-breaking D-3 issued a what-coulda-been the promised 241 for 312 to EDPO with the 7620.
The GL and FG WLs were dark, and at 0422, the FI-1/2 parking spot was MT. At 0428, the RVJ yard was busy, so there was no viewing of the EB staggers for Derby, but company gons were still visible on the stub, and somebody told somebody else they were good for another 25.
0430 was when D-3 told somebody that "that" -- 241? authority? -- "is correct." 0435 would produce a breaking 22K call to D-3, D-3's response blocked to me by Mount Wachusett.
At 0436, D-2 advised POAY that EDPO was coming through Graniteville and should be passing as they tied down.
0443 would be D-3 241ing AY-3 with the 7575 1 east to the Single at 312, and at 0452 there came the sometimes-breaking D-3 side of a convo with FI-2 -- Lafarge being lined and locked normal, they could continue east to the Camp.
0455 was the end of radio listening, but power could be heard in the distance. Curiously and as of 0600, no crossing noise was heard for 7.8.
  by jaymac
0255-0445/09-23-2020 had a few departures from the usual. Radio-silence-to-me was the early order of things, that broken at 0313 by D-2 with "BODO" and then hash and then a roger and out
0317 would be when D-3 got heard, confirming AY-3 was lined and locked normal -- presumably the Milling -- and then advising there'd be no signal at 312 until D-2 gave them a restriction, the signal then to follow.
At 0326, the 333 WLs were dark, and at 0327, D-2 gave AY-3 10 MPH between MP 311 and MP 310 on the Single, no signs posted, the "Correct" coming at 0328 along with words that D-2 would talk to D-3. Dunno if AY-3 would be working that far east or if the speedo was protocol. The 334 ELs were at Stop and the 1 stagger dark, "POED" next being the sole escapee into clarity at 0331.
The 335s were dark, and the trip up Da Hill to the dark 345s was quiet. There was a string of general -- covered hoppers and a placarded shortie tank being visible -- on Yard 2 with only the possibility of some others on 4. At 0343, D-3 would reach out to Q426, try again, and establish contact at 0345, asking if they were ready to copy. That resulted in Form D G301 to CSXT 3216 from Burncoat to MP X25, time effective 0347. Discussions about releasing the cab and calling a new 1 for the roll-by led me to the conclusion that the CSX crew had tied down and left. The conclusion was that D-3 would set up a new cab to meet them at Burncoat in an hour. More will follow.
Radio silence was heard on the start of the EB trip -- the 333 WLs dark at 0358 -- and would remain that way until D-3 hash at 0403. That was followed by D-3 telling somebody -- AY-3? -- that the Train Master said their MTs were to go to West Main Street. It was MT cuz the 31 MTs that had been there went yesterday, next asking if they had 14 MTs.
The 330.8 WBs showed a Stop for 1 and a Clear for 2, the 330 1 WL at Slow Approach and the 2 at Stop with no 22K on it. The GL WLs were dark, and at 0408, somebody said they were in the clear. The FG WLs were dark, and at 0410, the FI-1/2 parking spot was MT.
D-3 garble would followed, that followed at 0413 by D-3 reaching out to AY-4 and followed by more garble.
FI-2 would engage in a both-sides intelligible exchange with D-3. They wanted to go East Side to West Side with 14 MTs. Yes, they were Deerfields and would go to FWM, this while 22K was holding on 2 just west of the North Leominster platform, power ID blocked by foliage. At 0418, the EB staggers for Derby were both at Approach, 4 company gons still on the RVJ stub.
D-3 would again reach out to 426 at 0434, garble following. At 0436, D-3 was clearer, asking for the power lineup, 426's response garbled, then clearing up with the advisory that both units were facing east, D-3 responding that he'd pass that along. Crossing noise -- most likely for the X7.8 -- was heard at 0519.
