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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania

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  by SemperFidelis
Of course, since NYS&W is now operating the Southern Tier, it would probably make a decent amount of sense for that railroad to do the operating. It'd take out a layer of overhead and since the NYS&W already operated the line, I'd imagine they have some sort of familiarty with it.

  by cjvrr
Well the NYS&W would pick up the haul along the Delaware River, so they will see some increase in traffic out of it.

Ken, I agree the speeder ride was quite nice along that line!


  by SemperFidelis
The numbers of railcars must be pretty significant to allow reopening of the line. I've been down the line many a time and can't think of another potential customer in existance at this point. Perhaps one of the quarries were they to run conveyors to a trackside location.

  by tim5405
The HLSA is the shortline operator for this line, if everything goes to plan they will be going back to Lackawaxen in 2007, or 2008 at the latest, the BL-2 is running great, the crews take good care of her. The steel company will be the main shipper on the line once the tracks get fixed and they move in. Local businesses have been trying to get back to shipping by rail. The only thing being shipped on the line right now is people and the train was out 4 times this week, they can only go to Hawley but it is still a nice trip, check out www.waynecountycc.com for more info on riding the train.

  by SemperFidelis
What local companies are trying to ship by rail? The area leaves much to be desired economically and, aside from the quarries I mentioned earlier, I can't think of an individual business located railside that would benefit from rail service.

  by cjvrr
There is a company in Honesdale that supposedly made baseball bats. The wood blanks for the bats came in by boxcar. On the motorcar trip I helped run there a few years ago someone pointed the business out.

The former Moore Business Forms plant is still there too. They were the major reason the line was saved from the scrappers years ago. But when they stopped shipping by rail, the line has since dwindled.

NS' horrible service was another reason a shipper left. This was during the CR merger. Was taking weeks to get cars.

  by SemperFidelis
Thank you for the info! I knew of the abandoned plant (or at least it appeared abandoned) but i was unaware of a baseball bat company.

Need another Teddy Roosevelt to break up the mergers and get some decent local service back, eh?

  by Steamtown Observer
The local utility also got stuff brought in once or twice a year in the past. They received both telephone poles and transformers. I remember seeing a flatcar loaded with telephone poles about 12 or so years ago.

  by hsr_fan
The company I work for is located more or less along this line. But we don't ship anything, other than signals into space! :wink:

  by bystander
What shortline in NJ is getting this to operate? Their are so many. I hope they keep thebl2. I want to go see it someday I've never seen one.

  by SemperFidelis
My bets are on M&E, even though NYS&W would make more sense. Maybe M&E could get the taxpayers to rebuild the old Erie half of the way to Scranton and then give up on the project...

Wayne County EDC has this posted:

WEDCO, in conjunction with Wayne Industrial Development Authority (WIDA), is managing the restoration of the railroad trestle that was washed out in April 2005. We anticipate having superstructure and abutment design work completed by August 15, which will be followed immediately by core-borings. The trestle could be operational by May 2007. WIDA received an $880,005 grant from PA Dept. of Community and Economic Development for this project.

Ideal Steel Supply Corp. plans to develop the Palmyra site in stages, using multiple 40,000 – 50,000 SF canopies which will support multiple bridge cranes. Ideal Steel will be its own General Contractor. Ultimately, they plan to ramp up to 160,000 SF of coverage space and create 65 new jobs.
  by bwparker1
From Railpace:

LAST RUNNING BL2 CATCHES ON FIRE: On Thursday afternoon, August 16, the Stourbridge Line tourist train was returning from Hawley to Honesdale, Pa. when a fire errupted inside BL2 locomotive 54. Firefighters responded on board all terrain vehicles to a wooded area near White Mills to extinguish the blaze. Passengers returned to Honesdale on board a school bus. The BL2 unit, acquired by the Wayne County Chamber of Commerce in 1988 from the Bangor & Aroostook, is the last such locomotive known in service. It is not certain if this locomotive will return to service.(posted 8/20/06)

  by PVRX1
The poster hinted at small NJ shortline.

I think I will bet my penny on the New York & Greenwood Lake.

But then, I have been in contact with the WCCC and HLSA as well. Hmmm, I could bet on myself????

  by Steamtown Observer
I'd go with PVRX1's penny!

  by railroadcarmover
Here Here to the PVRX!!!!!

BTW, call me. We have alot to catch up on. If need be, call me and leave me your cell. :-D
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