• Wind punts a Z train off the track near Ft. Sumner

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Discussion related to BNSF operations. Official site: BNSF.COM

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  by Backshophoss
Not sure if the mess was totally picked up yet,at least no Haz-Mat was involved,Local Media called it a General Merchandise train.
The "cell phone" pics were not the greatest,wind speeds were around 60+ near Clovis last night.
  by Backshophoss
In an article orignally from the "Clovis News Journal" and picked up by today's Abquerque Journal about a 2nd derailment near
the Pecos River bridge on April 17 2013 was caused by a 51 degree temperature swing creating "thermal misalignment"
along with a little help from the wind.
Fair use quote, per regs,
"At a weather collection site,5 miles south of Ft Sumner NOAA recorded a high temperature of 85 degrees and the low was 45 degrees.
ON the day of the derailment,the National Weather Service recorded guests up to 53 mph, while sustained winds were at 37 mph.
According to a National Weather Service wind-chill calculator, the wind-chill would have brought tempertures to about 34 degrees.
With the wind-chill taken into consideration,the track would have seen a 51 degree temperture swing."
"the April 17 derailment was the 2nd to happen within a month in the Pecos River bridge area. A derailment in March was a
result of high winds."
This part of the Clovis Sub is all welded rail.
This was an Eastbound Grain train 116 cars long,only 10 cars derailed.