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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by highrail
I did not see an earlier notation on this...I seem to recall at least one Susquehanna F type unit, maybe 2, stored at North Creek. Did that move out too? Any idea where it was headed?

  by Safetee
two E8 units that went to cape cod country from snc around 2012 or so were supposedly ex susquehanna.
  by lvrr325
Iowa Pacific had an SP painted E up there for a while, had SLRG 515 in IC-style brown and orange up there for a while, and when they bought the CNY NRHS's "DL&W" 807-808 those were stored on the S&NC, and they left with the cleanout train last fall. Where to I don't recall, TheMan could probably tell us if it's public knowledge.

NYS&W never technically owned any F units, save the ex-B&LE unit that came with the TP&W and went to the Adirondack RR (and I think since then to Grafton & Upton).

NYS&W did buy two E9AM units, ex BN/Metra commuter engines, which when finally broken badly enough went to Larry's Truck and Electric. In late 2012 Iowa Pacific bought them and they went to Cape Cod at that point. Based on what I see online, 2402 is dead on a siding and 2400 sees use only to provide HEP power. So far as I know neither was ever on the S&NC.

All S&NC equipment that could be moved is off the property.

I don't know that anyone at this point owns more E-units than Iowa Pacific, they have at least seven.
  by highrail
Ah, it was actually a Lackawanna unit...my mind is mush. Here is a photo of it at North Creek in 2015

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  by Safetee
And for those of you who are masochists, Warren county apparently has an RFP out for passenger/freight operators to run the ex D&H rail line from Saratoga to North Creek.
  by CPSmith
Omnitrax bails out
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  by ccutler
...too bad...could be for many reasons. Until CP quotes decent rates to interchange near Albany, or offers better service through Chicago, this branch's prospects are limited.
  by Jeff Smith
PostStar.com: Rail company, in talks to operate tourist train, also seeks to buy northern line to Tahawus

What should this thread be titled now anyway?
The company that hopes to contract with Warren County and the town of Corinth to operate trains on the municipalities’ railroad tracks is also hoping to buy the rail line to the former titanium mines in Tahawus.

Jack Kelley, the Saratoga County economic development leader who is serving as a local point person for United Rail, said the company has been in contact with the owner of the Tahawus line and would ultimately like to run trains on it to remove stone from the former mines.

That line is owned by Iowa Pacific Holdings, which formerly operated excursion and freight trains on the county and town-owned line, but pulled out amid financial problems last year. Iowa Pacific has been trying to sell the northern line for more than a year, but negotiations with the preferred suitor, OmniTRAX, broke down several weeks ago.
Kelley said the United Rail group with whom he is involved has been in contact with Iowa Pacific and the owner of the Tahawus mines. But he said the company was focusing on working with Warren County and Corinth to get an agreement to use the tracks between Saratoga Springs and North Creek first.
  by Safetee
until a new railroad name appears to be up and running it's still a saratoga and north creek discussion, eh??
  by R&PEditor
OmniTrax has withdrawn from discussions on acquiring the Tahawus Branch and operating the Warren Cty./Town of Corinth-owned Saratoga-to-North Creek stretch.
  by lvrr325
We knew that in June, read back like four posts.
  by tahawus84
So is this line sitting unused for this summer season?
  by Old Muley
The line is currently sitting unused with the exception of the rail-bike operation out of North River.
That operation appears to be be quite popular.

I passed through North Creek yesterday and was surprised to see the caboose that was previously used by the S & NC and the Upper Hudson River Railroad has been recently placed on a short section of ballasted display track directly next to the depot. The new display track is not connected to the yard track-age.

Anybody know who paid for the move and display track ?
  by traingeek8223
The caboose was purchased from SNC by private benefactors and donated to the North Creek Depot Museum. I believe the museum built the track and moved the caboose (the county wanted it removed from their property).
  by Old Muley
Thank you.

And hat's off to the benefactors.

I am curious why the county permits the D&H 5019 and derelict passenger car to remain there.
Not county owned track-age, or does the county own that equipment?
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