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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by p42thedowneaster
Speaking of motive power...I find it interesting that this year the railroad has gone all 2nd gen power for normal valley operations. What is the advantage of running these engines instead of 573 (or 1751 if re-wheeled?) Do they get better fuel mileage? Are they using dynamic braking in the valley?

573 is 72 years old (46 when it arrived at Conway Scenic!)
252/255 are both 56 years old
216 is 57 years old
  by ConwayScenic252
p42thedowneaster wrote: Fri Sep 09, 2022 10:17 pm What is the advantage of running these engines instead of 573 (or 1751 if re-wheeled?)
The advantage is for Solomon to get more photos!
  by ConwayScenic252
And just like that, #501 is in the house!
  by Cosmo
p42thedowneaster wrote: Mon Sep 12, 2022 11:14 am More stainless steel might be heading back to the Mt. Washington Valley??? https://flyingyankee.org/
Way to bury the LEAD!
This is TERRIFIC news!
They state plainly in the bullet points that restoration to OPERATING CONDITION is a priority, as well as using as much original material as possible!
This is NOT the "Gala crowd," ... these are SERIOUS preservationists!
The named VP is a friend of mine with ties to Seashore Trolley Museum.
FY is finally in GOOD hands!

Ok, sorry... now back to Conway. :wink:
  by NHV 669
Several of those folks are members of this forum, that's great to hear.
  by Jonathan
And conway scenic is going to help with the restoration, which is a plus.
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  by shadyjay
Great to hear! The only issue is how would they run it on CSRR? Could it be "based" in Bartlett and run to Quebec Jct and back? That way, it could be wyed at both ends, wouldn't tie up space in the North Conway yard, and be displayed adjacent to a busy tourist road (Rt 302) when not in service? I know agreements would have to be worked out with the state, who owns (?) the roundhouse site, but they also own the FY, so, win win?
(And yes, the wyes at either end would have to be brush-cut, rebuilt, etc).

Also great to hear about 501 getting some shop time. Would love to see her plying her home rails!
  by p42thedowneaster
Guess it depends how often they plan to run the FY....

I imagine the most likely scenario is to run to Quebec jct, turn, and then go all the way to N. Conway....then run a reverse run (without passengers) from N. Conway to Bartlett, turn and reverse again all the way back to N. Conway. Uhgg...

If you can legally have passengers ride the reverse move, then perhaps stop at Bartlett on the return run for a turn on the wye, and then reverse into N. Conway. Probably the cleanest way to do it...

If it's running all the time they might want to engineer a coupler on the rear so they could just drag it to Bartlett with the regular Sawyer's river train, turn, and then drag it back.
  by Who
What a week of exciting news this has been between the Flying Yankee and the 501!
For the Flying Yankee, I like how the association is approaching this, they apparently have been working in secrecy for quite some time (at least 16 months), managed to find nearly a half a million dollars in pledges, talk to the Conway Scenic and not one leak (that I'm aware of) that anything was going on behind the scenes, that's impressive! It's pretty clear to me, they focused on studying the projects history and identified where things went wrong and from there formulated a plan in a new direction, that speaks volumes about the associations character, and I think these folks' mean business. A transfer of ownership and moving the train into a building, will allow for two things, volunteers to work on the train with minimal contractor work and a permanent home to protected it from elements for the first time. It's unfortunate the half million in pledges will be gobbled up in the transfer of ownership, the construction of a new building and the relocation of the train and its parts, but I think it will be money well spent. I can't wait until we hear more news.
  by MEC407
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  by CSRR4266
I believe it’s awaiting a new traction motor which is enroute, along with new wheels, also enroute.
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