• Kodascuffs and Kodacrud Returning

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  by 498
The detour move from Fairlawn to other labs has begun, and you need to watch your returning slides for Kodascuffs and Kodacrud. Initial results I have seen are not very impressive. Looks like they don't have their act together. Slides are coming back with horizontal processing streaks, Kodaglop and Kodacrud in various places, and random smeared and spattered black ink on the slide mounts.
  by Don
Was this K64 or an E6 film? When did you send the film in? I've read some favorable posts re: K64 & Dway'ne's processing thru Wal mart . I've never had a prob. w/them. Everything I've read & seen is positive about the work other than a longer turnaround time.

  by metman499
Probably not E-6. MIne just came back yesterday and looks good.

  by CNJFAN1000
I just received 9 rolls back of Kodachrome 200. Aside from a longer processing time everything else was fine. I am a bit concerned about all of the extra handling involved, though.

  by 498
Sorry I was so late in getting back to the discussion, I have been on vacation. The film was E6 process and sent in to Kodak with a mailer, a second roll returned since revealed a couple slides with small spots of processing glop, a couple more rolls have now come back fine. Kodak seems to go through spasms of this occasionally. A roll of Kodachrome 64 just came back with every single slide seated crooked in the cardboard mounts, it sure is difficult to figure how they did that, but it was very consistent. I opened one up just to make sure it actually was a problem with their mounting and not me tilting the camera. Sure enough, it was their mounting that was crooked.

Yes, the processing turn around time has been very slow. Fuji has been a lot faster getting Velvia sent back than Kodak has been with their products.

  by mc367
I Just got nine rolls of K64 of a trip to CSX and South Branch Valley in West Virgina as well as Sand Patch and Maryland Midland. Overall I am vary pleased with the results of prossesing at Dwain in Parsons, KS. The only problem was a series of about 15 shots from Keyser, WV on CSX Mountain Sub that have a thin black line across them. Still nice shots though of a back lit coal train going past the tower there in West Keyser. But the color is great in the recent slides I've gotten back and my dad says they remind him of the prossesing he used to get from Kodak back in the 1970's.

-Justin Franz

  by Don
Just rec'd 2 rolls of 3 yr old freezer stored K64. All fine. Interestingly, these were sent via the courier service & took 11 days for return vs. 12 via mail in. As a previous poster said, the work reminds me of Kodak 30 yrs ago.

  by ajt
Where was the thin black line, Justin? On the left or right edge of the image?

  by mxdata
In recent dealings with Kodak it appears that they just don"t know what they are doing!

An inquiry on film sent for processing by mailer last month which had taken over three weeks to return, resulted in the response that they had no record of the film going through the lab.

Of course the film arrived in the mail later the same day as the call.


  by Don
Was this E6 or Kodachrome?. Not sure where E6 goes now. I had no probs tracking my orders thru Kodak.com/go/processing.

  by mxdata
This was edupe (E6 process). I have a couple of Kodachrome 64's now over three weeks so I will get to see how fouled up Kodak is once again. Will try the website as the half hour wait to talk with a customer service representative was absurd. I used to think Kodak was a quality outfit, but nowadays I have doubts.

  by Don
I've had good luck w/E6 from the Konica lab in Hudson Oh. & the price is right -- $3 for 24x- $4 for 36. Used to take it to Ames ( now out of biz) & it took about a week to return. Called a local drugstore that uses Konica services & they charge the same. They also have a lab in Scarborough Me.

  by mxdata
Four K64 36's just came back from Kodak, took an average of three weeks for processing by mailer. Here are the results:

Three rolls were shots of documents and advertising (for a presentation) and were shot on a professional quality copy camera with a grid alignment screen that is perfectly in register. Two of the three rolls came back with the slides mounted very noticably crooked (I dismounted one from each roll just to make sure it was Kodak's problem). The third roll from the same camera of the same subjects came back with the slides mounted perfectly level (done on a different mounting machine?) but several had blobs of Kodaglop.

The fourth roll is a complete mystery to me. It is from the same lot as some rolls processed earlier, each roll was shot in the same camera a few minutes apart, on the same day, in bright sunlight, with the same settings of the same subject. Yet every slide in this latest roll is about 1 to 1-1/2 f-stops underexposed, while the other rolls were perfect. These were all shot on a totally manual setting camera and the settings were not changed between rolls, so I tend to believe this is something to do with processing.

I am still not very impressed with Kodak. Next returns due back are some edupe slides, so I will see what surprises that brings.

  by mxdata
Latest roll of slides returned from Kodak wasn't mine at all, fortunately my shots they lost were duplicates so they can be re-shot. These folks seem to be in serious trouble.

  by Amtrak288
I used to always send out my slides to Fair Lawn, NJ (I started regularly using slide film in June 1999), in the last couple years though, I gave up on shooting Kodachrome Film for the simple fact that my only option for processing involved a 3 week waiting period by sending it out with the mailers. I now use a Professional product from Kodak, an E-6 film called Kodak E100VS Pro, this is by far the best slide film I've ever used, I honestly believe the color quality is as good if not better than Kodachrome! I know this will spark some debate, but it's the only slide film I've used now for the last 3 years! I've tried a couple other Kodak products but like the E100VS the best. I also take all of my slides to a place called Color Tech on Sheridan Drive in Amherst, NY, they are a certified Kodak Q-Lab and a roll of 36 slides (E-6 Processing) costs like $7 or $8 for 2-hour processing and they use the good plastic mounts on the slides.

For anyone in Western NY, here's their web site: