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  • Discussion related to railroad radio frequencies, railroad communication practices, equipment, and more.
Discussion related to railroad radio frequencies, railroad communication practices, equipment, and more.

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  by kr4bd
My name is Tom and I am 56 years old, married with two kids in college.

My TWO favorite hobbies have been Trains and Radios since I was about 6 years old. I have been a licensed ham since 1975. My original call was WN8VMI followed by WB8VMI. In the early 1990's after upgrading I received the callsign KR4BD (Kentucky Radio 4 Brain Dead)....At least that's what my kids say... At one time or other, I have held every CLASS of license (Novice, Technician, General, Advanced and now, Extra Class).

My favorite railroads are the defunct DT&I and Reading. Both bring back many fond memories of my youth when I lived in Adrian, Michigan (1950's) or visited my grandparents in Philadelphia.

Normally, I am active on ALL ham frequencies from 160 meters through 70 centimeters. Unfortunately, all my antennas and tower are down right now because I thought I was going to be permanently moving to Louisiana after taking a job there last year. Before winter set in, I removed all my antennas and 50' tower in order to sell the house here in KY. Shortly after getting down there, the company I was working for was sold and everyone was let go! You talk about frustrated!!! Fortunately, my house here in KY had not yet sold, but all the antennas were gone! Now, with nicer weather, you can guess what I will be doing in the weeks ahead!!! :)

  by roee
I took and passed my Technician Licence this past week, andx my Licence was issued today, KE5BAX.


  by Aa3rt
Eric, congratulations! Welcome to the amateur fraternity!

If you (or any of our other posters) are taking part in Field Day on June 26 & 27, I plan to be operating K3SMD (Southern MarylanD) with the Charles County Amateur Radio Club. Hope to hear some of you out there!

  by brunswickrailfan
Getting mine in a few days...N3??? is my guess. Thats what my neighbors have.
  by Ron Perkins
Hello, I am a new member to Railroad.net. My callsign is KC2DQC, and my qth is in Town of Tonawanda, Ny. I am a lrtv operator in Buffalo for the NFTA Metro Rail.


  by w2dsx
Congrats and welcome to Eric, Dan and Ron... Hope to catch you on the air or trackside!

73, Jim w2dsx

  by va3ori
Whoa! Almost missed this one!!

I'm still around, and still active both railfanning and hamming. I hold an Advanced Amateur Licence with Morse code endorsement and am also an Industry Canada Designated Examiner. It's good to see that there are still several ham/railfans out there though I've not run into any at lineside over the past couple of years. Just dumb bad luck or are there fewer out there??

vy 73, Ori

  by Aa3rt
Ori, welcome back to the fold! I, for one, have missed your insightful posts.

I'm probably not the best person to make this assessment, but here in my little corner of the world (Southern Maryland) have only met two other "full fleged" railway enthusiasts who also happen to be amateurs.

A number of my amateur cohorts have a mild interest in railways. One experience I had two years ago (mentioned in another thread) was making contact with N4IYV who was "railroad mobile" on a special move on a little used U.S. Navy Railroad not far from my current QTH. Other than that I've met very few amateur/railway enthusiasts myself.

  by ChiefTroll
QTH Severna Park MD, not really Southern Maryland, Art, but not far, either.

  by w2dsx
Welcome Gordon, and welcome back Ori, the poster who started this thread back on the first version of this website! Glad to see you again...

Vy 73 - Jim w2dsx
  by va3ori
Well, I decided that since the number of available 2-letter suffixes is dwindling in the Canadian #3 call area, I'd better put in for one pronto. And so, I've obtained VA3XW (it's got a nice cw flow, doesn't it?!) and will now answer to both calls. The qrz.com listing hasn't updated yet, but the RAC/IC Canadian callsign database is accurate, for those who REALLY want to check!! :wink:

vy 73, Ori
  by Richard Y
Hi Art, and everyone.
Glad to see so many amateur radio operators on this forum. Great to see the interest in both radio and radio operation as well as railroads and trains.
Art, your group sounds like a lot of fun. Besides 2 meters and 440 mHz, do you ever get on any of the HF bands?


Dick/ WA6ZFM

San Jose, Calif.

  by Aa3rt
Hello Richard, welcome aboard! Unfortunately I live in a townhouse and am hemmed in by neighbors, so I don't really have any room for a HF antenna farm (or even a reasonable attempt :( ) but do dabble in 10 meters. The club I belong to (Charles County [MD] Amateur Radio Club) does participate in a number of activities in addition to Field Day that allow me to do some HF operation on occasion. In fact, we are operating the MD/DC QSO Party this weekend, AND supporting the county EOC dealing with the remenants of Hurricane Charley. Looks like we dodged the bullet and the storm's track has gone further east than originally predicted.

As a club, we'd proposed to the short-lived Indian Head Central Railroad about operating a special event station on one of their trains that ran between Indian Head and White Plains on the nearby U.S. Navy Railroad. That operation abruptly ceased before we could fulfill our plans. Here's a link to what we missed:


(I still remember a photo in an edition of the "Now You're Talking" or "Talk To The World With Amateur Radio" (can't remember which one, it was from the early 1970's) books that showed a photo of a D&H excursion behind one of the famous PA's, with a special event station set up in the baggage (concession) car. Does anyone else remember that one?)

  by Hoosierailnut
CQ CQ!!!
Hello! I am Eric KC9GUZ and my QTH is here in Indiana. Auburn, Dekalb Co, Indiana to be exact. Grid square EN71 fo you grid square fans.
Ive been active in all areas of radio for several years and i decided to get my call last fall. I was active on 11 meters as well as a shortwave listener and a scanner buff for quite while before i went ham and i have been enjoying it ever since!!!! IMHO ham radio is one of the best hobbies there is! My fiance is also an active ham as well. No too many hams can say they have a wife or a GF that likes radios but im a lucky guy i guess.. HI HI. We are currently studying to get our General tickets in the near future and maybe after that get our Extra. The code is pretty hard to grasp but im doing ok so far..
As far as railroading goes my fave rail fallen lines are the NYC, PRR, EL, LV, CNJ, Monon, NKP, Wabash, GM&O as well as a few others.

  by Hoosierailnut
OH! I forgot to mention if anyone is ever through my area give us a call on 147.360 No tone required.
Usually there is someone on it all the time.
Also I monitor 442.450 no tone required.
Hope to hear a few of you on the air!!!!!

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