Since 426 and/or POAY are generally busy on Track 1 and since AY-4 generally advises D-3 of Track 1's status before 22K gets their yarding instructions and since things would get the extra complication of 426/427 wyeing their power, dunno if 22K's yarding would be a post-Keolis-rush phenomenon.
  by jaymac
Even before the start of 0253-0450/09-25-2020 radio listening, there was listening -- first to power noise and next to crossing noise for Temple Street/Rte. 140/MP X7.8. The first radio offering was at 0253 with car countdowns for 22K's E, then a far enough, then a back it up for 40 with a Restricting on the CPF-AY 1. At 0257, the X 7.8 gave out a no defects, acknowledged by Q426 with the CSXT 3334. It would develop that 22K would be leaving wells and mebbe tables on 1 and 2, reducing the space available for 426 to do their work. Never heard anything about occupying 3 or racks, so dunno if any racks might be left at Hill Yard, South Track, or San-Vel.
At 0317, there was a both-sides semi-intelligible AY-5/D-3 convo. AY-5 was to tie down, leave the engines pumping, and cab back to Ayer. D-3 added that AY-5 was to leave the marker and that he wasn't sure if 22K or ED-9 would be taking the cars. AY-5 sounded too strong to be at San-Vel, and yes, more will follow.
At 0319, D-3 acknowledged that AY-3 was lined and locked normal at the Milling and that they were OK on signal indication, next asking if they were going to West Main or Moores, AY-3's response unheard and unrepeated. To save suspense, naught further would be heard to, from, or about AY-3. At 0328, the 333 WLs were dark and during the usual viewings -- 334 ELs at Stop and 334 1 stagger and 335s dark -- there would be Yard Channel activity from 22K and mebbe an unIDable somebody else.
Once onto Rte. 2 WB, things got quiet. The 345s were and would remain dark during the drivethrough, and MT racks on Yard 1 morphed into MT centerbeams going onto the Extension. At least 1 track to the south had general. Dunno about the other. The Sameoldsameold Ledger entry featured the same old undisturbed vegetation inside and outside the gauge of the Heywood.
The EB trip was quiet until 0403 when AY-5 advised D-3 that they were sticking out of FWM by 1 engine, this eventually being resolved by D-3 saying that should more 2 cars over to 1 West and then place the engines back on FMW.
0403 was also when the 333 WLs were dark, and further east, the 330.8 WBs showed a Stop for 1 and Clear for 2, the 330 WLs and ELs all Stops and the GL WLs dark..
There were broken car countdowns -- AY-5? -- on my way over to the dark FG WLs. At 0418, OldPaint 316 was sitting dark and on the westerly end of covered hoppers in the FI-1/2 parking spot, and AY-5 was too far east and obscured to get a power ID.
At 0419, D-3 called out to mebbe-POAY, advising that 426 was mebbe 15 or 20 minutes away, wondering about a power swap and asking -- if they pulled down to Harvard Switch -- whether a recrew could get to them, the response being unheard and unrepeated. At 0421, D-3 asked 426 how far they were from MP X25, the response -- again -- unheard and unrepeated. 0423 was the time for AY-5 with the 7655 to give the update -- 0x39, 2145 tons, and 3319' length.
0424 was when the EB staggers for Derby were dark and 4 company gons still sat on the RVJ stub.
The next 1/4 hour was -- to me -- quiet. At 0439, D-3 would answer 426, garble ensuing, and at 0444, D-3 asked POAY if they heard 426 calling, saying they were at X25 and ready to do the power swap. The final 6 minutes gave me nothing to write and you nothing to read.
  by jaymac
0300-0500/09-28-2020 started off slow, but got busier. 0320 was the first clear reception, D-3 authorizing AY-3 with the 7575 to enter 1 at the Milling and proceed west and calling the read back correct at 0321. Never heard a lined and locked normal, but topography being topography, that's not a surprise. At 0326, AYPO would start a series of car countdowns and the usual leading up to a 0330 "Charge it up. Yes, more AYPO will follow.
At 0335, the 333 WLs were dark, that followed by Stops for the 334 ELs and darkness for the the 1 stagger. The 335s? Stops for the ELs and Controlled Siding WL and an Approach on the Single WL at 0343. The west got bright, and a presumed EDPO with NewBlue 7543 and 2 KCIRs -- IDs fuzzed by the mist -- plus ~85 got east of the ELs at 0350. There were double-stack trashes up front, a few wrapped centerbeams, Brand X gons, a good number of shorties that included some Ciment Québecs, boxes that included a coupla Smurfs, a few bulkheads of structural steel, a placarded tank, and lotsa MT centerbeams. And yes, the tie-handler was still in the lot.
