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  • Guilford Rail System changed its name to Pan Am Railways in 2006. Discussion relating to the current operations of the Boston & Maine, the Maine Central, and the Springfield Terminal railroads (as well as the Delaware & Hudson while it was under Guilford control until 1988). Official site can be found here: PANAMRAILWAYS.COM.
Guilford Rail System changed its name to Pan Am Railways in 2006. Discussion relating to the current operations of the Boston & Maine, the Maine Central, and the Springfield Terminal railroads (as well as the Delaware & Hudson while it was under Guilford control until 1988). Official site can be found here: PANAMRAILWAYS.COM.

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  by jaymac
0305-0455/07-13-2020 would feature -- among other things -- 2 warnings of the potential dangers of distracted driving. Walking to the car, I'd heard possible 427 prime-mover noise, but anything further would be in the future. There were occasional Yard Channel eruptions -- some extended -- but naught intelligible. The NB approach to the Rte. 12/MP X11.87 OHB in Sterling would present the 1st distracted-driving hedzup -- a roadside dead doe.
At 0332, D-3 let 22K with NS 8133 know that he had held them at Derby cuzza AYPO and AY-3, and they were to go to 1 with overflow to 2, a trash car being on 2. A cab would be called for help and the cars -- racks? -- were to go to the Camp. To conserve precious suspense, naught further would be heard -- at least by me -- to, from, or about 22K, AY-3, or AYPO.
At 0336, the 333 WLs were dark, Yard Channel intermittencies would continue, and the usual pattern of the 334 ELs at Stop and darkness for the 334 1 stagger and 335s would hold.
There would be a slight continuation of static, and -- 2nd warning warning -- a buck began his ascent of the northerly embankment of State Road/Rtes. 2A and 140 about 3 seconds ahead of me. Ah, the randomness of close encounters!
The rest of the WB trip up Da Hill was quiet where the 345 ELs and WLs were all at Stop. Yard 4 was pretty much FP-FP with MT racks, and Yard 2 had fewer general -- a non-placarded tank east at Chair City Oil and MT bulkheads plus hoonose what else west. The regulator and tamper were still House residents.
The EB trip was quiet until 0402 garble, followed at 0405 by a D-3 shoutout to Q427. A coupla roadside minutes were spent awaiting for non-materializing developments, and at 0408, the 333 WLs were dark.
Further east, the 330.8 WBs were both at Clear and the 330 WLs at Stop. The GL WLs were dark, but a swing by the platform was made in case the 330.8s mighta been a hint of a soon-to-be WB (remember the heavy lifting to be done at Gardner?), but the Stops indicated naught within my limited attention span.
The FG WLs were dark, and at 0421, the FI-1/2 parking spot was MT, but it looked like stationary number boards further east on East Side among the cars spotted there.
At 0427, the EB staggers for Derby were dark, and at 0428, D-3 started a convo with Q427 and CSXT 3163. Were they west and clear of Burncoat? D-3 next acknowledged they were west and clear of MP X6. Cab to Burncoat or New Bond? Another call to the cab company would be made to see what was up, saying at 0430 the cab should be there any minute and wishing a good Monday. Never heard a fulfillment of Form Dwhatever, so guessing it was a Burncoat tiedown.
In additional unheards for the remainder of listening was aught to, from, or about AY-4, AY-5, POED, ED-9, POED, or EDPO.
  by jaymac
0255-0450/07-15-2020 was a period of unpredictability. Dry pavement and occasional static were the first visual and audio inputs and visual inputs, static continuing and augmented, but dry pavement disappearing in Sterling while driving through a miles-long carwash.
Things both weather-wise and reception-wise cleared a bit by Leominster, but not enough to make sense out what got heard. At 0328, the 333 WLs were dark, the usual sequence of Stops for the 334 ELs and darkness for the 334 1 stagger and 335s in effect. 1 sign of climatological strangeness was the moon's sliver being visible from State Road east of Rte. 2 WB, but not the light on top of the antenna mast on Mount Wachusett.
Up Da Hill, phrasing long idle would be reactivated: The 345 ELs and WLs were and would remain dark during my brief Gardner drivethrough, dunno if cuzza lightning activity or replugging. The yard was occupied -- racks pretty well FP-FP on 4 and somewhat less general on 2 and 1, which did a good job of blocking any possible reflections from inside the racks. The 1 general included coil cars and company -- yes, company -- gons. Whether the gons might have some connection with the tamper and regulator still on the House -- but now in reversed positions -- dunno.
At 0345 and while I was looking at the yard, D-3 would reach out to FI-2 on Channel 2, naught further heard in the short term. I was in Gardner, and D-3's Channel 2 mast was in Ayer -- 30 track miles to the east. My antenna did have the twin advantages of close to 1,000' of extra elevation assisted by knife-edge gain from Da Hill's summit just a bit east, but I've been in Fitchburg and Leominster, and D-3 is usually garble on Channel 2.
