• Truck leaves number plate on train in New Zealand

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  by David Benton
A truck clipped a train at a level crossing in Balclutha yesterday leaving a number plate to trace the driver.

The accident happened about midday yesterday train operators Toll Rail spokeswoman Sue Foley said.

The train driver had not noticed anything but when drivers swapped at Waipahi shortly afterwards, the new driver saw the number plate wedged against the rear locomotive's fuel tank.

Ms Foley said the train had not sustained any damage but believed the truck had.

Invercargill police had been notified.

"Obviously the first train driver was quite shocked as he was unaware of any incident occurring but a quick phone call to the police who tracked down the owner of the number plate provided the answer," Ms Foley said.

The truck driver was not injured but Ms Foley believed the truck was damaged.

She said as the train driver had been up at the front of the train, he had not been able to see the accident at the rear.

Ms Foley warned motorists to take care at level crossings.

"Over the next few months leading up to Christmas level crossing incidents tend to increase and Toll Rail warns motorists to be particularly vigilant."
  by Komachi

Interesting circumstance that the number plate (license plate as we would call it here in the states) got lodged on the second unit's fuel tank, instead of flying off onto the side of the railway, into some brush, into a small stream, etc.. Would love to see a pic of that (just for the unusualness of it).

Physics is a ficke and amazing thing, is it not?

Did they find out if the driver was injured or not? (Minor scrapes and bruises as opposed to broken bones and severe injuries?) Just currious to know that.

  by David Benton
apparently not injured

does seem strange , but i guess its got to end up somewhere.