At 0352, AYPO reached out to D-3 on the Yard Channel, asking if he was ready for the update, which would be 21x51, 4629 tons, and 5691', adding in a bit that they were up on the wye and asking if he wanted to set up a cab to bring them back to the trailer. Fair warning -- a Radio Rant will follow. AYPO at the wye was reasonably clear to me at the 335 lot. D-3's Channel 2 transmissions from Ayer wouldn't even lock up the scanner. Dunno either the antenna location for the Channel 2 base transmitter at Ayer or its wattage, but it does seem that its strength and clarity should at least match that of a locomotive's transmitter.
At 0359 and on the way WB, there was the D-3 side of a convo with FI-2, acknowledging that the Lafarge switch was lined and locked normal and saying they could proceed to Camp.
A couple later, there was just the ID of the 346.6, but Stops on both the 346 ELs and WLs hinted that it was for a WB, An MT yard furthered that impression, and confirmation came at 0405 with a no defects, ??? axles, 2996', and train too slow. At 0407, there would be a 1-to-1-east-at-CPF-AY 241 for AY-3, that being the last heard to, from, or about that entity.
The EB trip started off quiet, at least to me, and at 0416, the 333 WLs were dark. Further east, the 330.8 WBs were both at Stop, the 330 1 WL at Slow Approach and the 2 WL at Stop, the presumed-EDPO's marker just west of the platform. The GL WLs were dark, but the FG WLs were both at Stop, the presumed EDPO's power by the credit union. At 0426, D-3 241d FI-2 with the 306 2 to 2 east at Derby, and -- as might be already guessed -- the FI-1/2 parking spot was MT at 0429.
In more Topographical Flukes of Propagation News, being at the right spot at the right time -- passing the Main Street Cumby's at 0433 -- permitted me to hear "B&M Detector Mileage 7.8.," but that fluke was transitory, naught else being heard. 426 or 427? Dunno.
At 0438, the EB staggers for Derby were dark, and 4 company gons were still sitting on the RVJ stub.
Next, D-3 would answer AYPO, OK ing them on signal indication and saying when they got up to 312 they should call D-2 for a Line 12 for Pleasant Street. Dunno if it was a matter of convenience, but D-2 would issue Form D G202 to AYPO with the 7620, the location stated as CPF-AY and the time effective 0451, a Line 12 for Pleasant Street, mileage 310.13.
During the interval between the hedzup and issuance of the Line 12 and afterwards, naught intelligible would be heard. 22K? AY-4? AY-5? Dunno -- again.
  by jaymac
0250-0445/09-30-2020 started off quiet, discounting bands of wind-driven rain. There would be a few spurts of Dispatcher-side Channel 1 hash, but naught else.
At 0323, the 333 WLs were dark and the 334 ELs at Stop and the 334 1 stagger dark. At 0328 and on the way to the equally-dark 335s, there was a call-out to D-3, --mebbe on Yard Channel -- with no further follow-ons reaching me.
The trip up Da Hill was quiet, and the 345s dark. The Yard was almost jammed. Lotsa covered hoppers on 4, lotsa MT racks on 2, more racks on 1 up by the Bull Run, and 4 covered hoppers on the Extension. There was also a reminder to remain ever-vigilant. Leaving the pavement and entering the grass/weeds in back of Chair City Oil was a skunk, fortunately unsquished by me, despite the predawn rain.
The EB trip was quiet until 0349 and "Take it ahead," followed by breaking countdowns, and no intelligible attribution.
At 0354, the 333 WLs were again dark, and further east, the 330.8 WBs at Clear. At 0401, there was a Channel 1 convo between FI-2 and D-3 about taking ~20 MTS from East Side to West Side. There was more, but I was in the Kimball Street sag by then, so further exchanges got garbled. The 330 WLs were at Stop, the GL WLs were dark, and the 2 looked MT from the Water Street OHB, but the drive by the station access road showed an EB marker, so it was into the station where an especially short 22K's marker was by the easterly end of the platform. The 330 ELs were also all at Stop.
