• Scanner on your computer???who knows how???

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Discussion related to railroad radio frequencies, railroad communication practices, equipment, and more.

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  by trevor macpherson
Hey does anyone know how to kind of have a scanner on your computer just like the live feeds on the internet....???!!!

  by w2dsx
Are you talking about putting one on or finding ones that others have put on the net? Doing so isn't hard, I've heard of people streaming their audio output, usually as an .ogg feed, or conferencing via chat programs. You can do it for yourself by feeding it into a program such as skype, aim, etc. I did it once by putting my ICOM PCR-1000, a computer controlled receiver with the audio streamed, but took it off after there were too many pissing matches over HF vs. VHF listeners, aero vs. Rail listeners, etc.

Others may be found by going thru the archives of the various rail sites and looking for "scanner feeds". Some even have webcams pointed at various rail junctions, etc. Google may also give you some help as always... Try other folks such as the SWL/UTE Monitoring folks, many of them have their scanners online and may also help

One thing that may impede rail monitoring is that many roads are now using nextel/cell directing to the dispatchers, so many locations may be very quiet now...
  by EdM
about the internet, well you weren't that clear so since I really don't know, I'll pass.
One thing I do know, I and many others have had difficulty with R.S. computer controlled scanners and "approved" "matching" R.S. interface cables to the point where I would suggest staying away from them. I have several Icom radios controlled via ct17 etc etc and that works out fine. The only "scanners" I have that work well with software are Bearcats... (I do not consider the ic7000 , ic7100 and the pcr1000 scanners, although ...they are).. BTW, I swear by R.S. fer most everything else, for computer controlled scanners, well, I swear AT 'em. Ed K2LCK

  by cifn2
I stream a police/fire/ems/ and rail in Southern IL on a TeamSpeak Server

The address to the website is http://www.incidentbroadcast.com

You will need to download Teamspeak and then put the above address into the server address location. There is also video guides on the website to help you with all that.

I run the Central/Southern Illinois Scanner
  by trevor macpherson
ummm i found an ogg feed but how do i set it up???
  by trevor macpherson
Now for teamspeak what if i want to broadcast it off my own page like windows media player. And to that do i still download teamspeak???Also do i follow the instructions on your website???Thanks!!!!

  by cifn2
it isn't my website but a friends.... and we don't broadcast on anything but TS..... which isn't part of windows media player....

  by trevor macpherson
see on this website http://www.railroad.net/index.php they can put it on windows media player. How do they do that...???(by the way the vancouver BC is pritty good.

Stay safe
  by trevor macpherson
that link dosnt work!!!!it brings u to the wrong place.but if you search for a forum put in live railroad communications forum.

  by cifn2
my link works just fine, you are the one that posted the link...

If you used this link: you should be fine... it goes to an intro with the main without the index.php behind it. http://www.incidentbroadcast.com/index.php

the website i posted earlier requires teamspeak and then you enter the information as suggested or you can click the quick connect button on the website and be connected, make sure you change your name from guest because we don't allow guest nicknames.

Now as for Windows Media Player there is a codec... Look for the windows media player encoder.... that should be what you want. Then you have to advertise your IP address you are broadcasting from so people know where to go to listen.
  by trevor macpherson
i meant the link i put down.haha
  by trevor macpherson
what type of cord do i use if i want to have a stream going and also have it sound of from the scanner. do i use some kind of audio "wye" so one goes the the computer the other goes to a type of speakers (computer speakers from my last computer) Does anyone know and can explain how to hook it up and give me a link or a name to find these cords???THANKS
  by trevor macpherson
ok im out of the idea of media player. But is there any other way to do it. Because i want to be able to play it all the time on my comp.and i also want to be able to hear it on the scanner. like lets say im not on the computer or i dont have the link up so i can't hear it. How can i wire it to hear it from the scanner.also if my comp. is off how can i still broadcast or does my comp. have to be on...???My scanner is a uniden BC350A. The only output is a EXT SP (or a speaker jack) do i run it from there...??? and if i do..do i need to have some sort of a "wye"to have it on the comp. and hear it from the scanner. Thanks guys cause i realy want to do this.

ps. umm how would i make it so i could record what happened at night while im sleeping so i can hear what happened that night the next morning i wake up. And maybe have a second stream so other people who were sleeping hear what happened to. Thanks again guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

stay safe

  by cifn2
now the way I do it is to have my computer speakers on so I can hear both the scanner through it. But you could buy a splitter and an extention speaker for the scanner, then you plug the splitter into the ext speaker and then plug the computer male to male stereo cable into the one side and the other side you plug in the extention speaker.

If you don't have the feed up for others to listen to then you can just unplug the cable without doing all the above to let the audio come right out of your scanner.

And for recording I like to use a program called Scan Rec A link is below, it is available online for free even! Voice activated and save the file in the format you want!


If you need more let me know.
  by trevor macpherson
Thanks. Thats what ive been trying to do. See but I want to use the Microsft Media Player Encouder so i can hear what happened at night while still listening to the scanner right next to me. Thanks again!!!!