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  • Discussion relating to commuter rail, light rail, and subway operations of the MBTA.
Discussion relating to commuter rail, light rail, and subway operations of the MBTA.

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  by Backshophoss
The "Hearld" is now forcing ADWARE,basicly PAYWALLED :P :P :P
  by BandA
Try an ad blocker. I don't see any ads with the herald feed. I don't have problems with a newspaper serving me ads, I would love to see the same ads as the print edition, especially from their own servers, but the usual junk syndicated ads get old quick. Newspapers don't run their own ads, they sell space to syndicators, which is why google is rich and newspapers aren't.

Herald is probably going to get worse based on who owns them.
  by RenegadeMonster
Tonight I was on train 121 and we had to stop because teenagers were walking along the tracks. We sat for 20 minutes or so while we waited for the police to arrive and clear the scene.

Over hearing the radios, our train called it in and were directing police to the whereabouts of the teenagers. The concoctor also mentioned we were stopped because of trespassers, teenagers walking on the tracks. The official delay notification just said "Police Activity".

This is the first time I have been on a train that has stopped because of trespassers. I have seen trespassers before, scurrying to cross the tracks before as the train I'm on slowed and sounded the horn several times. But never have we stopped and waited for police before.
  by trains18
Lots of cancellations occurring recently on train 900 and 804 making additional stops at Canton Junction and Hyde Park. 804 needs more capacity!
  by Diverging Route
Tue 4/23 afternoon:
#821, the 4:30pm to Wickford (stops at RTE), 8-car bilevel set on track 6. HEP dies about 4:20 while loading. HEP restarted (lights/fans on) about 4:35. No movement nor announcements until 4:45, when CR announces, "we still have a mechanical problem and are waiting for a technician. You may consider moving over to #823 across the platform on track 7.

#823 is also an 8-car bilevel set, that normally goes only to Providence and skips RTE, departing at 4:53. No announcement on either train if #823 will stop at RTE. When #823 leaves (I switched sets), all seats (including centers) were taken in my coach, with significant numbers jamming the aisles and vestibules. These two trains are among the busiest on the system.

#823 leaves on time at 4:53. Dwell time at BBY was over five minutes, with an announcement the train would NOT go to TF Green nor Wickford, but no info if it would stop at RTE. Same at RUG. To say the set was overstuffed is an understatement.

#823 does end up stopping at RTE, with over five minutes of dwell as passengers choking the aisle try to get off the train. Enroute to Sharon, a T-Alert shows that #821 has left South Station and is running 40+ minutes late; on #823 the CR announces that passengers "...in the rear two cars destined for Mansfield should 'exit the train' at Sharon and walk to the front, as the rear two cars' doors will not open at Mansfield." #823's dwell time at Sharon was eight minutes.

#823 disgorges hundreds of passengers at Mansfield (where I left the train too), and was at that point 30 minutes late. No T-alert was ever issued for #823. Those who originally boarded #821 and swapped to #823 for Mansfield ended up arriving there ~50 minutes late.
  by Commuterrail1050
If you look closely at the schedule, 823 does stop at route 128. Same scheduled stops as 821. The only rushour evening peak trains that don't make route 128 stops are trains 819, 825, and 827. 817 also doesn't but it's an off peak train. They do need to add another train in between 821 and 823, 823 and 825 which are all the busiest trains during the evening providence/Wickford rushour.
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  by Diverging Route
Fun times on the NEC this morning.
Providence Train 800 (5:00a inbound) remains at Sharon Station and will be assisted by Train 802 (4:45a inbound) en route to South Station due to a mechanical issue. It is currently 100-120 minutes behind schedule.
Providence Train 802 (5:54 am from Mansfield) is currently operating 80-90 minutes behind schedule between Sharon and South Station due to assisting disabled Train 800.
Inbound Providence trains are experiencing significant delays up to an hour en route to South Station due to an earlier mechanical issue on Train 800 (5:00a inbound) at Sharon. Train 800 is being assisted by Train 802 (4:55a inbound) inbound to Boston.
  by daybeers
Ouch! Diesel issues?
  by sonicdoommario
Yeah, 800 broke down this morning and 802 I think broke down while trying to couple onto 800. Had they been able to connect it probably wouldn't have caused too much disruption since it was pretty early on in the rush hour and they were the first two trains of the day, but they weren't able to get moving and completely jammed up everything behind them.

I guess there were some downed overhead wires at South Station today, delayed 815 for about an hour (they also got stuck outside Route 128 due to Amtrak traffic). Fortunately this was cleared up and didn't gum up the afternoon rush hour.
  by Mbtagp40mc
daybeers wrote:Ouch! Diesel issues?
1052 had a bad morning
  by twropr
Was there an issue with power lines falling onto the right-of-way on the Worcester Line about noon on Thursday the 16th?
  by Diverging Route
Issues north and south this morning:

808 is running with a smaller consist than usual.
300 had a mechanical and was delayed.
306 is cancelled.
  by sonicdoommario
808 has used a smaller train set (6 doubles both times) for two days in a row.

Yesterday, 808's set was ultimately used for 812. 810, whose set is normally the last train set coming out of the Pawtucket layover yard in the morning, ended up using 812's set (which comes as train 803 from Boston). Most likely the train set had issues in the morning and they got it up and running in the last minute.

The same train set that had issues was used for 813 (1:43PM outbound yesterday), but it had issues, couldn't leave South Station, and was swapped for another set almost an hour later. The set was then used for 823.

This morning, it appears that 810 got 808's set.

It's the set with control car 1826 that's had issues each and every time.

In addition to that, one of the 8 car sets on the Providence line has been short as well, running as 7 doubles and a single (with control car 1724). This time, 842 got that set.
  by sonicdoommario
Worcester train 519 had to be pushed today by the train behind it, the 591, not because it broke down, but due to a medical emergency. I guess the lead conductor on the 519 was injured while helping someone off the train, and without the lead conductor, they needed to use the conductor from the train behind it.
  by charlesriverbranch
What's going on this morning? I'm sitting on a Needham line train and the conductor says "the entire system is down, Amtrak as well as us". We're stopped dead between Needham Junction and Hersey.
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