• Stourbridge Railroad (Honesdale-Lackawaxen) and Proposals

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania

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  by oibu
Any reports on how the Stourbridge faired in the storm? Sounds like the LAckawaxen crested at or above the 9/04 flood levels from the hurricane, so doesn't sound too good considering the damage that was done then...I also wonder did they do any work on the washouts from September yet? I'm almost hoing they didn't as much of it was probably undone anyway this weekend.

Two flood events that approached the worst on record (Diane, 1955) wthin 7 months? Bad news.
  by hsr_fan
Just curious, does anyone know if the Stourbridge Line has secured any funding to continue operations? I noticed that they built a new station platform in Hawley, which would seem to be a sign that the line will be operating for a while.
  by henry6
One of the recent magazines showed pic of train and said operation was cut down to Honesdale to Hawley and return.

  by hsr_fan
Wow, that's lame. The best part of the trip is beyond Hawley out to Lackawaxen! Oh well, glad I took the full trip back in 2000!

  by B&ABL256
what was so good about lackawaxen lousy food

  by Steamtown Observer
If the track is out of service between Hawley and Lackawaxen then it is cut off from the national railroad system. With no interchange and no freight revenue it is hard to see this line surviving on a dozen or so short tourist trains per year.

  by B&ABL256
I agree and you know that line could do so much better. They have the two CRRofNJ heavyweights one of them the one with the blue velvet seats could be used as an extra fare car, it only needs a new paint job. Also if they ran more trains and looked into freight service and get rid of the shippers that own the line.
mike arnold

  by Pj
(Bringing post back from the dead)

Just south of Hawley there is a good sized washout over the river. Saw it a few weeks ago. Looks expensive to repair. I'll try to get some pics next time I am over that way. Due to this, yes there is no way to get to ST line.


  by thebigham
It was just announced that a new industry is going online and the washouts will be repaired.


  by bwparker1


  by Heidelbergbreaker
A steel firm is reportedly going to bring in shipments into their facility
in White Mills. The finished product will most likely sent out by truck.

  by bwparker1
Thanks ASD!

I hope that the project gets moving sooner rather than later and is an economic boost for the area. I also hope it keeps the excursions going...
If you learn any more or have updates, please keep us apprised of the situation...


  by nysw3636
Your welcome BWP. What I also found interesting was the last sentence on that page.

" Since November, WEDCO has received several inquiries from businesses that would use the rail if it were once again viable ".


  by hsr_fan
The company that I work for is located more or less along the rail line. However, the only thing we ship would be signals into space to command our satellites! :wink:
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