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  • Discussion related to railroad radio frequencies, railroad communication practices, equipment, and more.
Discussion related to railroad radio frequencies, railroad communication practices, equipment, and more.

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  by ATF1224
Jake - KI4ZEL

I usually can be found on the K4ITL Level Cross, NC repeater (147.345+ 82.5).

I usually have my radio set to page, so selective calling ID C169 is the best way to get ahold of me.

  by n3ddy
Hello, gang. de N3DDY, Bill from Rogertown, PA....along the old P&E mainline ( PRR, then Conrail, Allegheny RR, and currently the Allegheny & Eastern ) I have been a ham since 1976, currently not real active, but my 443.9 repeater (pl 88.5) in Warren, PA is still perking along nicely. Living here - 1000' from a uphill curve on the tracks is somewhat frustrating because I can hear the power very well as they battle with Griff Hill, but not see a thing cuz of all the [email protected]#$%^&*( trees. Anyway, they are busy enough I can hear the trains at least once a day.
I have been interested in trains, buses, big trucks, lake shipping, and other big things that go for a LONG time. Has been a few years since I poked around on the internet and holy cow, there is a LOT more rail oriented stuff here now.

  by Aa3rt
Hello Bill, welcome aboard!

It's nice to see another Railroad.Net member from Warren County check in! I'm originally from Sugar Grove (Eisenhower HS class of '71) but relocated to southern Maryland in 1979 after a stint in the US Coast Guard.

I was just up that way visiting my father ealier this month. I didn't check out any of the local repeaters while I was in Sugar Grove, but did have the A&E and WNY&P frequencies programmed in my scanner during my visit.

73, de AA3RT
  by kc0qnb
Ryan KC0QNB from Gothenburg, NE on the the UP mainline.
I am surprised there isn't more activity on this forum. at any rate is there an "official" railfan 2m frequency?
I wouldn't mind chatting to railfanning hams when they come to the area. I monitor the area repeaters, 146.700 North Platte home of Bailey Yard, 147.135, 146.850 linked to 147.315 in Kearney. 73 all
  by Pinewald Station
Hi...K2MMM Mike here from Bayville NJ about 150 feet from the old Barnegat Branch of the CNJ.............I have a couple of
Rat Shack scanners and 2m rig to monitor the Coast Line trains. Also have an Icom 703+ for QRPing.........73 and Happy Rails to you
  by Aa3rt
CPSK wrote:Where are all the posts on this thread. Index says 70 replies, I can't find one.

I really don't understand the question, there ARE 5 full pages of hams introducing themselves along with some other discussion.
  by CPSK
For some reason, all I get is the first page. I click on the links to other pages, and it takes me back to the first. Probably I have neglected to set my forum prefs correctly.

Edit: That was it. I was set to view topics for only 1 month.
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