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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania

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  by AdamCKach
Backyard76 wrote:It would be good to know what happened, regardless of who has it, just that it still exists. :(
Ask and ye shall receive. As of January 2006, it was still there. However, RMDI seems to have been on a scrapping binge lately, and their lines looked thinner in recent photos. I do not know its status as of today.



  by railroadcarmover
RMDI has sold off some of their GE locos to be used for Green Goat units.
They are stripping the entire loco down to the frame and trucking them out.
Pretty much everything up there is for sale. If there are serious inquiries please drop me a private message.

I had the understanding that the 1616 was to be held for preservation.
  by Backyard76
Thanks Adam, and railroadcar mover!
It looks like the prime mover has been started, as oil covers the walkway and frame side sill.
The number boards have been scavenged, I'd like to hear that explained at a railroadiana sale.
If I knew 15 years ago, what I know now, I'd have waxed that entire locomotive!

  by U-Haul
A few C32-8s are still there.

  by sallenparks
I thought the 1616 was sold to Ed Bowers(VLIX).
  by Backyard76
I'd like to say, I'm glad whoever gets her.
We had her in Choo-choo City, and who's to say someone won't bring her back.
My desire was that the U25B won't go to scrap.
This loco has the original GE control stand, and also has dynamic braking, which the L&N did not have, though it's hard to tell just looking at it.

  by Bryanjones
that L&N U25B is indeed owned by Ed Bowers and is being preserved, it just hasn't been moved from RMDI yet. It is supposed to head for the Southern Appalachia RR musem which has a number of former L&N units onhand provided by Mr.Bowers.

Bryan Jones
  by Backyard76
Thanks for the info Bryan,
Living here in Tennessee, I might try to make it over to SARM.
  by Backyard76
:-) SARM, now has taken the locomotive to Oak Ridge, TN.

There is a thread at the Norfolk Southern Central Division Forums, http://jreb.org/ns/index.php , you must register to view.
  by Ron Delevan
Well, Bozo says a joke! Wow...not a non-standard GE export loco leaves Erie without RMDI. Over three million in sales per year. Twenty seven owned locomotives. Customers served world wide. Helps needy families each year. Gave away bicycles to under priveliged children, paying for summer camps, donated LV U23B to Sayre Pa group, donating LV U23B to Pa Railroad Museum, donated USA-1 Presidential Cars to Dorthy Walker Bush Museum...if that is a joke??? Well, I guess the source is really acurate and dependable! Is it not? What accomplishments do you have?

  by thebigham
^What are you talking about??

  by ELSDP45
thebigham wrote:^What are you talking about??
See second post on first page by csxchris.

  by thebigham

And that was written 3 1/2 years ago...

What's new with RMDI??
  by Flounder
I realize I am resurrecting an old thread -- with hope someone can share new knowledge.

Back in 2006, I, with Mr. Delevan's kind permission, walked the former Coxton Yard and diesel shop and later put together a short photo essay. (If the Mr. Delevan in this thread is the Mr. Delevan, thank you again for having me.) Some of the relics -- a ballast hopper still in PRR yellow -- were astounding. I recently was looking at satellite imagery of the facilities and saw that seemingly everything is gone.

Did RMDI reach the end of its rebuilding and dismantling, and fade away? Did Mr. Delevan/the employees shift to a new business? And what of the relics? I managed to find online that the former CNJ/PNER SW-1 met its end. What about the PRR hopper?

Any insight is appreciated. We're living through a time when "what a difference a day makes." Looking back at my visit to RMDI, what a difference nearly 15 years makes.