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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania

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  by Roscoe P. Coaltrain
Is there any specific relationship that ties R&N to RMDI that goes beyond a normal business relationship?

How much business does RMDI get overall, and what percentage of their business comes from R&N vs other railroads or shortlines?

  by rocketman
RMDI is a joke anyway.

  by 56-57
Well now, I've heard good and I've heard bad about RMDI. But I do know they replaced a traction motor on SW1500 #1547(?) in Jim Thorpe back in '99 or 2000. That was an on the spot project. They've refurbished U23B's, SD38's, and I think that the SD50's were set up for operation in Pittston too.

I've heard the DL would go 'shopping' there for parts from GE's, which they could use on the Alco's.

They even leased ex NS SD40s to NYSW in the past.

So there you have it.


  by Reading Company Crusader

Just wondering of why RMDI is a joke, could you elaborate?

CEW a.k.a. the prof john frink
  by LV270
RMDI is actually a customer of the R&N . Most of the work is done on their lease units. BDLX They often make repairs for the R&N units on the Lehigh Division . They also repair units and sell them to short lines or private companies. There is no relationship other than business between RMDI - R&N.
  by joydivision350125
Are ex-CSX U18Bs #1927 and #1928 still on the property?

  by TheAngryBrakeman
No, they both left a couple of years ago. I remember seeing one of them for sure on the PILE on its way to Texas.

  by rushhour
What does RMDI stand for?
  by LV270
Ronald M. Delevan Incorporated

  by joshuahouse
Where is RMDI these days? I saw a bit about how the local minicipality(SP) was looking at buying the building they had been in in the Morning Call. I think the township or whoever wanted to use the site as an industrial park.

  by TheAngryBrakeman
I saw that article too, the building they were talking about is the old Lehigh Valley supply building at Packerton Yard in Lehighton, the only building of any size that's left there today. RMDI has always been in the old LV roundhouse at Pittston.

  by joshuahouse
I guess I must have been confused about what the articles were about.

  by checexcitation
I would like to weigh in on this a little bit.
A few years ago I got to know Mr. Delevan and RMDI quite well. We have been buying running take-out parts for both EMD and GE, and also used Mr. Delevan to arrange a deal for two B23-7s from the R & N. We have been treated well, have been given very attractive pricing,and have been provided with many hours of free help via phone conversations, and in person. I know that Ron D. is at times in need of more staffing, and a little patience is sometimes needed as RMDI has so many irons in the fire, but I will continue to rely on RMDI for parts sourcing, locomotive work, locomotive purchases, and technical help for as long as they want us as customers.
I believe that I heard that Mr. Delevan is co-operating with a group in Sayre, PA to provide an ex-LV U23B for display purposes. I think that this shows a willingness to help that is not always found in the type of business RMDI is in.
RMDI is definitly not a joke as far as I am concerned!

  by railroadcarmover
I too have enjoyed working with Mr. Delevan. I purchased one of his U23B's and i have also been contracted by him to repair a Trackmobile for a customer of his. Working up at his Pittston location was most enjoyable and quite the experience.

He does have quite a few coals in the fire, and i admire his ability to navigate with all he has going on. I too am the same way.

A really nice guy, he is also a excellent resource for parts and a wealth of knowledge.

I am the better for knowing him...........

Pete DeFillipo

  by Backyard76
Did anyone ever hear of what happened to this locomotive?

"NS local H66 has dropped off this classic unit for R&N to pick up and take to RMDI in Pittston. ex-LV Lehighton Yard, Packerton, Pennsylvania, October, 2000."
It really yanks my chain to know we had it in Chattanooga, TN for ten years, and never ran it.
It would be good to know what happened, regardless of who has it, just that it still exists. :(