• Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania

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  by DonPevsner
(1)How much, if any, of the line is still in?

(2)If any of the line is still active, who operates it?

(3)Whatever happened to the large PRR bridge over the
Youghiogheny River at Connellsville? If torn-down, when?

  by lefty15401
Hey, I used to Live in Uniontown, Pa, actually just moved away from there about 6 months ago...The SWP (South western PA Railroad) operates the tracks from Fairchance, Pa to the NS interchange north of greensburg, pa....

Some Businesses include - In Uniontown - Herald Standard Paper, 84 lumber, Hopwood lumber company, o.c cluss lumber company....their is also a small saw mill plant in dunbar, pa.....from their the tracks head north, over the river and into the connellsville yard where they head to either scottdale, pa (swp yard) or towards Youngwood, greensburg....Some plants in westmoreland county, The dog food company, firestone tire plant, some lumber plants here and their....The also load up coal in the winter on the line as well and take it to n.s......The SWP is operated by the counties of Westmoreland and Fayette, they are actually starting a passenger tourist route from downtown Uniontown on the line sometime soon.....Any more questions just ask, I always took pics of the trains...I am actually headed back next week for a few days, can't wait to snap a few more pics..

P.S The tracks north into downtown Greensburg are barely ever used, just for storage....and the old bridge over the water hasn't been in use for quite sometime...the glass station in connellsville that used to be an old passenger station....the bridge connected with it, no more station, no more use for the rr bridge :)

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  by dyardmaster1
The old Southwest is still pretty active between Radebaugh/Youngwood and Scottdale. The SW Branch from Scottdale to the Bullskin loadout (just outside Connellsville) sees an occasional loading. The bridge over the Yough was removed over 20 years ago, as was the SW Branch all the way to Redstone Junction. From RS Junction down through Uniontown (street running) to the current end of the line just past OC Cluss Lumber, the line is still in. Past the Uniontown City line to Fairchance, the line is gone and has been for over 20 years.
When Conrail wanted out of the local business in Fayette county, they sold the needed line to Chessie, and ripped out the parallel portions of the SW Branch that was next to the former B&O FM&P Branch.

  by Malley
Dyardmaster, we were poking around in Connellsville this past weekend.
It was my impression that the Southwest Pennsylvania was running on parts of the old B&O 'Sheepskin' line...am I wrong about that?