The only sounds during the early part of the EB trip came from D-2 garble at 0352 to BODO or DOBO about a speedo.
At 0358, the 333 WLs were dark, and at 0359, D-3 again reached out to FI-2, the Rtes. 2A and 31 ZombieZone preventing reception of any possible further developments.
Post refueling stop, the 330.8 WBs were both at Clear and the 330 WLs at Stops. The GL and FG WLs were dark, and at 0416, the FI-1/2 parking spot was unsurprisingly unoccupied. The EB staggers for Derby would be dark at 0422.
At 0429, there was a short period of hash on the Dispatcher side of Channel 1, and at 0431, the 7.8 would give a no defects to whomever had just unshunted the circuit. To save suspense never heard aught to, from, or about Q426 or 427 during the balance of listening. Same goes for any local crossing noise.
At 0435, there was a both-sides broken exchange between 400 -- distance -- and D-3 -- Mount Wachusett between me and the Paxton antenna -- about taking the signals at 335.
More static eruptions would following, the end coming at 0450 when D-3 asked somebody -- AY-3? FI-2? --if they were gonna be getting back to the yard or were in the clear, plus something about a cab. Never heard the response or acknowledgment/repetition.
  by jaymac
0300-0450//07-17-2020 had -- as will be seen -- some rough patches. Garble -- to be locked out -- from AMTK and PW was the only proof of scanner functionality until 0324 and D-3 garble to AY-3, the symbol and "Pine Tree" being the sole escapees to clarity. No further clarity concerning AY-3 would get to me.
0331 was when the 333 WLs were dark and also when D-3 answered FI-2, heard what they had to say, and then said, "Here we go."
On the way WB up Da Hill and at 0342, there would be D-3 Yard Channel garble, followed by something to somebody about POED already being by somewhere.
Up Da Hill, the 345 ELs and WLs were dark. Yard 4 had some MT racks, a goodly number of CRYO-TRANSes, plus whatever else FP-FP; and a bit less other general was on Yard 2 that included an unplacarded tank, covered hoppers, coil cars, and others. At 0350, D-3 would acknowledge and repeat Q427's transmission that MP X?? was completely covered with brush, advising that he'd notify the Track Department. There was probably more, but PD Gardner was in the middle of a convo about a property check, one that jumped frequencies. The Sameoldsameold Ledger entries included the tamper and regulator on the House in the same relative position as on 07-15 and continuing lack of early morning services at The Shrine Of The Deity Of The CPF 345 Dunks.
The EB trip was quiet until a spurt of garble on the Dispatcher side of Channel 1 starting at 0402, D-3 clearing up enough to advise AY-2 they had been stepped on. A minute later, the 333 WLs were dark, and -- a ZombieZone having been entered -- naught further in the short term concerning D-3 and AY-2.
Further east, the 330.8 WBs were both at Clear, and -- nothing having changed in the interval -- the 330 WLs were both at Stop. The GL WLs were dark, and at 0412, D-3 began breakingly talking to AY-2 about paperwork that should be on the headpin. The FG WLs were dark, and at 0416, the FI-1/2 parking spot was MT.
0416 was when D-3 repeated the hazmat locations from AY-2 with the 7605, saying he'd check something with the Chief, next asking them -- as AYPO -- if the had looked at the car, heard their answer, and told them to stand by.
0421 was the start of an FI-2/D-3 convo -- there were cars on FWM. Try West 1 or 2? There were cars on 1, but they'd look at 2. Just guessing that FI-2 had cars for the POED mentioned earlier.
22K was holding at North Leominster, the power east of the OHB and foliage blocking any IDs, except for being of the Pony persuasion, and at 0425, the EB staggers for Derby were both at Approach.
Things between D-3 and AYPO breakingly resumed at 0426 when D-3 said that they were to set out the ?/? car/s and that he'd take away the light at WL.
0429 was when it sounded like 400 was wrapping up their air, and 0431 -- thanks again, Mount Wachusett -- was when a breaking D-3 told 22K with NS ?615 that he'd hold them for 400 and AYPO and then get them into Ayer.
0444 was a both-sides-intelligible D-3/Q427 convo. 427 with the CSXT 3203 being west and clear of Burncoat by marker, Form D G301 was fulfilled. Further, they were tied down at New Bond and got wished a good night.
A minute later and when I was entering the Rte. 140/West Boylston-Boylston sag, D-3 gave another shoutout to 22K, said sag eliminating any understanding of what next got said.
Hash from Boston West ended my listening experience.
  by jaymac
0255-0505/07-20-2020 would have some surprises, as will be seen. Very occasional Yard Channel garble was the order of the day until 0321 when FI-2 with the 5946 asked D-3 for a signal off the EB, D-3 responding with a "You got it."
3 minutes later there would be some breakage, only a "roger" and "get you to Ayer" escaping.
