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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by RenegadeMonster

That's crazy that the wind could cause that kind of damage to a coach.
  by BandA
Oh, a rails replacement car, not a re-railing car! A re-railing car should be able to re-rail itself, lol. In any case, continuously-welded rail would not be a good idea!

The article didn't say what equipment will be inside; Spiking machines? Inserters? Certainly storage racks for new & used rail.

Can their regular engines push this car, or do they need two engines?

Imagine the AMC complaining about the cog doing night work. What sort of maintenance window does the railroad have?

Have they always built most of their own cars?
  by b&m 1566
BandA wrote:Can their regular engines push this car, or do they need two engines?

They would have to make a lot of modifications in order to have two engines push together. I'm willing to bet, a single engine is more than capable of pushing the work car up the mountain and if the engines can't, then it was a major oversight in the design of this car.
  by Dick H
Anyone know if the Cog Railway coach on permanent display on Route #3
in Twin Mountain got a permanent repair job from wind damage in February?
  by highrail
Negative. It looked like there was no roof on the car when I went by a couple days ago.
  by NHV 669
Car no.5, the display piece on the corner of 3/302, once again has a roof.
  by b&m 1566
Why do I feel that this is not the first time they've been called upon to assist in a rescue mission? Can anyone else recall and incident where their assistance was called upon, in that last 10 to 15 years? Anyways, I hope the gentlemen who was hurt, can make a speedy recovery with no long-lasting side effects. You hate to hear or read when someone gets hurt or even killed but certainly a proud moment knowing that they were able to help, I'm sure they would do it again if able too.
  by b&m 1566
The Cog Railway was called to action yesterday, to assist rescue crews in bring down a hiker, who had fallen about 200ft. Sounds like the train had to go up about 2/3rd of the way to reach the rescue crews.
New Hampshire Fish and Game conservation officers said the hiker, Ashley Furness, 35, of Bartlett, was with a companion on Sunday afternoon when she slipped and fell, striking several rocks. She was descending along the railway tracks and was about 2 miles (3,218.6 meters) up from the railway station.
Click here to read the whole article.
  by MEC407
From the Portland Press Herald:
Portland Press Herald wrote:The owner of a historic railway that runs up Mount Washington is proposing to build upscale accommodations and a restaurant near the summit of New Hampshire’s highest peak.

Mount Washington Cog Railway owner Wayne Presby said the nearly $14 million project would station 18 rail cars at an elevation around 5,800 feet from mid May through mid October. Nine sleeper cars would accommodate up to 70 guests who would pay similar rates to those charged on other sleepers.

“There is a demand for it. People want to stay up on the mountain,” Presby said of the project that will require state and county permits and take up to seven years to complete. “They want better facilities than what are being offered up there by the state of New Hampshire and everybody else.”

The project, presented earlier this month to the Mount Washington Commission, comes several years after Presby scrapped a plan to build a 35-room hotel on the mountain. That project came under widespread criticism from environmentalists and hikers, who argued the 25,000-square-foot hotel would damage the fragile alpine ecology and destroy the scenic views.
Read the rest of the article at: https://www.pressherald.com/2022/03/12/ ... ashington/
  by jaymac
Let's see: Get turned down for a hotel cuzza ecological impacts, so wait a bit and then propose a sleeping-car layover that would also seem to need the hotel amenities of power, sanitation, and food/linen service?
Mebbe I'm missing something, or mebbe the decreased volume is supposed to be the selling point.
  by eolesen
The railcars are already somewhat self-contained, so it's arguably less of a permanent impact on the environment. No excavation needed.
  by MEC407
The article states, "Presby said the latest proposal includes plans to pipe sewage down the mountain and fiber-optic upgrades."
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