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Otto Vondrak wrote:George- do you see how David Benton included a link in his sig? Try that.
Yes, thanks Otto, I finally got it. First time I did I got... nothing! Part behind the keyboard error.
I hate sigs that are like, "CHECK OUT MY AWESOME TRAIN PHOTOS HERE AT: http://reallyawesometotallycooltrainpic ... hsvcksjydf /.s/soifhsoifduosiydfsiudfyui/IDAHO/897295fdgjkhdku7t98weh/METRO-NORTHFL9/4i7sdjhgiutyviusdhgv.php"
Well, since I don't really have any Awesome Train Pictures, I guess I can't contribute a link like that... :-D

I have some pretty good pictures of my kids, but that's a totally different story.

In terms of updates, I "officially" update my site monthly, usually more or less around the 15th of the month based on the other Multiple Competing Priorities. I do sneak in things in between, unannounced, because, frankly, they're not worth an announcement.
George in Rochester NY
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I would suppose then, that userbars are not recommended?
Hurry up and wait at the signal!

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