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  • Discussion relating to The Chicago & North Western, the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific, the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad (Milwaukee Road), including mergers, acquisitions, and abandonments.
Discussion relating to The Chicago & North Western, the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific, the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad (Milwaukee Road), including mergers, acquisitions, and abandonments.

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  by bobc
Hello Folks! I grew up in Rock Island, Il. in the 60's, and have always wondered about a couple of things. Next to the depot, there were 2 other buildings. Does anyone know what they were used for? Also, when I was a kid I was fascinated by "Terminal Jct". The spot west of the depot where the main line crossed the "Q', and the Milwaukee Road. This was also the spot where the Milan branch left the main line. I could only see it from the street through the property of the Iowa-Illinois Gas and Electric Co. Not a very good view. I was wondering if anyone had track diagrams or photos from that era. I drove up there about 3 years ago, and was able to walk to the area via the bike path along the river. But I think the jct. has been simplified in the past 30 years. If anyone could enlighten me I would really appreciate it. I live in Tennessee now, but I have good memories of watching the trains go by from our home on 40th St., including the Rockets. It seems so long ago! Thank You to one and all. Bob Craig. Woodbury, Tn.

  by route_rock
Well that area I dont know. Now where the Mialn branch goes by the old armory , that was changed about 8-10 years ago knocking out some of the old RI tracks and DRI tracks.
The one building was the freight house ( to the east of the old depot) the other building I have no idea as I dont remember it being there.
I have my clic book but it is of the wrong era, I am getting some Rock Island stuff off ebay ( my favorite new addiction) if something is in there on it I will be glad to send copies.
Other than that IAIS has removed the turntable from service ( I remember watching them spin their track truck on it to get it to its shed) and removed a few tracks here and there. But does anyone know what the turntable was for?
Would love to have seen some of the things you saw Bob. My great grandfather worked at Farmal, along with my wifes grandfather. Would love to model parts of this area but I think the DRI line did most of its switching.
  by bobc
Hello Route Rock, and thanks for the info. on the frieght house, the other one stood west of the depot. They were all three in a row right next to the main line. If you run across anything of interest on e-bay, I would be interested. I can tell you that back in the 70's when the Quad City Rocket was terminating at the Rock Island depot, it would come in from Chicago with one e unit, often a bright red one with the speed lettering, a baggage car, 2 coaches, a diner, and the Butterworth Tours dome observation parlor car. I thing it had originally been built for the C & O. They would use that turntable you mentioned to turn the loco. If I remember right it would take off to Chicago the next morning with the engine, baggage, dome parlor, diner and the two coaches on the rear. I rode it a couple of times. Even though the Rock was not in great shape then, this was one classy little train. And it was ran with more than just a touch of pride. My Dad worked at Farmall too. He said the switching into the recieving department, where he worked, was done from the tracks against the river which was the DRI line. He took care of the paper work, and I seem to recall him saying that it was actually the Milwaukee Road that handled the paperwork for the railroad, although I may be remembering that wrong. I also think that the Burlington took the finished tractors out on flatcars. I don't believe the Rock had access to the plant. Bob Craig

  by route_rock
I kinda figured the Rock didnt have anything to do with Farmal.You have the Milwaukee part right as it was a part owner of the DRI line ( as was the Q)
The turntable makes sense now. I always wondered if it was just for passenger locos and as Pual would say " Now you know......... the rest of the story!"