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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by RG479
Roundhouse way in Marblehead is the railroad row and is used for long term parking. The engine house stall was located at the corner of Anderson where it makes a 90 deg turn. When the Swampscott Branch was built they connected it to the Salem Branch using a wye that is now overgrown, Might show on a topo map. The tracks at one time extended to Spring St. The National Grand Bank, built on the site of the station has mile marker 0 for Marblehead and a switchstand in the lobby. All has been built on now. Any TT disappeared years ago.

Bob Meckley
  by rrr
so there was no roundhouse-only a one stall shed? When was this torn down?
  by rrr
OK, I was looking around today and found what looks like a RH one route 7 and 4 in rutland vermont, across from park st.
It is so close to the tracks.- -what is it?
  by peteinmaine
Rutland, VT
At the end of Park St, as it "T"s out on Rte 7, there is a building which appears to currently be a business. Its design [viewing the rear], strongly suggests that it was once a roundhouse. Yet, the front does not seem to follow what we might expect to see with a roundhouse. Also, there is no current evidence of a T/T at that location. Can anyone verify if this was once a roundhouse?
  by RG479
The enginehouse in Marblehead was only a foundation in the 1960's. A friend tells the story of being at the movies on Washington St and hearing a great wind come up and topple it over. Probably in the late 40's. They still kept engines on the siding parallel to Anderson St in the early 1950's but later had the engine and cars go to Salem after their last run. I think steam ended in 1956 or so. I was in high school when the Salem Branch was torn up in the early 1960's.

Bob Meckley
  by rrr
what is left of roundhouses in both vermont and maine, there is a list mentioned earlier in the forum, but I guess I just want to know what the building is in Rutland that looks like a Rh(mentioned earlier); and why the white river jct. rh looks ok from the air yet it states that it burned in 08. Bellows falls rh was said to have been demolished yet I can see this one too-It may be that my maps are out dated or it could just be that I did not interpret the list right.
-also- -I have made a list of roundhouses in maine and just want to see if I missed anything
-Thanks guys, -Russ
  by steamer69

Burlington has working roundhouse....VT Railways
St. Albans has a working roundhouse..NECR
White River did burn, but was rebuilt...Pete's Tire Barn
Bellows Falls has no roundhouse. The roundhouse you're thinking of is in North Walpole NH which is just east of the NECR diamond in BF...VT Railways
St Johnsbury....roundhouse gone, turntable in...VT Railways

I think I got them all? Anyone have any to add?

No clue about Maine.
  by rrr
I went on a site that listed all roundhouses in the u.s. It said woodstock and newport vt. had one in 2010. I found nothing for woodstock and found what appeared to be a tt pit on armstrong rd.-this makes some sence yet I do still want to know where woodstock rh is- -that is if it even has one.
  by elecuyer
The Woodstock Railroad enginehouse (1 stall) still stands in Woodstock, VT. The turntable is long gone; probably removed when the road was taken up in the 1930's. The pit is still there.

And, it's FOR SALE! It can be yours for only $275,000!

Or, you can buy a model of it, here:
http://www.jameshodgdon.com/apps/websto ... ow/1211081

My great-grandfather was Charles Herburt "Burt" Preston, conductor for that railroad. I have a small collection of Woodstock Railroad memorobilia, including his conductor's hat. As he died shortly before I was born, I was named in his honor.

Edgar (Charles) Lecuyer
  by rrr
--wow thats cool, hay thanks for the pics.
  by rrr
So the sandy river and rangeley river Rail road (SR&RR) in maine has a roundhouse and armstrong turntable. does anyone know what town it is in.
  by CarterB
SR&RL has 'new' roundhouse and turntable in Phillips ME at N 44.82831 W 70.34478. Both built by museum as replacement/s for original stuff. (IIRC original roundhouse burned to the ground in 1941)
  by Rbts Stn
rrr wrote:So the sandy river and rangeley river Rail road (SR&RR) in maine has a roundhouse and armstrong turntable. does anyone know what town it is in.
If you check about 20 posts up, you'll see more details and discussion on this.
  by rrr
across the street from the concord turn-table there is old lines from the yard. I can only see them on bing birds eye though. A large warehouse just south of these rails (also across from the tt) is missing part of its roof. It also has large doors on both the north and south end of the building. Was this used to house trains so that they can move through the entire building and come out the other end or is this in any relation to an engine house?
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