• Why Was Sayre Yard torn out?

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania

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  by carajul
I was surprised to see a recent photo of the Sayre, PA station and yard. Nothing but the 2 track main. Why/when was the yard torn out and where is the stuff classified now? Is there any more rail yards in the area?

  by joshuahouse
With the end of the Lehigh Valley, the need for classification there ended as well, I'm not sure the date for the yard being pulled out, there is more then the 2 tracks by the station, but nothing lkie it was most of it is covered by facilities for the Packer/Gutherie Hospital's helipad and its matinance facilities.

Here's an arial photo of sayre, centered on the station, you can move NSEW with the arrows on the edges of the photo. Warning, if you are on a slow modem, it can take awhile to load.
http://terraserverusa.com/image.aspx?t= ... 2&z=18&w=2

  by scottychaos
The whole yard is still pretty much there..
(the actual tracks I mean, buildings are mostly gone though!)
the yard is mainly used for storage of freight cars that are waiting to be rebuilt by GE railcar, which still operates a freight car rebuilding company in the yard.

Yes, almost all the tracks in the vicinity of the Station and walkbridge are torn out, except for the mainline. that was the Auburn Division yard, but that is a tiny part of the yard as a whole..from the (former) location of the walkbridge heading north towards Waverly, all the yard tracks are still essentially intact..
If you are standing at the Sayre station or on the Packer ave bridge, from that vantage point it looks like the yard is gone! but in reality the yard trackage is probably still 90% there..the only major developement in the yard is the Guthrie helicopter facility built on top of the former location of the roundhouse..the rest of the yard is pretty much unchanged since the LV left, except for most of the shop buildings being torn down, and some new GE railcar buildings have been built. but the yard trackage is all still there and not changed much at all..

Take a drive across the Milltown bridge, from there you can see how much of the yard is still there..

here is a great photo showing most of the yard:
http://www.trainweb.org/gggrs/RR_LV_Say ... 004_03.jpg

and there are more aerial photos at the bottom of this page: