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  by NHV 669
From the Canpotex website:
The majority of Canpotex’s potash moves in unit trains west, from mine sites in Saskatchewan through to port facilities in Vancouver, British Columbia and Portland, Oregon, a journey of approximately 2,000 kilometres. A smaller portion of our potash is transported east to Thunder Bay, Ontario for shipment through the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence Seaway or to the terminal facility in Saint John, New Brunswick, a 4,300 kilometre trip.
Most of they markets they export to are East Asian countries who would be served faster from west coast ports as they currently are.
  by F74265A
WSJ reports today that countries around the world are turning to Canada to supply commodities cutoff from Russia, like potash, wheat, oil and metals. The article also noted that ports and railways are already near capacity. Perhaps now someone will step up with the $$ to turn searsport into a bulk commodities export terminal. Opportunity knocks.
  by fromway
Let's hope that the NIMBYs don't hear about this. We are not against progress as along as it isn't going to affect us.
  by NotYou
I can picture CP developing a nice little business hauling potash and wheat to port bound for Europe.
  by fromway
I know that there is an Export area for Potash in SJ, but don't know about Wheat. There would have to be a lot of work needed in Searsport to get the export business going. Maybe they can dismantle the loading equipment in Eastport and relocated it to Searsport.
  by RGlueck
Searsport branch has received multiple bundles of new ties placed alongside the roadbed through Hampden and Winterport, heading south to Searsport. While the roadbed is already in very good condition,this tells me that a major track improvement is underway. Currently the trains are largely made up of cylindrical hopper and oil tankers. Every once in a rare while, a special train- long and slow- perkles through WInterport at slow speed. I haven't yet witnessed the load, but it could very likely be associated with wind turbines. Motive power is mostly CPR GP20E's, but I've caught a GP38 in the lash-up.
SO why build up the track at this time? Maybe six-axle power is planned? I think something is going to go through at Searsport. Something is up!
  by F74265A
Is the density of the tie drop one that would indicate major work? Replacing some ties periodically is part of regular maintenance. But if a lot of track materials are set out, that would signal upgrade. I’m cheering for upgrade
  by RGlueck
In my critical eye, I'm seeing a major track upgrade. There are enough new tie bundles to substantially rebuild from Hampden to Frankfort. I have not seen ribbon rail dropped.
  by F74265A
I’m glad to see the investment!
  by RGlueck
I'll be happier when I see installation.
  by umtrr-author
I suppose this should be filed under "Searsport INactivity"...

Probably not new to any regulars here but new to me, this rusting-away State of Maine plug door boxcar behind the Searsport Flea Market on US 1, seen while I was out that way earlier this month. I don't know if it's still on a track, since I couldn't get that close. The ghost of the "S" in "State of Maine" is evident in my cell phone grab shot.
  by RGlueck
No, she's off her trucks and used to store junk for tourists. Further up the road you'll see an Ingersoll-Rand ex-MEC motor coach, likewise de-trucked and used as part of a restaurant. Even further up the road is a BAR mech reefer for sale.
  by RGlueck
Sunday, August 28th, and tie crews were active replacing ties between WInterport and Frankfort. Several machines active at once, and probably 100 ties changed.
  by fromway
Looks like those improvements to the trackage at Searsport will be seeing some more action in the coming year. The owner of the cement plant in Thomaston that is closing down production has announced that they will be importing cement from Spain and then transport it to the what will now be a distribution center. It didn't say how they planned on making the transfer but it will be interesting. Maybe by CP and eventually to the distribution center out of Brunswick ME on theRocklland brqnch of the Coastal line. Only time will tell.
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  by Goddraug
Brunswick? I thought the land they owned was in Thomaston along the Rockland Branch? Wouldn’t it make more sense rail-wise to do Portland to Brunswick on CSX, then Midcoast further up to Thomaston?