At 0329, the 333 WLs were dark, and a period of intermittent garble would begin, the usual pattern of Stops on the 334 ELs and darkness on the 334 1 stagger and 335s being clear.
Up Da Hill, the 345 ELs were at Stop, and a Medium Clear was on the 2 WL, and racks and more were on 2 at the Timpany Boulevard UGB. The yard was -- temporarily -- MT, and the tamper (w) and regulator were still on the House. Over at 346, the WL was at Approach, the switch having been lined for 1, and a marker was visible on 2 down by the ELs. This was at 0356, the same time as "EDPO" came over the air. 0357 was when D-3 breakingly got on the air, not to EDPO, but to 426, fulfilling their Form D G316 and further issuing Form D G302 to CSXT 752 for MP X25 to Burncoat, time effective 0359.
Next came a breaking repeat of the train info, clarity being 13x7 for -- yes, D-3 would say it -- 20 cars. Other deets got hashed. On the way back to the yard, there was visual confirmation that the OOS Pleasant Street OHB was still just that.
EDPO had begun to haul in on 4 with KCIRs 7835, 7655, and 5976 plus NewBlue 5943 coming to a stop by the easterly FP and getting a 3-step at 0407. Up front were 3 -- yes, three -- racks, a covered hopper, a clear-wrapped lumber centerbeam, and more general. Just guessing that the 5900s had been cycled through Deerfield and were headed for easterly assignments.
At 0410, it sounded like D-3 was acknowledging 427 into DCS, but otherwise, the start of the EB trip was quiet, and the 333 WLs were dark at 0418.
Hadn't mentioned it before, but there is a message board just north of the Depot Street UGB advising Depot Street will be closed until 08-02. That would seem to be during work hours and account ongoing water, sewer, and/or other underground utility work.
Further east, the 330.8 WBs showed a Clear for 1 and a Stop for 2, the 330 2 WL at Slow Approach. The GL WLs were dark, as would be the FG WLs. Between those 2 points, Yard Channel activity began to clear up. FI-2 was active in Fitchburg, NewBlue 5946 shoving full-size covered hoppers EB on East Side at 0432.
FI-2 would continue to be the dominator of the airwaves until 0437 when the 400 C advised the 400 E he was back on board. At 0439, the EB staggers for Derby were dark. 400 would again be a presence at 0444 with a shoutout to D-3, further developments lost cuzza increasing distance from 400 and Mount Wachusett's bulk being between me and the Paxton antenna. Not to get anyone depressed about how hot is supposed to be today, but 0444 was also when my car's thermometer showed 78°.
In out-of-district news, there was D-2 garble starting at 0446, stating that the switch at 24? was OOS cuz it was outta correspondence. Naught further would be heard by me on that subject.
Naught attributable would be heard to, from, or about AY-3, AY-4, 22K, POED, or AYPO, but crossing noise would be heard for Temple Street/Rte. 140/ MP X7.8 at 0600, Shrewsbury Street/MP X6.0 at 0610, and Burncoat/ MP X406 at 0620.
  by jaymac
0252-0450/07-22-2020 offered more data -- as if more data were needed -- of the less-than-broadcasting capabilities of Radio PAR/S, 0252 being when a breaking-to-me D-3 began his side of a convo with FI-2, "runaround" and "Camp" being the clarity couple. There would be a few eruptions of static, and at 0310, D-3 would answer AY-3 and -- twice at 0311 -- would again advise AY-3 that he was answering them. 0312 would be when D-3 acknowledged that the Milling was lined and locked normal, AY-3 was ready to shove, and the rest dissolving into garble, at least to me. FI-2 and AY-3 would frequent the airwaves.
0317 was the time for a 1-to-2-east 241 at Derby for FI-2 with the 5946, and 0325 was when the 333 WLs were dark. There would be some garble along the way to 334 -- ELs at Stop and 1 stagger dark. The last 100 yards of Authority Drive presented visual evidence about expecting things at any time and in any place and in any direction -- a slo-mo porcupine pair in the middle of the paved way. At 0332, there would be D-3 garble to 22K, more about which later.
Up Da Hill, the 345 ELs and WLs were dark, and at 0340, D-3 garbled a "proceed west" to FI-2. Yards 4 and 2 had a mix of MT racks and general, the House no longer held the tamper and regulator, and the in-the-gauge weeds of the southerly Heywood looked undisturbed. At 0344, a now-clear D-3 241d AY-3 with the 7528 1 to 1 east at CPF-AY. On the way east, it looked like the interior menu board at The Shrine Of The Deity Of The CPF 345 Dunks was lit.
Things were quiet at the start of the EB trip until 0352 and a both-sides-garbling FI-2/D-3 exchange about something on top of the rails at Derby. The 333 WLs were dark at 0354, and further east, the 330.8 WBs showed a Clear for 1 and Stop for 2. In a break from pattern, the 330 WLs were at Stop, as were the GL WLs, prompting a swing by the station platform, where the 330 ELs were also at Stop, and as far as darkness-limited visibility permitted, MT tables sat on 2. Usually a shunted 2 doesn't set off the the GL WLs, but FI-2 mighta gotten west of FG cuz they would be completing a shove back to FMW, the "good for 25" coming at 0406.