The FG WLs were at Stop, 22K sitting there with leader NS 4240 about midway between the gym and credit union. ID of the trailer/s got blocked by FI-2 with OldPaint 316 hauling west with their MTs at 0403 so they could shove back to West Side.
At 0409, AYPO with the 7534 got 241d from the east leg of the wye at CPF-AY east to 2, and -- no surprise -- the FI-1/2 parking spot was MT at 0412.
At 0418, the EB staggers for Derby were dark and 4 company gons still on the RVJ stub. There would shortly follow broken AYPO car countdowns, hinting that AYPO was still being put together.
At 0429, there was Keolis 400 garble, followed immediately by FI-2 garble, 0436 would produce another 241 -- same deets -- to AYPO.
0437 was when D-3 asked POED if they had gotten their Gardner paperwork, rogered their response, and said "1, 2, and 4."
0444 was when "AY-4" and "brakes" got to me. A minute later and when I was close to being back in the clichéd barn, the 7.8 talker announced he was checking train. Mebbe it was the combination of rain, wind, and wipers, but I hadn't seen or heard anything climbing the WB grade outta Oakdale when I had been, but at 0445 the 7.8 pronounced a no defects. The power noise sounded WB, that confirmed by crossing noise at 0455 and again at 0508, appropriate intervals for Shrewsbury and Burncoat Streets.
So 426/7 wasn't keeping 22K to the west, but AYPO and POED plus 400 and mebbe even 402 were. Dunno if AY-3 might also be a contributor cuz I heard naught to, from, or about them.
  by jaymac
0254-0450/10-02-2020 was more a trip of sounds than sights, 0254 being when D-3 answered AY-3 with the 7595 -- not a typo as will be soon seen -- and gave them permission to reverse direction from where they stood and proceed west on 1. Next came the hedzup that 23K had had trouble at Moores Crossing and spikes and ties were loose, adding that the switch had been spiked, so they couldn't head in.
There was a period of quiet to me, 0306 being when D-3 reached out to POED. They would have 26 from West Main Street, to be followed in Fitchburg by 18 racks and the 7575 -- AY-3's power of late -- on FMW. At 0314, Q427 would reach out to D-3, D-3 saying to stand by cuz he would now tell AY-3 to take their power down Track 1 when they got to the yard cuz AY-4 would take it. Would AY-3 being leaving their cars on South Track? How many? 7.
0316 was the return to 427, Form D G323 to CSXT ???(?) being fulfilled at 0317. Next came Form D G304 to CSXT 471 for MP X25 to Burncoat, time effective 0318. The update was asked for, the response -- hash to me -- acknowledged and unrepeated, the following D-3 hash likely a request for time into DCS.
OT, but just east of Rte. 13 on Rte. 2 WB, there's been a message board advising of a 9PM to 5 AM road closure starting on 10/04. That board doesn't say which road. Mebbe other boards I don't go by might. Good luck.
At 0328, the 333 WLs were dark, the usual pattern of Stops from the 334 ELs and darkness for the 334 1 stagger and 335s in effect. Also in effect was a prolonged period of radio silence -- at least to me -- not broken until 0337 when D-? told somebody he was ready to copy, naught further intelligible. The only other radioactivity WB up Da Hill came from public safety overrides.
The 345s were and would remain dark for what was more a zipthrough than a drivethrough. The yard was MT, and The Sameoldsameold Ledger entry remained the Heywood's vegetation, which had benefitted from the earlier deluge.
Radio silence was again heard, at 0328 the 333 WLs were dark, to be followed by Clears on the 330.8 WBs and Stops on the 330 WLs. The GL and FG WLs were dark, and at 0407, OldPaint 316 was dark, solo, and east-facing in the FI-1/2 parking spot, the 7575 and 18 racks on FMW not visible from the roadway.
