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  • Discussion of General Electric locomotive technology. Current official information can be found here: www.getransportation.com.
Discussion of General Electric locomotive technology. Current official information can be found here: www.getransportation.com.

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  by GN 599
I remember Trains magazines all GE issue back in 99. They told the disposition of the surviving U25B's but where are they now. I understand the L&N 1616 was sold a couple of years back. Does the Portola RR museum still have their Milw U25. How are the NYC units. I heard one of the SP U25's was for sale too. Whats new folks. :-)

  by HighlandRail&DEY-7 652
RMNE has NH 2525, currently in storage. Last I heard one of the NYC units is in "permanent" storage in NY. The L&N one I beleive was sold to RMDI in Pittston PA and gave up it main generator.

  by Alcoman
There are 1 U25B in New York- in storage. There is also 1 NYC U25B in Pennsylvania.

  by GN 599
Does RMDI own the 1616 or a private party?

  by ATK
The 1616, I believe was recently sold, but don't quote me on that. She currently has no main generator in her as she gave it up for a D-L C425. NYC 2500 is sitting in North East, PA at the Lake Shore Railway Museum and is basically fully restored (with the exception of being operable). NYC 2510 is sitting at the Glenmont power plant just south of Albany and is definitely at risk of getting cut up. IRM has one of the MILW U25B's, not sure which road number. I know they are currently working on restoring the unit. If I remember correctly, Portola owns the SP unit. Last I knew, it is operable and is NOT for sale. Not sure who owns the other MILW unit. Those 6 including the NH 2525 make 7 -- that's all there is, only 7!

  by SOU2645
SARM in Oak Ridge TN has been trying to get 1616 and Ed Bowers may have bought it. Portola has a MILW U25B and the OERM in Perris CA has SP 3100 (operable). In addition TGS-Econorail still owns the 5 ex OC&E TE53-1 - 4E's (nee UP) which are U25's repowered with 567 prime movers but largely unmodified body wise (save for EMD stacks). The 4 SP TE704S Sulzer units are still stored for sale in Oakland CA. They remain in their oddball "popsicle" scheme.

  by GN 599
Is the NYC 2510 really close to being cut up! That is horrible news. Who actually owns it. If such a piece of equipment is in that much danger maybe someone can direct me to who to get in contact with. I know someone who may be interested in this unit and has the funds to make things happen.
  by ATK
I should clarify my comments a little. The 2510, a NYC RS-3, a NYC S-motor and T-motor in addition to a few passenger cars (most notably ex-D&H Adirondack cars) have been sitting on the property of the Glenmont power plant for several years now. Will the 2510 be cut up tomorrow? No. However if the organization that owns this equipment continues along the same path, then yes, the end result will probably be this stuff getting cut sometime in the future. I use the words "at risk" because nothing has been done to actively preserve the equipment. If this happens, the real loss will be of the T-motor, as this is the only one in existence.

Contact me back channel if you would like more information.

  by Alcoman
I understand that there is a meeting this Sat regarding the equipments future.
As I see it, why do they need a meeting? ; it's a no-brainer.....give it away to groups who can take care of it.

The future of Alco historic Photos is also to be discussed.

  by GN 599
Oh I see. What is the number of the other NYC U25 and where is it? I saw a pic of it in a 93 issue of TRAINS mag when they did the U25B feature. What is the condition of the RS-3. Like Alcoman said give them to a good home.

  by NRECer
The ex-MILW U25B went to IRM.

  by SSW9389
I have been trying to update the Wikipedia on the preserved U25Bs. Thanks for some additional info. The confusion as to the Milwaukee unit is that there are two Milwaukee's at different locations. IRM has the 5056 and Portola has the 5057.

  by AmtrakFan
Isn't there one in West Virginia at Marshall University?

  by Bryanjones
AmtrakFan wrote:Isn't there one in West Virginia at Marshall University?
No, that is a C30-7. CSX painted it up For Marshall to display at home football games as the football stadium is just a few blocks from the Huntington,WV shops and there is a spur adjacent to the stadium.

Bryan Jones

  by sixaxlealcoII

Does anyone have the contact info for the person who owns the Sulzer U25B's in California ?

Michael Thomas