The FG WLs were at Stop, and 22K was holding a bit west. There were racks up front, and NS 4208 was the trailer. Foliage prevented getting a reliable ID on the NS leader.
At 0414, NewBlue 5946 was standing at the westerly end of FMW, and at 0416, D-3 -- again breaking -- would give AY-3 permission to reverse direction from where they stood, ask about West Wye, and roger whatever they said.
The EB staggers for Derby were dark at 0420, and at 0430, there was more both-sides-broken D-3/FI-2 garble asking about Derby Curve.
0431 was when the 7.8 said not only that he was checking train, but also that there were no defects, letting me know that my own crossing of the crossing -- 0439 -- would be unimpeded. Given the MAS on the Worcester Main and the tiedown process at New Bond, I wouldn't hear a Form D fulfillment before the 0450 end of listening.
  by jaymac
0300-0515/07-24-2020 featured more evidence that things don't alway follow patterns. Some patterns -- particularly involving partials and garbles -- did hold. At 0307, D-3 answered somebody on Channel 1 with no further heard-by-me developments, and there would be Yard Channel garble, followed by more at 0309 with a long number and "91 pounds" being clear and leading to my supposition that telemetry might be under discussion. Further receptions would buttress that supposition.
At 0318, D-3 answered somebody, amending it to AYPO, confirming that the marker was not armed. The AYPO side of things was broken, and D-3 didn't repeat the train info, but did give the OK to continue east. 0324 was when things started to get puzzling. Q426 was to tie their train down on the thoriofare, grab an additional unit, and take it to a train tied down at Graniteville. There was something about a CSX unit -- mebbe with an armed marker -- at Graniteville, and he would check with the Chief. The train at Graniteville would also by IDd as POAY.
At 0329, the 7595 would call out a Medium Approach for CPF WL, and D-2 would say something to BODO about the limits of the #2, next asking AYPO if they were calling him. A surprisingly-audible-to-me-considering-the-increasing-distance AYPO said they had called out the Medium Approach for WL, D-2 adding that "he" hadn't talked to D-2 about sending them over, but he was OK to take them, this ending at 0331.
0333 was when the 333 WLs were dark, and -- per pattern -- the 334 ELs and 1 stagger dark. In a break with pattern, the 335 ELs were at Stop, the Single WL at Medium Clear, and -- expectably -- the Controlled Siding WL at Stop. A look around the 335 lot was made while the the west got progressively louder showed yes, the tie-handler was still there. D-2 contributed to the garble input at 0337.
The west got bright and KCIR 7609 -- 1 number board warm and the other cool -- and New Blue 7635 got 63 east of MP 335 at 0350. There were good numbers of covered hopper in blocks, some full-size and some not; some unremarkable boxes; some company and Brand X scrap gons; and in good anti-string-lining practice, MT centerbeams on the tail.
At 0354, a breaking D-3 would ask somebody to tell him when they were west of 3??, and just after that, D-3 241d AY-3 with the 7528 from 1 east at 312 to the Single, suggesting the start of a runaround.
Up Da Hill, the 345 ELs and WLs were at Stop, and that was just the start. There were racks on Yard 1, blocked-from-view stuff on Yard 2, and MT general on Yard 4. The #2 had racks starting at Chair City Oil and however far west, and just to the east on the #2 were dark NewBlue 7534 and KCIR 7627. Guessing that the earlier EB was an EDPO and this an ED-8. PD Gardner was again busy with alarm checks and occupying Channel 1. The Shrine -- again -- looked open for services.
On the trip EB, things were quiet until until 0415 with more garble on the Dispatcher side of Channel 1 and Yard Channel garble at 0418. At 0419, D-3 would answer somebody and then breakingly seem to fulfill Form D G333 for Q426, adding some more breakage about Graniteville, the following garble eruption containing "22K."
The 333 WLs had been dark at 0420, and after a refueling stop, the 330.8 WBs showed a Stop for 1 and a Clear for 2, the 330 1 WL at Slow Approach, and the GL WLs dark.
At 0437, the D-3 side of a convo with AY-3 gave additional details for some of the strangeness going on. Cuzza brush-cutting on West Main Street and "another" POAY at Graniteville -- 120 cars -- AY-3 wouldn't be able to use Track 11. Track 6 or 7? Good.
The FG WLs showed a Clear for 1 and Stop for 2, an EB with two temperatures of number-board lights holding dark west by the power substation slope. At 0441, NewBlue 5946 was dark, solo, and facing east in the FI-1/2 parking spot, and 6 later 22K would be sitting dark on 2 just west of the North Leominster platform, foliage again obscuring power IDs. Cuzza activity in the RVJ lot, couldn't see the EB staggers for Derby, so dunno if 400 would be crossing to the 2 there or later.
