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Discussion of Electro-Motive locomotive products and technology, past and present. Official web site can be found here: http://www.emdiesels.com/.

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  by SSW921
Has anyone compiled a list of Geeps with the air tanks mounted on the roof?

Ed in Kentucky
  by SSW921
I'll get this research started with the universe of passenger Geeps. I used the Early Geep rosters in the October-December 1971 and the January-February issues of Extra 2200 South. And this search will specifically look at GP7s, GP9s and GP18s. This will take time as photos of all the different railroad's early geeps will have to be checked for the top mounted air tanks.

The possible universe of early Geeps with steam generators includes 42 railroads with passenger GP7s, 31 railroads with passenger GP9s, and two railroads with passenger GP18s. Passenger Geeps were built by EMD and GMD. Railroads in the US, Canada and Mexico owned these early passenger Geeps.

Ed in Kentucky
  by SSW921
Here's two railroads beginning with A that owned torpedo boat GP7s:

Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe owned six: 2650-2654, and 2848.

Atlanta & St. Andrews Bay owned two: 500-501.

Ed in Kentucky
  by S1f3432
CN U.S. subsidiaries had 34 GP9's and 3 GP18's: GP9- GTW 4900, 4901; GT NEL 4902-4906; GTW 4907-4922; CV 4923-4929;
GTW 4930-4933; GP18- GTW 4950-4953

B&O GP7 6693-6699, also GP9's in 6600 series
SP GP9 5622-5625
IC GP9 9200-9203
WAB GP7 454-458, 464,474,479-482; GP9 484-489, 493-495
A&WP GP7 573, 574
WA GP7 525, 526
TH&B GP9 401-403
CP GP9 8501-8529 had dynamic brakes with shorter than normal "tubes" mounted between DB and cab.
DL&W GP7 966-970

The above mostly from Extra 2200 South rosters. Photos during search show GP7's with tubes on ATSF,PRR and NYC,
GP9's on L&N, MILW, NKP, NP, CUT. Many roads operated passenger geeps without tubes: B&M, MEC, PLE, RF&P, UP, N&W, C&O, SAL
Many more I'm sure.
  by Allen Hazen
One MIGHT think that roof-mounted air tanks ("torpedoes") would increase the height of the Geep, and maybe present a problem for railroads with low clearances...
The New York Central, however, was one of the Eastern railroads that historically did have clearance issues (part of the "look" of later NYC steam locomotives was due to the need to fit them under low bridges, etc, forcing a variety of design choices). There are some New York Central locomotive diagrams available at the "Fallen Flags" rail image sight, including two for GP-9: one with and one without torpedoes. Turns out the torpedo-boat Geep was about an inch and a half taller: not very much difference. (Mind you, the non-torpedo Geep had a roof-mounted horn, and the height was over this: probably different horn placement would have saved a few more inches.)
So apparently the roof-mounted air tanks were unlikely to be problematic for many U.S. railroads.
  by SSW921
Here's some "B" and "C" railroads with torpedo tube GP7s.

The seven B&O passenger GP7s were originally #740-746.
The Central of Georgia had four #120-123.
Chicago & Northwestern had torpedo tube GP7s: 1521-1524, 1636,-1640, and 1650-1659. Does anyone have a photo on C&NW 1556 a passenger GP7, how it was set up?

Ed in Kentucky
  by JayBee
And then you have the C&NW and SL-SF GP35s with roof mounted air tanks so they could mount larger fuel tanks underneath.