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  by C&O2755
Hello. Can someone provide the following information for the Trail Blazer, year 1949:

1) Train numbers (48, 49???)

2) Eastbound schedule for all stops between Chicago Union and Fort Wayne.

3) Was this train ever run in multiple sections during high-traffic periods (eg. Christmas rush)?

I need this information for a short story I am writing. All help appreciated!
  by eddiebehr
Schedule of December 16, 1949. Trail Blazer, Trains 76-77 Stops: Chicago U. S., Englewood, Gary, Plymouth, Ft. Wayne.
Reserved, Reclining Seat Coaches, Observation Lounge Coach, Bar Lounge Coach, Full Dining Car. The Trail Blazer was all coach. Multiple Sections? It was common for popular trains to run multiple sections during Holiday periods and peak travel periods like certain peak weekends during the summer. However, the railroads, especially for overnight coach travel in the Northeast were already really hurting. Over on the competition, the New York Central's Pacemaker was already combined with the Advance Commodore Vanderbilt at this time. Within a few years, the Trail Blazer was combined with the General.
Here's the schedule: Chicago 3:10 pm
Englewood 3:25 pm
Gary 3:45 pm (take psgrs only)
Plymouth 4:40 pm
Ft. Wayne 5:36 pm
  by C&O2755
Many thanks for that!