At 0457, D-3 would again reach out to AY-3, but Mount Wachusett was about to become a factor so dunno, just dunno.
0515 had some Dispatcher-side garble on Channel 1, the last 10 of listening being quiet.
Busy pre-dawn...
  by jaymac
0300-0450/07-27-2020 was a shortish trip, but with some items of note. As a prequel and both before and after 0200, there had been crossing noises at the proper levels of volume and at the proper intervals to suggest a WB between MP X7.8 and points west. By the time the scanner was on, more than enough time had gone by for transmission of a Q427 Form D fulfillment.
There was plenty of radioactivity, both on Yard Channel and Dispatcher side of Channel 1, but clarity was rare, not starting until 0317 when 22K would be heard with an ongoing series of car countdowns. For reasons best known to it, The Commonwealth had decided that today would be a good one to have the Sterling ramp from Rte. 12N to I-190 N shut down, so some antenna height and proximity to the Hill Yard was lost, except for the nuggets of "ED??" and "interlocking limits of CPF-AY" at 0334.
A minute later, the 333 WLs would be dark, the usual sequence of Stops for the 334 ELs and darkness for the 334 1 stagger and 335s in force, with servings of hash along the way.
0345 would present more nuggets -- "FI-2" and "signal indication" -- amid the spurt of noise.
Up Da Hill, the 345s were and would for the drivethrough remain dark. Yard 1 had a few general -- an unplacarded tank and covered hoppers and mebbe other types -- west from Royal Steam Heater to the easterly end of the Pratt yard.
Occasional garble was the feature of the EB trip, the 333 WLs dark at 0404, and further east, the 330.8 WBs both at Clear, the 330 WLs at Stop, and the GL and FG WLs dark, with the FI-1/2 parking spot MT at 0416.
0420 would present "...head down and stop next to the local" on the Yard Channel, the source lost to scanner timing. At 0422, the EB staggers for Derby were dark, and my car's thermometer showed the predawn Nashua Street temperature to be 78°. Let us all do what we can to avoid hyperthermia later on.
0430 presented "I noticed he started pulling down," and 0432's nugget was "22K," mebbe the source of the 0420 partial.
Next came D-3 calling out to the EGT with the 7898, not always clear, but saying something about a cab, FI-1 being on duty at 0700, and then adding that the cab had been called for the Milling at 0500. So -- was the EGT a renamed AY-3 crew, and would FI-1 be the next renamed EGT crew?
Things would be quiet for the balance of my trip.
  by jaymac
0258--0450/07-29-2020 started off off with car countdowns, always an indicator of Hill Yard activity, the source always broken. Among subsequent breakage at 0306 was "22K," more about which later. There was more garble on the the Dispatcher side of Channel 1 at 0318 and then silence -- at least for me.
At 0332, the 333 WLs were dark, and intermittent garble would return on the way over to 334. Also returning would be a close-enough encounter with wildlife on Authority Drive, 1 that made me happy there was not a coating of snow -- not a possum, but a nearly totally white skunk. Let's be real careful out there, as Sgt. Phil used to say. The 334 ELs would be at Stop and the 334 1 stagger and 335s would be dark.
At 0340, there was a broken-to-me and possibly D-2 shoutout to POED with the 7655, probably a 241 since the concluding words were "That is correct."
Up Da Hill, the 345s were dark, Yard 4 was FP-FP with general west and loaded racks east, and Yard 2had mebbe a half-dozen more rack loads on the east end. The only other items of note were a backhoe and tracked mini-excavator -- non-company -- in the Rome Furniture lot by the Heywood.
Things were quiet for me me on the EB trip until 0359 garble , followed my more at 0401, possibly another D-2 241.
At 0402, the 333 WLs were dark, and at 0403, there was the start of an FI-2.D-3 convo -- sometimes broken -- that involved where FI-2 would be going, Lafarge, Derby, and the station and 330 or FG for a runaround.
Further east, the 330.8 WBs showed a Clear for 1 and a Stop for 2, the 330 WBs at Stops cuz 22K was sitting on 2. The GL WLs were also at Stop, and the Clear on the 330 1 EL hinted that FI-2's power would be headpinning and running to the 330 WL for the runaround. My caffeine-magnified ADHD limited my stay at the platform. but a mix of container-laden tables and wells was seen, 1 table with a trailer.
Over at FG, the WLs were at Stop, FI-2 not visible, but 22K on 2 with NS 7702 as leader, trailer/s ID/s blocked by foliage. At 0419, the FI-1/2 parking spot was -- naturally -- MT.
0422 would be the start of a both-sided-breaking AYPO/D-3 convo, the train info totally hashed, and D-3 giving the OK on signal indication at AY, and at 0425, the EB staggers for Derby were dark.
