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  by emd_SD_60
I thought I would post pics taken inside locomotive cabs, to give others the opportunity to see which control stands each railroads used.

Ex-ATSF, nee AMTK SDP40F: ... .37029.jpg

UP SD60M: ... .96001.jpg

CN SD40-2W: ... .54719.jpg

CN GP9RM: ... .31391.jpg

  by emd_SD_60
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  by emd_SD_60

  by Engineer James
Cool, those look really cool.

  by Lirr168
Very cool indeed. Unless there are any objections, I am going to sticky this topic and more people can add links to cabs as they see fit.


  by emd_SD_60
In the pic of the SP 6051, notice the control box for the Gyralite in the very top right corner of the pic... unlike the UP E units, the 6051 is still a true E9. :wink:

More cab pics to follow...

  by U-Haul
interesting how Union Pacifc 5158 has a control stand while 3967 has desktop controls. I heard that control stands were used for Union Pacific's last SD70M order.
All of Norfolk Southern's ordered new wide nosed locomotives have a control stand.
Interior shot of the upper control panel when the photo was brand new. "Interesting how this panel has a fan, but the 80MACs don't. Scott Harris explained to me that this is because CSX ordered their 70MAC's without Air Conditioning, but with fans instead. Boy that was nice of them wasn't it? It was obviously not a Conrail pracice, but I guess they had to tailor these to CSX specs."
http://crcyc.railfan.net/locos/emd/sd70 ... macint.jpg

  by emd_SD_60

  by ENR3870
emd_SD_60 wrote:CN SD40-2F: ... .81168.jpg
That would be a CP SD40-2F, CN doesn't have SD40-2F's, and our widenose cowl units don't have Locotrol.

  by lynbarn
Hi has anyone got any photos insided of a cab on a baldwin tank (switcher) locomotive.


Colin Rainsbury
Lynton & Barnstaple Railway Trust
  by Juniatha
Hi, EMD SD 60

Interesting photos. I'm surprised - these cab controls really are kind of 'NASA standard' if you konow what I mean, aren't they?
Ergonomics, comfort - what the heck's that for?
Intriguing, that visibility from the cabs never seems to have improved over those early streamliners with crescent shape windows like in

In fact in the pictures shown the only controls layout that to my regard comes somewheres near acceptability is the one of

But with some of these cabs I ask myself how drivers are supposed to notice what's going on outsides in some forwards-left directions.
General looks are less than utilitarian, they are raw.


  by emd_SD_60
  by Juniatha
Hi, EMD-SD-60

Ok, I'd opt for
FEC SD70M-2:
(its clean and neat, but it's probably a new engine, too, isn't it?)
'UP 5278 max speed'
(I hope this does not mean max speed is 5278 - mph or what?)
and its a good photo, too.

But still I wonder: where do they put their legs?
They must incessantly bang their knees to that panel in front of the seat, no?
I think at least I'd have some serious problems with that driving such an engine ..

By the way: you have a nice picture of yours - though we can't hear you drumming along I guess it should be some kind of Hard Rock?.

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