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  • Discussion of Electro-Motive locomotive products and technology, past and present. Official web site can be found here: http://www.emdiesels.com/.
Discussion of Electro-Motive locomotive products and technology, past and present. Official web site can be found here: http://www.emdiesels.com/.

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  by Bryanjones
NorfolkSouthernSean wrote:What's the deal with the demonstrators? SD70M-2's GM75 & GM76 have been repainted and relettered to EMDX75 & EMDX76. Are the rest of the demonstrators, SD70ACe's GM70-73 & SD70M-2 GM74 going to be repainted and relettered as well? I don't see why they would do only the two SD70M-2's since EMD was acquired by Greenbrier.
All of the demo units are still in their original paintjobs ( GM 72 was repainted into the same scheme it originally wore following wreck repairs). The SD70ACe demo units wear the white and blue paintscheme while the SD70M-2's wear the blue and yellow paintscheme. Different schemes for different locomotive models.

Bryan Jones

  by emd_SD_60
Here's a pic of the cab of UP 2001, the Olympic Torch Relay unit:

http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/showPi ... x?id=30766
  by emd_SD_60
Here's a question I have been meaning to ask and never got to it, until now. Where is the air conditioner located on current widecab EMD's, starting with the SD60M? I know on a lot of widecab Dash 8's and 9's they're behind the conductor outside on the catwalk just behind the cab, and on the AC44-on series they're under the cab on the conductor's side. But just where is it on widecab EMD's? Under the cab as well? But I don't see the grids for the A/C, just some ventilation fins below the cab. Here's a picture of what I am just talking about:

http://www.rr-fallenflags.org/up/up4026adt.jpg look right below the "4026"

Could someone finally settle this? Thank you. :wink:

  by cb&q bob
The heater/ac units are under the cab floor. They are directlu behind the large louvered door on the conductor's side below the cab.

  by emd_SD_60
Now how does the heat/air conditioning get to the crew? Is their ductwork in the cab walls that goes to the ceiling and blow down on the them, (like the roof mounted AC units) or is it like the central heating/cooling in mobile homes, where the ventilation vents are in the cab floor? I wonder if that is the same principle in GE's as well.

  by DutchRailnut
There is general duct work to rear cab wall and defrosters and to side of cab, it also has duct work for electronics.
The AC system alo has the Cab heater in same module, and it uses same ductwork.

  by conrail_engineer
MR77100 wrote:The Conrail SD70's were numbered in sequence with NS' own SD70's, since NS would get them. Same goes for the Conrail SD70MAC's that would go to CSX. The SD70MAC's that CSX bought themselves are classified as SD70AC's, since their computer systems will only hold 6 digits, but they are SD70MAC's.
The Conrail/NS SD70s were a unique item. They were sold partially assembled and delivered to the Juanita Shops for final assembly.

They were ordered with a standard cab because the NS had not yet accepted the widebody design and, as noted, these were all destined for the NS fleet eventually.

The control stand differs from the "standard" design in that it's off to the engineer's left, rather than wrapping around to the front. Strangely, the computer screens are not in line with the engineer, so he looks at them at an angle...hard to read because of the polarized screen surface.

The control stand positioning was to make it easier to run the unit "backwards"...the NS hadn't yet abandoned long-nose-first running practices. There's an electronic speedo in the door beneath the breaker panel, to aid in reverse-running.

I was glad to see them go. They pulled well but were noisy and the EPIC brake on the control stand was awkward, and it was too easy to inadvertantly move the handle.

  by emd_SD_60
  by MBTA F40PH-2C 1050
what is the difference between the SD70M-2 and a SD70ACe? they look like to have the same body design and everything? is the engine diffferent from the ACe?

  by Phil Hom
According to the www.EMDiesels.com web site, one is AC and the other is DC.

  by Kevin B.
Yes, they use the same body on both units. Phil is correct, the -2 is the DC version and the ACe is, well, the AC one. The only external difference that I know of is that the ACe has a set of louvers in the lower body panel right behind the cab on the conductor side. They allow air flow into ( or out of, I'm not sure which ) that area for cooling, which is where the inverters are.

  by MBTA F40PH-2C 1050
thanks guys :-D
  by U-Haul
According to the diesel shop CEFX is purchasing a trio of SD70M-2s with CITX 142 already delivered. The blue should complement the SD70M-2 nicely.
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