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  by Guest
Anyone who is a volunteer for a railroad, or who would like to volunteer in a railroad-related area can use this topic to discuss their activities, or ideas for volunteer locations.

Now, a little info on volunteering (heh) :D :

Volunteering can be rewarding in many aspects, such as gaining experience in the "real world," by learning how to deal with people and machines. If you're aspiring to become a compensated employee of a railroad, your volunteering experience can help you get the job. Volunteering is not only beneficial to those wanting railroad-related careers either....Colleges LOVE students who apply themselves outside of school (IE: VOLUNTEER WORK!) Therefore, the work you do for fun now, may very well help you get into the college, or job that you want in the future.
  by WWRRDave
Terrible, just terrible....

I am the author of this Topic, and I didn't even put my name on it....tsk tsk tsk!

I guess that goes to show I'm better off workin' on a steamer! :P
  by HighlandRail&DEY-7 652
I am a volunteer at the Railroad Museum of New England/Naugatuck RR.

  by mc367
I try to put in some time volunteering at the WW&Fry Museum in Alna, Maine. Hopefully I'll be able to do that more offten when i have some mobility (ie: A Car!)

My dad and I spent a day at the Naugatuck last year, really great place

  by HighlandRail&DEY-7 652
mc367, glad to hear that you enjoyed the Naugy, I'm hoping to eventually make it up to the WW&F. How many miles of track have you guys put back down up there so far? I notice every year you guys do alot of trackwork.
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  by mc367
Over two miles of track, dose not sound like a whole lot but its nice little run. There is a track work weekend coming up this April.

  by Lehigh Valley Railroad

well I do get paid...........

  by WWRRDave
Lucky you....
  by PRRGuy
Hello all,
I also volunteer in my town also. In Whiting, Indiana we have a Railroad Days Festival in the Last weekend of August, this will be our 4th year this yr. We're planning on starting a railroad museum soon, as we have the old Prr Main line R-o-w set aside by the city to use and have two donated cabooses we're restoring. Our First caboose is EJ&E #549 the last caboose in the last order of caboose placed by the Railroad, so in theory its the newest one they had lol, Second, is I.H.B. caboose #10..So far I know this caboose was built by the NYC but i dont know what yr.
Well, I'm all to scrape some more paint! See you on the Line.

  by Miketherailfan
I'm a volenteer at the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum. I conduct tours, tell history to the passengers, and the best part PUNCH THE TICKETS :D . We have a sign-up sheet for when we work. My dad is a Revenue Operator.

  by creeker
Hey this is cool! Im a volunteer for the past 2 years(this Oct it will be 3) i have bin a volunteer at the New Jersy Museum of Transportation. I put in 641 hours last year and 421 the year befor. I've bin conductor, brakemen, shop dawg, ticket agent, track crew, and tour guide. I love doing this stuff. For those 2 years I have put most of my time into the shop. We have bin restoring a 1914 Porter 2-6-0 for those years and continue to. I am learning so much about this stuff and it is very rewarding. NJMT is the longest operating steam preservation society in the U.S. and the only all volunteer group to hold an R stamp and we operate some of the oldest equipment in the state of NJ. Our CNJ caboose was built in 1874 and we have a Irish steam engine built in 1887. I have also don some time on the WW&F and I am going up to the track meet this April. Justin are you going to the track meet? If so I'd like to meet a fellow volunteer. My name is Eric and i am 15 years old.
well till next time.

  by WWRRDave
Hey Eric,
I too am a "member" of the NJMT/PCRR, and renewed this year with the intention of Volunteering up there, but unfortunately my time has been taken by work, the Wilmington and Western, and the R&T Shay Railroad. If you would, drop me a line at [email protected], and let me know what's going on up there, and hopefully I'll get up there sometime soon!!!

Dave H.

  by mc367
Hi Eric,
I should be there sometime during the weekend, most likely Friday afternoon. This summer i'll be there, number 10 is hopefully going to be running this summer for the first time since 2002. It also has a new stight up smoke stack, as well as some other things to make it look a little more like a Maine Two Footer.


  by ICFAN
I am a member of the Monticello Railway Museum in Monticello, Illinois. This month is my 2nd year with the museum. I try to get out every Saturday.


  by P2c3689
I am a freshman college student and I volunteer at the Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Co. & Museum in Portland, ME. It is a very rewarding experience because there are few places these days where you can be trained in the art of operating, maintaining, and repairing steam locomotives. I think with insurance costs soaring, the future will be all the more dependent upon qualified volunteers to keep steam locomotives operating.
Trevor H.