Discussion relating to the past and present operations of the NYC Subway, PATH, and Staten Island Railway (SIRT).

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  by Sir Ray
Yeah, it's the NY Post, but still - for those who use It how much does this article line up with the reality you see?

The Hudson Yards station is already a disgusting, moldy mess
The brand-new Hudson Yards subway station has turned into the city’s largest water park — with the $2.4 billion 7-train terminus plagued by mold, leaks, flooded bathrooms and water damage that has shut nearly half the escalators.
...and it goes on from there.
  by ajp
I think the station is clean. i can't see how only having two out of 4 escalators running non rush hour affects service. Prime time all 4 are running in the main group and the ones in the elevator tunnel are there to use. if the escalator roof leaks (shocking with all the underground rivers in NY, hence pump rooms in other areas of the system) there are contractual guarantees for this the contractor should be held responsible - of course having to remove the hung ceilings to try to find the leaks will shut some escalators down and inconvenience people in a rush.

You want cruddy? look at the Grand Central 42 station.

Ask Ch 11 reporter Mocker to give a real report.
  by Head-end View
Well, notwithstanding the existing problems, it's actually a pretty cool station. The large lobby is interesting, and the wide platform is impressive; very smart design.
  by Personality Sphere #0324
I don't see why they can design an interesting station and tunnels underneath tunnels, but they can't design a good drainage system. I don't know if this is still true, but isn't New York's already existing drainage system connected to the sewer? The MTA should add grates around station entrances, limiting the water that flows down there, Nobody wants to slip well walking down stairs or riding the escalator.