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A general discussion about shortlines, industrials, and military railroads

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  by TB Diamond
For several years from the late 1970s into the mid-1980s I subscribed to a magazine entitled THE SHORT LINE. This was published in North Carolina and dealt strictly with short line and industrial railroads. Is this magazine still being published?
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  by BR&P
Unfortunately, no. Garreth McDonald published it up until issue 150, in May 2000. At that point it was sold to an outfit who ran some short line railroads themselves, and they butchered it so badly that it didn't last long. Too bad - it was interesting and informative.

  by gashat
The Short Line is still being published by by Pioneer RR services inc 1318 S.Johanson road Peoria Ill 61607-1130. Just recivied my newest copy last tuesday.

  by BR&P
OK - I stand corrected. The first issue or two after Pioneer took over were terrible. The "news" was mostly reports on the various Pioneer shortlines, and the photos were sometimes of dubious quality. If they are still in business apparently they made some improvements. Maybe I'll have to send for a sample and see if it's worth starting a subscription again.

  by Aa3rt
Thanks for the information gentlemen-I used to enjoy "The Short Line" as well, but haven't seen it in years. I just a did a search and found their website at:


A subscription will cost you $ 19.95 per year in the US.

  by TB Diamond
And I thank you folks for the information, as well.

  by PVRX1
The 12 page magazine "The Short Line" was an excellent source of news and information. It had small type and every page was jammed with news, information, rosters, etc.

It is still published today, it has large type, little information (in comparison), and generally is still a butcher job of its original self.

Sad. Very Sad.
  by LocoEngineer2
Is The Short Line still being published? Has it improved any?