An inevitable refueling-stop ended just in time to hear D-3 tell somebody something about 334. Just guessing that it might be a tiedown/recrew point for POED.
At 0419, the EB staggers for Derby were dark, 4 company gons -- used ties visible -- still on the RVJ stub.
Thanks to the concurrence of topography and timing -- 0429 -- AY-4's car countdown got heard, and at 0438, D-3 answered AYPO, rogered what they said, and OKed them on signal indication.
At 0447 and in my driveway, there was distant crossing noise, and at 0448, AY-4's C or U told the E to drop the 3. 0450 marked the end of radio time, but their was additional crossing noise at 0518. No other crossing noise would be heard from inside my home as of 0555, so I've no guesses where the 0447 and 0518 noise came from, the interval being atypical unless it Burncoat, live recrew, and New Bond.
  by jaymac
0300-0501/10-05-2020 was a period in which -- among other things -- it sounded like D-3 was having antenna issues.
At 0300, there was distant crossing noise, not soon followed by anything from the X7.8, D-3, or Q426/7. Further info will come further along.
At 0301, a breaking D-3 would tell someone to hold onto the #1 track for awhile longer. Dunno where, but as long as they did...
At 0305, there would be D-3 hash, "POED" escaping into clarity and more about which later.
And yes, it was Rte. 2 that was shut down and detoured between Rtes. 13 and 12, deets here #1553889 for those who might not yet have read them.
At 0325, there was more POED garble that resolved into car countdowns and a discussion about going back to the rest of the train. 0334 was when the 333 WLs were dark, and 0334 was when D-3 -- weakly to me -- 241d POED with the 7528 1 east to 1 at FG. The 334 ELs were at Stop and the 334 1 stagger and 335s dark, with only occasional Channel 1 Dispatcher-side garble.
Up Da Hill, the 345s were and would remain dark for the drivethrough duration, Yard 2 had general -- covered hoppers west and more covered hoppers east, including a pair or BRNX shorties. BRNX? Dunno. Next west were company gons and what might be between them and the covered hoppers at the west was obscured.
On the way EB things were quiet until 0359 and an extended serving of D-3 hash -- mebbe partly antenna issues and mebbe partly Mount Wachusett -- the question of whether it was to be BF 47 of FG escaping into clarity. The answer would lead to Form D G305 a Line 4 to TC T669 for the 2 between CPF-Derby and BF47 being made effective at 0403 and followed by a 0404 241 for the 2 at Derby, the same time as the 333 WLs were dark.
Further east the 330.8 WBs were both Clear, but power noise by Rollstone Street induced a uie. Over at the rotary used car lot, KCIR 7528 plus another illegible KCIR got an unknown number west at 0415. Why unknown" Foliage was still in place and flats and/or gons were among the WBs, not to mention a fair number of Irving-wrapped centerbeams, some tanks, and a Smurf among the boxes.
Fi-2 had reached out to D-3 at 0408, and a convo had started at 0411, Fi-2 wanting to pass the 316 and go to Lafarge, D-3 responding that they should let him know when they were ready to copy a Do Not Pass, leading to the 0416 time effective for Form D G306 to the 7835, a Line 13 to not pass BF47, FI-2 next being told to stand by for the signal.
The newer view of the 330.8 WBs showed an Approach for the 1 and Clear for 2, the 330 WLs at Stop and the GL and FG WLs dark.
There was dimmed power east of the FG ELs -- 316? 7835? -- and a good number of shorties on East Side, the FI-1/2 parking spot predictably MT 0427.
As will be seen later and at 0429. either AY-4 or 22K was told to take it back 25. At 0433, the EB staggers for Derby would be dark and 4 company gons still on the RVJ stub.
Yarding transmissions would continue, 22K being clearly attributable at 0437. 0438 was when Q427's Form D G303 was fulfilled, and next 22K and AY-4 would alternate car countdowns, including word at 0441 to 22K that the blue flag was down.
0456 was when a breaking D-3 fulfilled Form D G305, the TC T669's mobile being almost as strong as D-3's base. At 0459, D-3 would reach out to Fi-2 cancelling their G306 Line 13 at 0501.
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