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  • Discussion related to railroad radio frequencies, railroad communication practices, equipment, and more.
Discussion related to railroad radio frequencies, railroad communication practices, equipment, and more.

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  by Terminal Proceed
I passed the element 2 exam this morning - yay - now i'm waiting to be listed in the uls. I guess it should be this week sometime. Then I'll be able to use this confusing looking radio which a friend of mine gave to me - it's a yaesu ft-847.


  by Terminal Proceed
My call sign came up today in the ULS - it is KC2PDE.


  by Aa3rt
Congratulations Kevin, welcome aboard!!! 73, de AA3RT

  by Terminal Proceed
Call sign was changed yesterday to N2GCT.

  by jmp883
Just passed my Tech exam this afternoon....... :-D

  by Aa3rt
Congrats Joe! Be sure to let us know when you get your call sign! 73!
  by Buff-3
Good Morning the name here is Bob and this is my first post.

I currently hold a No code Tech license. my radio is a Alinco DR-610
the nice thing about this radio is that I can monitor the railroad as well as work the local repeaters on 2m and 440 I usually hang out on the radio club of Tacoma repeater 147.28 pl 103.5 My Call is N7WGZ


  by jmp883
Callsign finally posted last night:


Currently operating with a Yaesu FT-60 handheld and a Yaesu FT-7800 mobile rig in my truck.

It's funny, I've been an emergency services dispatcher for 16 years and I've never had a problem keying up the mic. I made my first contact this morning with a friend of mine and was nervous like I was the very first time I ever keyed up a microphone 16 years ago! :-D

  by Mercer&Somerset
Just noticed this thread for the first time. I'm N2WNY (born in Jersey, West of New York; currently live Within New York). Ham (code tech) since 13, but railfan since 2 months (first Christmas--of course there was a train under the tree with my name on it). Dad's a railfan, both parents are hams, so my fate was sealed at an early age :-D

I totally agree with the observation that ham/railfans are just about the nicest people you'll ever meet. Both very strong communities committed to helping each other out and encouraging people to join the hobby. It's amazing how much it helps in job interviews when you have "amateur radio" and "railroads" listed as interests on your resume.

  by danco
New Ham here, too. KE7HLR

I'm a long-time railfan, who just upgraded my Radio Shack scanner to a VX-170 radio, and decided I might as well go for it and get my Amateur ticket...

I've already installed an FT-8800 in my 4Runner, and put a Comet GP-3 VHF/UHF antenna up on the house (which right now is just hooked up to the HT). I've started learning The Code (with G4FON's software) and am planning on taking my Code and General test later this summer or fall.

Then comes stringing up a dipole and a "big rig" base radio...

Just what i need, another hobby!


  by clifford1
Hello - Chris C. here N3PVZ Reading PA

  by keeper1616
I passed my tech no-code Saturday morning - after meaning to take the test for a good 7-8 years, I finally got around to taking it and being legal... I'll let you all know when I show up in uls.

Edit: I got it this morning - kc2rlp

  by jmp883
Just to keep this thread alive...

I upgraded to General back in March, 2007. I also upgraded the station equipment.

Went from a Yaesu FT-7800 2m/70cm rig in my truck to a Kenwood TM-V708. I LOVE this radio! For now the FT-7800 from my truck has joined the other FT-7800 already in my home station. I'm thinking about selling both my FT-7800's to buy a TM-V708 for the home station. For portable work I use a Yaesu FT-60R HT, a nice rugged little radio.

For HF I have an Icom IC-756 (pre Pro-series) running through a Comet HF multi-band mobile antenna. The Comet antenna is temporary until I can find a permanent HF antenna setup. My property is treeless and too small for even a single-band dipole, inverted vee, or sloper.

  by Conrail Tweety

Yaesu FT-100, ATAS-100

73, Dennis

  by Wisconsin Railfan
Newbie - KD8GNN - Gen Class

-Icom vx1

soon to have the Icon-718
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