• Sand Tower in JT gone?

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in Pennsylvania

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  by carajul
Was watching a new video a tourist posted on YouTube of the train ride in JT.
Wow have things changed their since CNJ days. Even from 10 years ago. Now the CNJ row is a paved and fenced off rail trail all the way up the gorge.

Question though the CNJ sand tower with the hoses and light fixtures attached. It was still there last time I was in JT but in that video I didn't see it. In fact the yard track looks like it's all torn out or buried. Anyone know if they demolished it? It still had the hoses attached and chained up, those 1930-ish light fixtures, and sand all over the ground.
  by rwk
From what I understand the Rt. 903 bridge over the tracks and river is "structurally deficient" like most old road bridges in PA so a new bridge is being built in a different location. Unfortunately it appears that part of the yard area was torn out closest to Rt. 209 so that heavy equipment and parts for the bridge could go there. They left the main track in so that rail traffic can go through. Perhaps they tore that old sand tower down? It could have been in the way of the bridge project.
  by carajul
I was in JT last week. The sand tower, office and stone bunkhouse as well as all the old CNJ yard track are gone :-(
It appears as though one of the support poles for the new 209 bridge is going ontop of the area where all that CNJ history was located. They could have just moved the sand tower but it's totally gone. Can't believe they would just destroy it.
  by SEPTAR2Newark
From what I heard the yard will be relaid on PennDots dollar, no idea on what the new layout would be.