0428 was the start of an AY-4/D-3 convo that would also be the start of items of interest. Waters would be cleared off the east end and the train was still down in Worcester, a roll-by starting. At 0422, there was some breakage, "CSX 5122" and "marker" being clear.
At 0443, a clearer D-3/Q426 convo started, resulting in the 0445 time effective for Form D G302 to CSXT 5122 for Burncoat to MP X25. Of interest to YouTubers might be the surname of the dispatcher -- Carpine. There was also a request to call when -- mebbe in 10 minutes --into DCS and to call when closer to Ayer for further instructions.
The last words heard would be from AY-4, and crossing noises on the Worcester Main would heard at 0508, 0519, 0542, and 0549, the intervals indicating that I had missed the noise for Burncoat.
Dunno if today's Q426 was the result of a late hand-off or a change in operations, which would be sensible -- get POAY/AYPO in and out, have AY-4 clear the decks, get 22K in and out, and then get 426 in and 427 out in, all in staggered sequence and not the early-morning clustering that has been practice.
  by jaymac
0253-0440/07-31-2020 had some items off interest, starting at 0253 when POAY reached out to D-3 on Yard Channel, D-3 -- as usual -- not reaching me on Yard Channel. POAY had 2 cripples in the pickup -- 1 a plug-door issue, the other with brakes that didn't touch the wheels during the test, and there would be a total of 8 setouts. Things would go to the west end of Track 10, and there were cars on the list that were -- like before -- not in the train. Further, if "they're" getting closer, they can come down to No Name. POAY would come down to No Name and take the cab from there.
The "they're" was specified at 0316 by D-3 on Channel 1 advising Q426 that AY-5 would be taking over for POAY and to switch over to Yard Channel, and he would have AY-5 give 426 a call when AY-5 was ready. To save suspense, naught further would be heard to, from, or about AY-5 or Q426/7, including fulfillment of an old Form D or issuance of a new Form D. Crossing noise for MP X7.8 had been heard at 0001, so my 07-29 musings about staggering instead of clustering ops at Hill Yard are compostable.
At 0328, the 333 WLs were dark. In a sign of the times, there was a sign on Authority Drive across from The Shrine Of The Deity of the CPF 333 Dunks advising that retail operations would soon be open for Ethos Cannabis.
The 334 ELs would be at Stop, the 334 1 stagger and 335s dark, and things quiet on the way up Da Hill, where the 345s would be dark, and the yard and Sameoldsameold Ledger MT.
On the EB side of the trip and west of the crest at 0347, there was brief Dispatcher-side garble, and at 0347, the 333 WLs were dark.
Further east, the 330.8 WBs were both at Clear and the 330 WLs at Stop, predictably. The GL and FG WLs were dark, as well, and at 0406, the FI-1/2 parking spot was MT. At 0412, the EB staggers for Derby showed a Stop for 1 and Approach for 2. Mebbe FI-2?
At 0421, there was the start of initially broken car countdowns, "twenty" being heard as part of the ID. It soon would resolve into 22K, the source of radioactivity until the 0440 end of listening.
Never heard anything attributable to any of the other creatures of the night.
  by jaymac
0255-0455/08-03-2020 had some ground fog that provided a visual reinforcement of the radio fog that started with 0300 Yard Channel garble. At 0320, an unattributable somebody's car countdowns morphed into a request to stretch 'em out. Guessing mebbe it was the POAY that would be heard about later.
At 0328, the 333 WLs were all at Stop cuzza 22K sitting on 1 with NSs 7599, 9790, and 7544 plus racks and IM that would extend west of the all-red 334s to a bit east of the State Road/Rte. 2A UGB, The 335 ELs were also at Stop as was the Single WL, the Controlled Siding WL showing a Medium Approach Medium well in advance of 400 and hinting no EBs in the near term. On the way WB up Da Hill at 0344, D-3 would answer POAY, any further immediate developments devolving into hash,
Up Da Hill, the ELs were lit, but cuzza wind and foliage, it was unclear if the bottom yellow for the 1 was steady or flashing. By the time I got headed back east from Timpany, head and ditch lights were west of the WLs. The yard got eyeballed ahead of the WB, 4 being almost FP-FP with racks and general and ditto 2 with general. NewBlue 7605, KCIR 7620, and NewBlue 7518 plus 14 -- yes, fourteen -- would get west of the Jade at 0354. The marker stopped around the ambulance company, the pair of slurries and the single Ledwige and several Irving wrapped centerbeams making it seem to be a POED. Mebbe with the presumed POED working the yard, there could a lurking EB, but I was EB ahead of that possibility.
The EB trip was quiet, and at 0404, the 333 WLs were still at Stop with 22K still doing just that. At 0408, D-3 answered POAY with the 3402, but my entry into a ZombieZone limited any further understanding.
