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  by boteman
My friend, who grew up in Scottdale and buried his father in Tarr (or Tarrs), is hoping to find out any information about the railroad depot where the Southwest branch crossed PA 31.

I see on Bing maps aerial view where the concrete loading ramp is still there, but the building itself is gone.

1) When was the depot or station building removed?

2) Are there any photographs of it?

3) Did the West Penn electric interurban run on these tracks? I don't see how they could being that they were supposed to be broad gauge and electric, and I don't think the Southwest branch was electrified, but I don't know about that for sure. If a resident of Scottdale mentioned taking the train to go shopping in Mount Pleasant, what service would she have taken in decades past?

Any illuminating comments you have about the railroad through Tarrs or Scottdale would be of interest.

Thanks very much! And happy holidays!