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  by RRSpike
I found a drainage tunnel under an old railroad right-of-way which is lined with metal and heavily riveted. Its construction just seems too hefty to simply serve as a drainage tunnel, so I believe it might be an old steam locomotive boiler. I'm hoping to use measurements I can obtain from it to determine if it was part of a locomotive or if it was something else (such as a stationary boiler or some sort of pressure vessel). Does anyone know a good source of information that describes boiler lengths, diameters, number of sections, rivet patterns, exhaust port positions (such as the steam dome and whistle), etc., for various classes of steam locomotives?

  by wis bang
Might be an old rivited tank car...they were much smaller in diameter thanthe modern welded cars...I used to work w/ tank trucks & a few of them have been sold for use as 'instant' culverts..just cut off the ends & the wheels...A boiler has more interior sections supporting the water and fire tubes, etc. while an old tank car would have a 'clean' interior...