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  by Rail Liner
I am a helper on morristown and Erie Railway Based out of Morristown, NJ. I usauly help with holiday specials

  by thedarkliberator
LOL I think we got your point...
I volunteer at Coney Island Yards with railway preservation. Which means I work on museum cars within the confines of the largest subway yards in the entire nation. We rehabiltate, protect, preserve, and maintain most of New York City Transit Authority's museum fleet.

  by stevo

i operate the the seashore trolley museum in maine

wow, looking back, i already mentioned that.

but now i'm 15, and my old post says 14.

  by Anthony RMLI
I volunteer at the Railroad Museum Of Long Island were we are in the processes of restoring Long Island railroad G-5 No.39

  by stevo
good place. i want to volunteer at oyster bay rr museum restoring 35. i'm not down there too often though...

and btw, i'm 16 now.

  by Guilford Guy
I'm probly going t volunteer at seashore this summa!

  by stevo
hehe then next summer when i can run for the public you can be my conductor...wow i feel bad for those passengers already.