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  by BobLI
Looking at the cars that run on the F line it looks like the couplers are attached to the trucks, like on some model RR cars, so they can turn on tight radius curves. Is this the case and if it is, are most of the couplers on the subway like this?
  by jtunnel
The Tomlinson style couplers look like they are attached to the trucks, but when you watch the car traverse track switches, the couplers do not follow the trucks. Sometimes you can catch a car with a coupler shoved over to one side or the other. Subway couplers on those long IND/BMT cars can have quite a swing.

nycsubway.org used to have a link with some god underbody pictures.
  by R62ACAR2151
the R46 are equipt with the ohio brass couplers they seem they could fit on any other coupler on any other subway car