Discussion relating to the past and present operations of CPR. Official web site can be found here: CPKCR.com. Includes Kansas City Southern. There is also a KCS sub-forum for prior operations: kansas-city-southern-and-affiliates-f153.html

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  by delvalrailfan
140 Bensenville IL-Toronto ON
141 Toronto ON-Bensenville IL
170 St. Paul MN-Kansas City MO
171 Kansas City MO-St. Paul MN
182 St. Paul MN-Bensenville IL
183 Bensenville IL-St. Paul MN
240 Bensenville IL-Toronto ON
241 Toronto ON-Bensenville IL
242 Bensenville IL-Toronto ON
243 Toronto ON-Bensenville IL
270 St. Paul MN-Kansas City MO
271 Kansas City MO-St. Paul MN
272 Nahant IA-Bensenville IL
273 Bensenville IL-Nahant IA
280 St. Paul MN-Bensenville IL
281 Bensenville IL-St. Paul MN
282 St. Paul MN-Bensenville IL
283 Bensenville IL-St. Paul MN
286 St. Paul MN-Bensenville IL
287 Bensenville IL-St. Paul MN
288 St. Paul MN-Chicago IL (BRC)
289 Chicago IL (BRC)-St. Paul MN
290 Bredenbury SK-St. Paul MN
291 St. Paul MN-Bredenbury SK
292 Edmonton AB-St. Paul MN
293 St. Paul MN-Edmonton AB
298 Saskatoon SK-St. Paul MN
299 St. Paul MN-Saskatoon SK
470 Huron SD-Chicago IL (BRC)
471 Chicago IL (BRC)-Huron SD
472 Nahant IA-Bensenville IL
473 Bensenville IL-Davenport IA
474 St. Paul MN-Kansas City MO
475 Kansas City MO-St. Paul MN
476 Nahant IA-Kansas City MO
477 Kansas City MO-Nahant IA
482 Superior WI-St. Paul MN
483 St. Paul MN-Superior WI
484 St. Paul MN-Bensenville IL
485 Bensenville IL-St. Paul MN
490 Saskatoon SK-St. Paul MN
491 St. Paul MN-Saskatoon SK
492 Winnipeg MB-St. Paul MN
493 St. Paul MN-Bredenbury SK
498 Calgary AB-St. Paul MN
499 St. Paul MN-Calgary AB

142 Bensenville IL-Montreal QC
143 Montreal QC-Bensenville IL
198 Vancouver BC-Bensenville IL
199 Bensenville IL-Vancouver BC

147 Toronto ON-Gibson IN (IHB)
244 Gibson IN (IHB)-Toronto ON
245 Toronto ON-Gibson IN (IHB)

B38 Mason City IA-Savanna IL
B39 Savanna IL-Mason City IA
B50 Marquette IA
B53 Marquette IA
B60 Clinton IA
B61 Clinton IA
B73 Nahant IL-Cordova IL
  by CPF363
On the D&H, 252 and 253 run between Montreal and Mohawk.
  by delvalrailfan
252 Saratoga Springs NY-Montreal QC
253 Montreal QC-Saratoga Springs NY