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  • Discussion of steam locomotives from all manufacturers and railroads
Discussion of steam locomotives from all manufacturers and railroads

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  by ebtmikado
Working in the Essex. Connecticut station of the Valley Railroad leaves me in awe this time of year, when 6 days per week (no Monday), three active standard gauge steam locomotives carry thousands of passengers during the holiday season.
It puts me in awe to see these big black machines, breathing fire and steam, working as they did as much as 100 years ago.
What a great job!
  by radio
We were just thinking about our next trip there this season. Thanks for the added push!
  by D Alex
Just a quick question: Do the locomotives they use still run on coal, or oil? The clouds of coal smoke are part of the experience, but people trackside aren't always of the same mind...
  by Pat Fahey
The question from the last post, do the locomotives burn coal or oil, well that depends, on what part of the county.
The locomotives of the Valley RR, burn coal, The locomotives on the west coast, and parts of the Midwest usually burn oil. But they are exceptions, The Union Pacific Big Boys burned coal, note see Union Pacific recently restored # 4014 now burns oil, instead of coal. I hope this answers your question, Pat.
  by Backshophoss
ATSF 2926 is an oil burner,C&TS and DSNG burn coal, 1 DSNG steamer is set up to burn oil due to the 316 wildfire a couple of years back,
and the current lawsuit from the USDA.