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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by cogger1
RRFAN wrote:thanks for the reply back. I was planning to see the steam on there birthday.

First revenue steam trip is scheduled to be May 28!
  by cogger1
RRFAN wrote:Here is my video of waumbek No. 9 on top of mount Washington last Saturday.

https://youtu.be/0Fh665_Ns4o" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
I hope I provided enough smoke for you! It's not as easy that far up on the mountain
  by Arborwayfan
Question for Cog workers and fans: Is it possible to ride up and take a couple or three hours at the top (time to visit the observatory, the old hotel, etc., and wander around some of the trails in the alpine zone? That would make the whole trip much more worth the price. I think I remember that tickets guarantee a seat up and down on a particular train, with 45 minutes or an hour on the summit. I think that that in theory you could catch a later one if you are willing to maybe have to stand, but I remember going once a few years ago and having the ticket agent really discourage that. Anyone have advice? I know I can and should ask the Cog directly, but I would also like to know what others have done.
  by NHV 669
Good to see the old steam still kicking... with the photos of the new custom-built units I've seen, I wasn't sure what was used for revenue runs these days.
  by RRFAN
A hazy picture of mount Washington with the steam almost on top this morning.
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  by leftyfretguy
I am planning a trip to Mount Washington next month and would like to get some shots of steam on the mountain. Is it possible to hike up the right of way to Jacob's ladder? If so, how far is that and how long will it take? (I'm not a marathon runner or hiker but not necessarily out of shape) I also plan on driving the auto road and was thinking of hiking down a bit to get some shots. How far is the long trestle from the top? Is it possible to hike down that far? What is the distance between Jacob's ladder and the long trestle? (just thinking about sticking a camera at Jacobs ladders and hiking up to the long trestle) Any tips/advice is greatly appreciated.
  by b&m 1566
Unless it's chaned, steam makes one trip on the first run of the day and that's it. Without looking at the schedule, I believe that would be 8am.
  by Dick H
If I am reading the schedule correctly (see below) steam is 8:00AM on Saturdays
and 9:00AM the rest of the week in July. Some changes in August.

http://thecog.com/schedule_rates.php" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
  by Noel Weaver
Mount Washington is legendary for being a dangerous place to wander about on foot even on good days. If you plan to hike around the summit beware, be equipped for foul weather and carry emergency items. I would also suggest having someone with you as well. It did not achieve the reputation of having some of the worst weather in the world for nothing. Over the years snow has been recorded every month of the year. I would suggest you hike a couple of hundred feet or so along the ROW from the Base Station, I still have the movie I did there many years ago and it is safer and essier.
Noel Weaver
  by shadyjay
I've hiked Mt Washington a few times now. My regular descent route from the summit is the Gulfside Trail to the Jewell Trail. The Gulfside Trail parallels and crosses over the Cog RR tracks not too far from the summit. I would think it would be easier to get to Jacob's Ladder from the top, down, vs from the bottom, up. I've seen lots of photo op's from what I've passed on the trail.
  by b&m 1566
As most of you probably already know, last year the Cog put a 2nd steam engine back in service with possible plans for a 3rd at some point down the road.

2019 is going to mark the railroads 150th anniversary and with that comes some exciting news. Currently under construction is a 7th biodiesel engine, which will bring the total up to 9 operating engines, the most the railroad has ever had. What's more impressive is that currently under construction is a track laying car that has no floor. It has been designed to shield track worker's from the elements, so they can have access to the track year round. This winter, will be the last winter the Cog does not operate year round, because starting next winter the Cog will be operating on weekends and holidays during the winter. Also starting soon (once the track laying car arrives) they will be replacing all the rail with brand new heavier modern rail. The new heavier rail will provide a smoother, safer ride and will result in less wear and tear.
  by NHV 669
Strong winds at the intersection of Routes 3 and 302 today in Twin Mt. wreaked havoc on the display train:
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  by b&m 1566
I bet those walls are very unstable now with no roof. With stronger winds expected later today, if someone hasn't brace the walls yet, we might be staring at a flat car with seats very soon.
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