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Discussion related to Amtrak also known as the National Railroad Passenger Corp.

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  by daybeers
So will this order just replace the engines used on LD trains, or will these cover extensions of the NERs and such?
  by DutchRailnut
don't think they are being assigned to certain services, but long range planning is anything Amtrak operates as state sponsored to get state owned locomotives.
  by njtmnrrbuff
I'm sure that the 75 Amtrak owned Charger Units, that will be assigned to the long distance trains and the Palmetto, will probably sneak up on state owned corridor trains, especially the Northeast Regionals that continue to Virginia. I'm sure that Amtrak will probably prefer that that doesn't happen. I'm also sure that Amtrak will by more state owned locomotives for state sponsored corridors in other states. The one that probably comes to mind is New York State. In fact, many of the current dual mode units sport the NY State paint scheme and I can imagine that Amtrak and NY State. I wouldn't be surprised if Amtrak maybe has a branding of Amtrak Northeast on their locomotives on state sponsored Northeast Regional trains, although Virginia is not in the Northeast. It might pay for the Chargers that operate on all state sponsored trains in the East to maybe have 'Amtrak East' branding. Trains like the Carolinian pass through multiple states outside of the Northeast.

For the sake of how the locomotives look, I think they look good. Most importantly, I hope that they perform well. I know that they have very good acceleration, unlike the Genesis units.
  by njtmnrrbuff
True and it's not like the Genesis Units are over 30 years old and it's possible that a number of them may soldier on for a few more years after the first batch of Amtrak owned Charger Units enter revenue service.

Anderson spoke about the possibility of running self propelled trainsets and they would be very good for routes like the Springfield Line and maybe even the Keystone Corridor.
  by dgvrengineer
Has anyone heard how the Chargers have been doing in the extreme cold and snow of the past week? I saw a photo of a P32 handling a Hiawatha substituting for a Charger in last weeks cold. I was wondering if the cold and snow was a problem for Chargers or just a one time maintenance issue.
  by Rockingham Racer
I would say that "no news, is good news".
  by eolesen
I don't think they're quite all-Chargers yet on the Hiawathas. They take the power that's available.
  by Matt Johnson
Note that Amtrak wants a bolt-on nose of some sort for the long distance version. I always suspected that the original design would prove difficult and expensive to repair after the inevitable grade crossing collisions.
  by Arlington
The future of all new platforms is going to be systems-integration problems. Even the finest manufacturer working with the finest , proven components is going to have a year or two of shakedown cruises. (See also MBTA HSP46)
  by SRich
What does the AL mean in the ALC-42?
  by 8th Notch
SRich wrote: Wed Jan 22, 2020 5:17 pm What does the AL mean in the ALC-42?
Amtrak Long Distance.
  by SRich
A quote from Mr ApproachM
ApproachMedium wrote: ↑
03 Feb 2020, 07:59
MARC is not pleased with the chargers. Higher cost/maintance of tier 4 equipment, higher fuel consumption on idle. There is very good reason they are investing in their current HHPs as well as paying amtrak for some ACS-64s. The writing is on the wall at this point in history for dieselised passenger service. The future in electrification is looking better by the day. At the rising cost of Tier4 equipment or retrofits, plus fuel, and then 4 year top deck overhauls vs 10 year+ agencies are finally seeing the light that electric will be cheaper in the long run. I am sure some are kicking themselves in the butt for not getting in to it a long time ago when the installation cost was a lot cheaper but here we are.
Are the ALC-42 more fuel effecient then the P40/42? Ore will Amtrak face the same problems as MARC?

Amtrak media says that ALC-42 has 4400 HP(LINK)
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