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  by UPRR engineer
As far as UTU engineers go, there in the wrong union if they wanna have a say in what happens. I would guess that every engineer in the BLE Eastern District - Union Pacific Railroad has had the 10 hours removed from his tie up.
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  by UPRR engineer
thebigc wrote: I know my UTU isn't perfect but at least it's run by railroaders primarily for railroaders.

UTU pushes measure to save imperiled CDLs
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The UTU has asked its friends in Congress to introduce legislation permitting individual states to provide retraining and re-education, through driving school, for certain convictions that otherwise would cause bus drivers to lose their commercial driver's license.

Sure doesnt look like it to me.

  by thebigc
Remember, I said primarily. I know the UTU represents bus and airline employees as well.

By the way, what were you doing visiting the enemy's web site?? :-D

All in humor, you know.

Do you think the carriers enjoy seeing the animosity between crafts, especially T&E, and their traditional unions? Where I work, the BLE guys wouldn't care if the coach cleaners got $75.00/hr as long as the trainmen made less than them.

  by UPRR engineer
I think the carriers start most of it, and i think they go to the UTU to start the fire. I've been in both unions, they suck. The BLE is a little better. There is some conflict beween the two unions here, i speak my mind more than the rest of the BLE guys do, so i start most of the stir in the shack. As far as pay goes theres not much talk about it. Most of it is the pre 85 verses the rest of us. I was the first guy in a long time to join the BLE in my district because of the fear of getting the UTU local chairman pissed. The BLE guys welcomed me with open arms. I cant see a trainman joining the BLE unless they plan on being an engineer, because theres nothing we can do for them, but take their money. The two times i got cut back to trainservice made UTU mad im sure, but the second time was there fault for signing up for remote control.

Where i work all the best hogs are BLE guys. Its a mind set change i guess, at least it was for me. UTU guys think there hoghead switchman.

  by Avro Arrow
UPRR engineer wrote:I knew id get a reply from Avro Arrow if i said something about the UTU.
I noticed you changed your tune from "OMG TEH UTU IS SUX!!!" to "The UTU sucks but it makes sense if you're a conductor."

Exactly what I had already stated.

  by UPRR engineer
I talked to my local chairman yesterday and it seems that on the UP each local division can remove the 10 hours extra rest from the engineers tie up if they choose to do so. Since we (the BLE) voted no, there is no more 10 hours rest. On the extra board here, im the only BLE guy on there, one person decided for twelve. I havent ran into a UTU hog on the extra board yet, but i told my crew yesterday to spread the word that it was me.

Do you guys think a hog should be allowed in the UTU?

The UTU local chairman here is a engineer, i tell guys all the time "you need to to boot her ass out of there and get a trainman in there."

  by UPRR engineer
Avro Arrow wrote: "The UTU sucks but it makes sense if you're a conductor."
I never said that it makes sence, i said theres no sence in giving us you money. The UTU still bites, i dont like them at all, cant even think of one good thing to say about them at all. They suck big time. Everything from selling out there own to bring in the RCL's. When i hired out they did nothing for me, all i heard about was all the stuff i wasnt entitle to. The more i think about it, the UTU isnt doing too good of a job for you guys. I dont know if it really looks good for eather one of us. We'll see what happens i guess.

Avro Arrow how long have you been on the railroad? if ya dont mind me asking.

  by Avro Arrow
You said there's no advantage to a trainman joining the BLE, because they would basically be taking the trainman's dues for nothing in return. Or did oyu mean something else?

  by UPRR engineer
What i was meaning, that it doesnt really make sense to give them your money period, cuzz they arent looking out for your best interest. Wonder if the steel workers union would start a trainman's chapter for you guys.

Are you really a big UTU fan? You never answered my other question Avro Arrow.

  by AmtrakFan
UPRR engineer wrote:
AmtrakFan wrote:I think that this is badly needed.
What? more drug alcohol testing?

I think theres more they could do then give a guy a couple more hours off. When i was on the brakemans extra board i was called on my rest most of the time, thats what i signed up for. I dont think most guys will use the extra time off for sleep anyways, they'll just spend more time at the bar or getting things caught up around the house, which will just make things worse after awhile. How long has the UP been doing things? 135+ There's no solution to the problem... well there is.. weed out most of the turds... or auto pilot.
A UPRR Enginner I believe more rest. I propse 12 Hours on 12 off.

  by UPRR engineer
Mr. AmtrakFan, the thing you don't understand is we come to work for the money. A lot of people don't use the time they get now for rest as it is.

  by AmtrakFan
UPRR engineer wrote:Mr. AmtrakFan, the thing you don't understand is we come to work for the money. A lot of people don't use the time they get now for rest as it is.
Oh Sorry. The reason I sugguested it was Crew Fatiag I am doing it from a Safety standpoint.

  by slchub

I believe we start the 10 hours as from June 1st. I would love the 10 hour rule at home, but I do not like it at the away from home terminal. Who wants to wait around any longer away from home than needed. I'm sure you have been stuck in Green River many an extra hour, wishing they would call, just to get out of town. I'd rather forego held-away and get home asap.

I wonder what the plans are once the conductors and hoggers are all on this 10 hour rule as far as manpower goes? Either flood the boards or start getting step-ups, of course timekeeping will not pay for the step-ups since we are on trip rates now. Since the conductors have started thier 10 hour rest, I have yet to come home with the same conductor that I came up with.

  by thebigc
UPRR engineer wrote: Wonder if the steel workers union would start a trainman's chapter for you guys.
Might not be out of the realm of possibility. After all, the truck driver's union started a chapter for youse. :wink:

I work for a commuter outfit so neither of the big two have my interests at heart.

But after what the BLE tried on VIA a few years ago, I'll agree that they definitely don't have trainmens' interests in mind.

  by SteelWheels21
At our UTU meeting yesterday, we were told that we have the option of keeping the 10 hour UR at the away terminal or leaving it at 8. We have 60 days to act or it will automatically go back to 8 hours. Many feel the same about it here, that they would rather just go right back out than wait around. The home terminal is going to stay at 10 hours UR regardless.

Are any of you guys Union Officers? My yard chair pulled me aside and asked if I was interested in running for a spot this fall when there are going to be some openings (I recently had an investigation pending and I guess my research and conclusions about the whole thing impressed him enough that he wants to nominate me). It may be a moot point if I go to Engine service anyway, but I'm curious to hear about anyone who has been an officer and what their experiences have been.