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Discussion of Electro-Motive locomotive products and technology, past and present. Official web site can be found here: http://www.emdiesels.com/.

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  by WP Mechanic
All the EMD manuals for 567, 645, and 710 engines that I have state that crab studs and nuts should be coated in Texaco Threadtex. I have not seen this product anywhere (and I work on machinery for the owner of the Texaco brand) and am wondering if a moly coat type product would he a suitable alternative. Has anyone else used anything else, if anything at all?
  by bogieman
I don't have an engine manual at my fingertips, but a traction motor M.I. calls out Threadtex 2303 as a thread lubricant. It looks to have been created for drill pipe. I found this with a Google search:
http://www.texacoaruba.com/Texaco/Produ ... #Threadtex" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

"Code 2303 Threadtex

Threadtex is a lithium soap grease containing sufficient zinc and talc to provide protection for threads during drilling operations.

Product Application

Threadtex is used primarily on the threads of rotary shouldered connections in drill pipe and drill collars. It helps prevent galling during make-up and is an effective thread sealant under high temperatures and pressures. It is particularly suited for deep well drilling.

Product Description and Features

Threadtex is a lithium soap grease containing zinc and talc. It is easy to apply, offers good coverage and has excellent adhesion. The high level of solids enables Threadtex to provide anti-seizing capabilities, helps reduce friction, prevents galling and resists water washout. Threadtex helps minimize rusting of the pipe threads during storage.


In service Threadtex provides:
Protection against galling during make-up
Resistance to water washout
Enhanced field application over a wide temperature range"

  by RickRackstop
As I remember all new engine were cooped up with a gray grease that I took as molybdenum disulfide.If you use some assembly lube with zinc in it the use oil analysis will cll it out as zinc disulfide ( I Think ) an anti wear compound that use to be found in motor oil suitable for flat tappets. This zinc compound is corrosive to the silver plated insert bearings in the pistons. The Navy insist on using Mil Spec 9000 oil in its EMD high shock EDG which does not exclude zinc, so EMD developed lead tin inserts to cover this eventuality. EMD now recommends it for blower engine as a much cheaper alternative.

You need to use this assembly lube on everything in the engine. One shop was getting all excited about broken basket bolts. They were using oil on the threads instead of assembly lube. Although they used the correct torque because of higher friction the bolts were not stretched enough for enough clamping pressure so you get higher cyclic loading which in turn leads to a connecting rod leak. This same some were the leading experts on the kind of repair.
  by WP Mechanic
I work on marine engines (non-EMD) and use Molybdenum disulfide on all of our metal assemblies, so I suppose I shall just use it on the EMDs as well. Molykote G-N is what we use.