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  by HarryP
I just dropped off two rolls of K64 to a local camera store. They informed me that all Kodachrome slide processing is now being sent to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Total turnaround should take 10 days.

Whatever happened to Parson, Kansas, which was supposed to be the central U.S. location after Fairlawn closed?
  by Don
You're camera store does'nt know what it's talking about.

  by 498
Still not very impressed with what District Photo is doing since they took over. Lots of scratches, scuffs and scrapes, and small spots on slides processed recently. The scrapes seem randomly distributed and I doubt that they could happen in a camera. Sometimes there are scuff marks like the film skidded on the rollers in the processing tank. At least a few slides in every box arrive with defects.

  by Ken W2KB
>>>They informed me that all Kodachrome slide processing is now being sent to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Total turnaround should take 10 days. <<<

According to Kodak's website, Kodachrome is processed at the below three labs. If it went to the Netherlands, it was not sent to a Kodak authorized lab. Perhaps the store meant the Swiss Kodak facility?


Dwayne’s Photo Service
415 S. 32nd Street
Parsons, KS 67357
Tel: (620) 421-3940
Fax: (620) 421-3174
Toll Free: 1-800-522-3940


Kodak SA
Laboratoire Kodachrome
Case Postale
Ch-1001 Lausanne
Tel: (41) (21) 631-0111
Fax: (41) (21) 631-0150


Horiuchi Color Lab, Co, Ltd.
1-6-7, Wada Suginami-Ku
Tokyo 166
Tel: (81) 03-3383-3321
Fax: (81) 03-3382-7493
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  by Ken W2KB
Apparently Kodak no longer processes film and has contracted to District Photo to honor all Kodak mailers, except Kodachrome, which is to be sent to the address in my prior post. I have a dozen or more prepaid mailers left and will see how District does.

Anyone with print or E-6 slide mailers, change the address before mailing to avoid forwarding delays:

Kodak Mailer Processing
c/o District Photo
PO BOX 3022
Beltsville, MD 20705
  by Don
District honors the mailers for Kodachrome processing but you have to send them to the Md. address where they are forwarded to Dway'nes in Ks. Takes about 2 weeks for return. I don't know where the E6 work goes but I don't think it's done by District. I would'nt trust them w/print processing as they own Clark lab & there has been a lot of - feedback re: them. I've sent about 5 rolls of K64 over the past few mos. & had no porblems w/the quality from Dway'nes.
  by Dorpmuller
In reading all the posts, it makes me gladder still that I went digital. Where I live in Pa., try getting K-64, which is pretty much all I shot for 20 years with no regrets.

I have to prepay, special order it, pick it up, drop it off, then pick up the slides which amounts to 100 mi. of driving total... I'm too paranoid to mail. And the processing hasn't been good.

I used to live in NJ and back in my day there was a Kodak lab right in Totowa and I worked in Wayne. Had Kodachrome back in two days with excellent results.

I finally got fed up enough with the driving and the fact that I'd see digital shots on the Net up the same night. The digicam has probably paid for itself already, I've shot other non-rail subjects which I wouldn't have done ($$$), and I trust a hard drive and CD much more than the mails, not to mention instant results and if I get a throw-away shot, just hit delete.



  by EdM
About a year ago I sent a b/w roll of 120 away to Kodak via the local (east Islip) camera store..[Igot lazy] It returned with a black streak across the neg which is caused by folding(stressing) the film prior to processing. I know, 50 or so years ago as a teenager I did dumb things like that... Anyway, guess it is time to lose the 16-32 rt 208 address, and Kodak as a whole fer the processing, digital is just in time.. "totowa? thought 'twas Fairlawn..... EdM k2lck

  by RAS
Recent processing returning from District Photo has been very unimpressive. A number of slides have had "scuffs" on them which just do not equate to anything the camera could do in advancing or rewinding the film, most of them are around frames 31 to 34 and I wonder if they are handling marks, maybe from gloves wet with some chemicals.

One roll was recently returned where they tore the film around frame 15, then they cut and framed 16 through about 28 with about half of each adjacent frame in the mount. They finally found their error and got it recentered for 29 through 36. No note in with the film to indicate any problem, I guess you are expected to provide quality control.

One film they lost resulted in a long string of messages on my answering machine telling me they had not found the film, then they dropped the pursuit completely and never provided a replacement roll of film or the mailer.

Pretty sad state of affairs.
  by Don
RAS: was that K64 or an E6 film that you had processing problems with?

  by MikeF
This doesn't help anyone who's still shooting Kodachrome, but I've been very happy with mail-order E6 processing from A&I in Los Angeles. They offer mounting in cardboard or plastic with optional imprinting on the mounts and push/pull processing is available. My slides usually come back exactly one week after mailing the film. Mailers are available for $6.79 from B&H.

  by Don
Got a roll of K64 back today w/no problems. Turnaround time was 12 days.

  by Alcoman
Does anyone know if "new" mailers are being offered with the new addresses? If yes whosells them?
Also, can you still buy mailers at all even with the old address? :-)

  by MikeF
Adorama and B&H both still list Kodak mailers and I've seen them in stores recently. Don't know what address is printed on them, though.

  by MEC407
A&I does a fabulous job with E6 and C41. Never had any problems with them.