Post refueling stop, the 330.8 WBs were both Clear, but mebbe there had been some intervening activity cuz the 330 1 WL was at Approach, but not the more Expectable Medium or Slow Clear.
At 0417, D-3 would give 22K broken-to-me yarding instructions, the clear bits being their 15 racks to San-Vel and the racks there to be pulled, plus a cab called to assist. There would be more garble to 22K at 0420.
Both the GL and FG WLs had been dark, and at 0421, the FI-1/2 parking spot was MT. At 0423, D-3 would call out to the 3402 again. There was a question about the marker number, a roger, but no permission of any sort heard was by me.
Thanks to my being the 3rd point in a straight line that started with the Paxton antenna and featured Mount Wachusett as the midpoint, the 0433 fulfillment of Form D G301 to Q427 -- they being west and clear of Burncoat -- was incompletely received.
0436 would provide a both-sides-garbled exchange about 312, and at 0437, D-3 would reach out to the 7534, no further details getting to me. No further details getting to me was also the story of the final 18 minutes of listening.
  by jaymac
0304-0505/08-07-2020 offered a perplexity that challenged this mere mortal civilian's head-shaking skills, as will be seen. 0304 was announced as the time when Form D G301 was made effective, the earlier details lost cuz the scanner had just been turned on. The time was appropriate for Q427, but there was no following request for advice on when DCS had been entered. In fact, there were only small servings of hash until 0325 when D-3 answered somebody and next rogered whatever that somebody said. 427 into DCS? Mebbe. More about 427 will follow.
At 0338, the 333 WLs were all at Stop, a stopped 22K with NSs 7685 and 8029 holding on 1 and followed by racks. It does seem like Ponies outta the more usual 9XXX series have been making more frequent visits of late. Given that a visi-vest was doing its job of being visible inside the cab, 22K was crewed, possibly just recrewed. More about 22K will follow.
Over at 334, there were unanimous Stops with containers extending west on 1. Given the pieces just west on the side of 5th Mass. Turnpike, it seemed like TS Isaias had claimed a tree. Over at 335, Stops showed on both the ELs and WLs, but -- as 2 units had hinted at -- no marker was visible to the east.
WB up Da Hill, things were relatively quiet, those exceptions lacking clarity. The 345s were dark, and a dozen or fewer MT racks sat on the easterly end of Yard 1. The Sameoldsameold Ledger entry was the undisturbed and in-the-gauge vegetation on the southerly Heywood. Mebbe NEWW has gone to trucks?
At 0401 and while I was by Chair City Oil, D-3 got on the air in the midst of some PD Gardner overrides. He answered Q427, got stepped on again, and then made 0403 as the time effective for Form D G301, 59 minutes later than the time effective for the earlier G301. Adding to my addlement was that the dispatcher had a different name from the earlier dispatcher. A request was made for updated train info and then rogered with thanks, a request following for time into DCS. Dunno, just dunno.
Next was when D-3 would reach out to POED with the 7643 with some breakage about West Main Street and pickups.
At 0415, the 333 WLs and 22K to the east. Further east and as proof that some road projects do get done, the message board about the Depot Street closure had gone, even though a few cones were roadside north of the UGB. Even further east, the 330.8 WBs showed a Clear for 1 and a Stop for 2, the 330 WLs at Stop and the GL WLs dark. The 2 was MT at the platform, but occupied at FG where 22K held just west of the all-Stops WLs. There had been garble -- mebbe to POED -- about AYPO, West Main Street, and them not being in the way. At 0430, NewBlue 515 sat facing west, dark, and solo in the FI-1/2 parking spot, and 0433 would provide more D-3 garble when somebody -- POED again? -- was acknowledged west and clear of AY. At 0437, the RVJ lot was active, so there was no eyes-on of the the EB staggers for Derby.
0453 started the D-3 side of a longish échange wit POED. There was a 2-east-at-Camp-on-2-to-West-Main-Street 241. 400 would be coming on 1, so POED was let D-3 know when they were clear of Camp, POED saying something that prompted D-3 to ask if they didn't think they could clear Camp, adding that he agreed that and it was a deal-breaker and that the signals and 241 would be taken away. There would be a 55-minute gap between 400 and 402. This --naturally -- was when I entered the West Boylston/Boylston Rte. 140 sag, so further receptions were hashed.
Post-sag, things were quiet unto the 0505 end of listening.
As of 0625, no crossing noise for Q427 had been heard.
  by jwhite07
As of 0625, no crossing noise for Q427 had been heard.
Odd, as it was pretty close to that time when I heard not only horns (presumably for Shrewsbury Street) but also could clearly hear the thrum of GE prime movers while inside my house... and the railroad is about 2/3 mile from me at closest point.

Atmospherics are bizarre.
  by jaymac
0303-0550/08/-10-2020 was -- as the time range would indicate -- eventful. Pre-time range -- and in keeping with jwhite's 08-07 observation about the variabilities of atmospherics -- crossing noise had been heard ~ 0220 and later, morphing into a both-sides-audible 0503 Q427/D-3 convo culminating in the 0305 fulfillment of Form D G301 to CSXT 3203, everybody and everything being west and clear by marker of Burncoat.
Radio silence again became the rule until 0319 when D-3 told somebody to stand by, that followed at 0319 by OKing AY-3 with the 7594 on signal indication west at 312 for their runaround, followed by a question about West Wye, the response getting rogered, and a "here we go" marking the end of that particular exchange.
At 0328, D-3 reached out to POED with the 7620, their audible response making it seem they were close by. They got wished a good morning and got their instructions for Garner -- 15 from 1 and 3 from 2 -- plus a request to let him know when they were clear of 345 because 22K would be coming.
At 0336, the 333 WLs were dark, and soon the 334 ELs were at Stop and the 334 1 stagger dark. In illustration of the Expect etc. Adage, the 335 ELs were showing a Clear for 1 a few later, hinting that POED had been making less-than-heavy-train progress up Da Hill. The 335 WLs already had a Medium Approach Medium for the Controlled siding, and WB brightiewhities were approaching the State Road/Rte. 2A UGB when I got back to the 335 lot where -- yes -- the tie handler continued its stay. KCIRs 7620 and 7622 plus NewBlues 7523 and 3404 got 28 west of the 335 WLs at 0345, a mix of slurries, a few boxes, some presumably paper-service tanks, and Irving, Ledwige, and Sexton wrapped centerbeams. Dunno if a unit or units was or were being cycled to Deerfield for shopping, but that seemed generosity of power.
On my way WB, there would be a D-2 partial to somebody about an Atkinson tiedown, and at 0353 D-3 would tell somebody to give him a call when they were ready to head east.
Up Da Hill, the 345s were still dark, and -- as promised -- general on Yard 1 and fewer on the easterly end of Yard 2. The 345s came on at 0400 with Stops for the WLs and a Slow Approach for the Single EL. At 0408, the 346.6 advised she was on the job, and next, D-3 advised POED that the hashed and presumably Gardner antenna was OOS, but he was trying the Royalston 1 and talking louder. POED was west and clear of the Jade at 0413, and at 0414, the 346.6 gave out a no defects, 381 axles, 66°, and 6476'. POED called 22K's marker at 0419, NSs 4266, 9246, and 9266 and 12 racks plus 11 table-and-well slots -- all occupied and 1 by a trailer -- getting onto the Single at 0420.
I got EB, too, hearing POED's C tell the E that the brakes were good at 0425. A minute later, D-3 answered EDPO (not POED), but Mount Wachusett was now in the way, and that was all I would near to, from, or about EDPO.
A position was again taken up at the 335 lot, 0436 being when the 400 C gave the 400 E the good brakes good news, and 5 later, a total of 4 flats and 1 bi plus the 1129 had gotten east. The west would again get brighter and louder, 22K slowing to a stop at 0455, the marker 1+ wells west of the 335 EL/MP. 400 musta buzzered out of Wachusett, and D-3 answered POED at 0452 with no further developments reaching me, probably cuz he switched to the Royalston antenna.
At 0500, AY-4 advised D-3 that Track 1 was clear, and just after that came D-3's side of a convo with AYPO wondering if they could get to WL ahead of 400, saying he'd play it safe and hold them for 400.
0502 was when 22K was facing a Medium Clear on the 333 1 WL, but holding until brakes recharged. A couple later, D-3 asked AYPO for their train info, repeating 27x 38 for 65, 4123 tons, and 4123' with power and stretched. Power IDs went unheard by me.. He further advised that 400 was right on time at North Leominster. Further east, the 330.8 WBs showed a Clear for 1 and Stop for 2, the 330 2 WL at Clear and the GL WLs dark.
Over at FG the 1 WL was at Stop and the 2 Clear, things sounding like FI-2 might be causing the shunt. But no -- 22K started through at 0518. If FI-2 was there, I didn't see them.
At 0523, D-3 told 22K there was a cab for assist called for 0545 and gave their yarding instructions -- 1, overflow to 2, overflow to 3. Their 12 racks were to be backed onto another loaded 18 racks already on the Camp, the 30 racks to go east to San-Vel for 22K to spot. 22K had some broken-to-me questions, D-3 saying he'd get back to them.
At 0525, the RVJ yard was busy, so there was no eyeballing of the EB staggers for Derby, and at 0527 D-3 said 22K was to spot what they could, but to get their power back to the yard before they ran out of time, 1000 or 1100 being mentioned.
At 0533, their was some Dispatcher-side garble on Channel 1, the rest of the trip -- thankfully -- quiet.
  by newpylong
Where is the controlled siding at Westminster? Is that the designation for the station stack?
  by jaymac
Per EDFLD Bill a coupla or more years back, the designation for both Westminster and Fitchburg station tracks is Controlled Siding.
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